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Cleansing Tea®

Neways Cleansing Tea's® unique formula includes a balance of cleansing and soothing herbs to enhance intestinal health and cleanse the colon of harmful plaque which can block the absorption of nutrients.
Product: Cleansing Tea®
Brand: Neways International (More Products)
Size: 25 Tea Bags
Dosage: 1-3 tea bags daily
Retail: $22.45
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5 Customer Reviews

Cleansing Tea
by T. Rich

WOW, I had excellent results when I tried it but it has been many years. I wonder if formula was changed. I would hope not because I've never seen anything to match it. My hubby did not care for it because it causes some cramping that he found disturbing. I thought it was well worth it and did a most thorough job. It was my first cleanse may be why so effective. I need to try current formula in case it's changed. Also they recommend flora's afterward to replenish the good yeasts of the stomach and only use 1 or 2X per yr.

Too pricey with no results
by Margi L

My husband tried the cleansing tea at the suggestion of a friend at the gym when he started a work-out regimen. We hoped it would help in the process but we saw absolutely no results and really felt like it was a waste of out time and money.

Have Tried Better
by Jane M.

This was the first cleansing tea I tried, and switched to another brand that was much better. I didn't see any results with this tea and felt like this a waste of money. Good tasting... with no results.

Another Herbal Tea
by Jess

I use this first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. I enjoy the taste and love drink tea. There does not seem to be anything different than any other herbal tea. Not as effective as other detox teas.

Not Effective
by Shannon

I love trying natural remedies to cure problems and improve my health. A friend told me about the Cleansing Tea, and I decided to try it several months ago. The taste is just OK; it is very basic and light. When buying the tea, I was under the impression that it would help restore normal function and help with build-up in the colon area. I saw absolutely no effects. There were no changes at all, which means that I probably wasted my time and money. At least it was worth the try, but it isn’t something I would recommend.