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Tiao He Cleanse®, Chinese [Intestinal] is a 15-day nutritional program designed to help the body achieve tiao he— balance and harmony. It combines Chinese nutritional and Western herbal experience. The Tiao He Cleanse is designed to support the cleansing mechanisms of the body by targeting the intestinal and digestive systems.

Please note, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and may not be available for retail purchase.

Product: Tiao He Cleanse
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 30 packets
Dosage: Take 2 packets daily
Retail: $32.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Health Food Store Mgr.
by Carol Anderson

This is the best overall cleanse I have come across. It is NOT discontinued by the Nature's Sunshine Co. It works as a multi-system cleanse, not just a colon cleanse. It is not a "wipe-out" cleanse that you need to take a 2-week vacation to use and it is conveniently pre-dosed in packets. I highly recommend this cleanse--it makes you feel great!

I love it!
by Charlotte Kennedy

This cleanse was recommended to me by a friend who knows cleanses! She said this is the one to use. She said eat only fruit, veggies, brown rice and olive oil while on it. I was a little nervous to not eat meat and dairy for that long, but once I got into it, it was surprisingly easy. As early as the 2nd day, my skin looked and felt amazing. My whole body changed for the better. I've been using it twice a year for 3 years now. I highly recommend this product. JUST DO IT!

Well Worth It!
by C Hannawald

I was so impressed by this product that I reordered it to have it on hand to use every 3 months or as needed. I feel so clean and rejuvinated after using this product that I literally want to jump for joy. I feel that anybody interested in great health should seriously look at this. Indeed a small price to pay for a huge, lasting health benefit.

Tiao He Cleanser
by Debbie Sherrick

I did this on the 15 day plan. I feel you need to cleanse at least for 2 weeks with all the toxins out there. It was very easy to take. I can't drink the ones that you have to mix. The pills were easy and they are pre-packed so you don't have to count and sort out. If away for a meal, just slip a package in your purse.

East Meets West
by Cynthia

The best cleanse for the average person. No drinking or mixing required, just open the packet and take the capsules. Use this cleanse 4 times per year and watch your health improve. I use it as a 30 day cleanse rather than a 15 day.