f Health Direct Sculpt N Cleanse Colon Cleansing Formula Reviews and Information

Sculpt N Cleanse Colon Cleansing Formula

Cleansing is one of the most important steps - and usually the most overlooked - when attempting to lose weight, shape the body, trim the waistline, relieve bloating, improve the digestive and elimination systems, restore regularity, improve health problems and achieve optimum health.

Toxins, preservatives in foods, chemicals, pollutants in our air and water, and processed foods (i.e., white flours) cannot always be eliminated and can lodge in the intestinal tract in the form of dried fecal matter and mucus. Besides pushing out the abdomen and waistline, the intestinal "build-up" is also attributed to gaining fat and bloating, a slower metabolism, as well as many other health problems.

One of the only effective ways to eliminate this "build-up" is to use a cleansing supplement and follow a healthy eating program
Product: Sculpt N Cleanse Colon Cleansing Formula
Brand: Health Direct (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules daily
Retail: $34.95
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15 Customer Reviews

by need help

i have a question i have been using this product for a month now my mom told me to stop using it because she said after i stop using it it will get me more fat i need an opinion and for how long do you use it for

sculpt n cleanse
by brigdet hanna

great product works very well.never felt so great until i started taking this product.

Sculpt n Cleanse
by Brandy

This is the best product EVER!! I did not use this to lose weight. I was having a hard time "moving" for about 10 years.. Nothing worked until Dr. Graham from Modesto Back To Neck put me on the product. I love it and NEVER leave home without it! ENJOY!

nothing at all
by els

i have use this pruduct for a long time but dont see any result. besides it doesnt even hepl with constipation.

This really works
by Tammy

I buy Health Direct Sculpt N Cleanse from the natural health food store near me, it's the same price as the net without having to pay shipping costs. Been taking it for a three weeks and already and have lost eight pounds without any diet, no cramps, nor diarrhea. I can't exercise because of back and feet problems like I used to, so the pounds started to packed on. Nothing I've tried before has worked as this product. I will continue to use it as directed until I reach my goal, then continue with the maintenance. I'm now down one size in jeans. I highly recommend it!

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2 Customer Opinions

sculpt n cleanse
by Stephanie

I stayed constipated until I purchased sculpt n cleanse. Nothing happened the 1st day but the 2nd day, I took another dose and went probably 7 times. My stomach actually went down. I was so bloated from being constapated. Highly recommend this stuff. I take 4 a day.

sculpt N cleanse came to the resuce
by veronica

Ok...1st of all I have been having problems with "going" for good while now so my boyfriend introduced me to this mircle in a bottle called scuplt N cleanse. 1st nite nothing happened, ok cool took another dosage the next day and whaaalaa! I had about 4-5 bowel movements that day. I felt so relieved and my stomach actually felt empty, I do have to admit they are a bit pricey BUT considering the outcome it practially pays for itself!!! Give it a try and you won't regret it.

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