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CleanStart® [Intestinal] helps protect your body from common colon toxins that affect your overall health. This two-week program supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of improved energy and well-being. CleanStart is easy to take and is balanced for more complete results. Each program contains 28 daily drink packets and 28 capsule packets.
Product: Cleanstart
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 28 daily drink packets and 28 capsule packets
Dosage: Take 2 drink packets & 2 capsule packets daily
Retail: $67.45
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5 Customer Reviews

by EJH

I love this cleanse. You can feel the difference after a few days. The beginning few days, you feel a tired and yucky...that's the toxins exiting your body. After the first week, you will have so much energy and feel great. I do a cleanse each fall and spring...it works wonders. I am normally bloated, but after the cleanse, all the bloatedness is gone and I feel GREAT! I buy the apple flavor and mix it with apple juice. It is very bearable when mixed with juice. Love it and highly recommend it!

Detox Treatment
by Donna Murray

I was strongly advised to try a colon-cleansing product.
I chose this one because of the price and it promised more energy. I tried it for the suggested 2-week period. I did experience an increase in energy after the 5th day. Better yet, I started shedding a few pounds. After the 2 weeks, I felt healthier, more energetic, and elated that I had lost some weight without even trying!

by Emilia

I love this product. I try this product last year. I followed directions, and it work. I was bloated and had no energy. When I use this product I lost couple pounds. The first week of using this product, you feel very tired. However, after the second week of using this product, you have energy to get up in the morning.

Quick Cleanup
by cynthia

Toxicity is the biggest health problem most people have. Cleanstart is an easy to use cleanse that does the job quickly and effectively. I recommend that people use it 4 times per year to keep their body clean.

by Nate Howell

This is the best colon cleanse I have ever tried. Personally, I feel like it does the job in one week, and the 2nd week just icing on the cake. My only complaint with the product is that the powder drink packets do not mix very well with water, but if you drink it really fast it is not too much of an issue. I tried the old apple flavor which tasted kind of lousy, but from what I understand they have upgraded the taste and it tastes quite a bit better.