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must be working
by Mike

Must be working. Sudden diarrhia when shopping in the store - had to move quickly to the bathroom, then all felt good. If you take the product, make sure you know where a nearby bathroom is located. I am on day 8 of 30.

by daniel

good results 5 th day

First time's the charm
by some one in MD

I used DualAction after seeing the informercial, I was sold and just about had it being constipated. I noticed a bowel movement change within in the first week although I did have to take 3 pills at a time. My nails even started to grow. THe down side-- since both pills were the same color I sometimes got confused of which pill I took.

The first time I took this cleanser I was absolutely amazed at the results. After the bottle is finished the instructions are to wait for one to two months and start a new bottle, whcih I did. I was so hoping to get the same results but absolutely nothing happened this time. So that was the end of that.

One week of misery
by Judy Jackson

I started the product on a Monday, ate fruits & veggies, drank 2L water and other fluids, did what instructions advised. I figured I should give it a week at least even though by the 3rd day I was feeling bloated, constipated and felt slightly nauseous. My normal pattern of every other day was not happening. By the end of the week I felt so poorly and actually felt full of ____, sluggish, headache--I was definitely constipated and actually concerned I may have a blockage. I went to the drugstore and bought a bottle of Citrate of Mag. and by early evening it began to work and I felt such relief. Bottom line is this stuff is overpriced and consumers need to beware of what they put in their body.

It Works
by Kristie Wright

I bought this after watching the infomercial on it. I did think it was a little pricey. I could tell a difference after the first couple days. I didn't feel as bloated as before and it works as a gentle detoxifier. Will probably continue to use.

Dual Action Cleanse - Yuck
by JM

I tried this cleanser and have never felt so uncomfortable and bloated. It actually made me more constipated! It did not do what it was advertised to do and it was extremely expensive.

Great Product
by Nihility

I've been using Dual Action Cleanse for about two years. If your looking for detoxification this is definitely a product to choose. It's gentle, yet very effective. I had no irritation or cramping. It does make you feel lighter, more energized, and less bloated. I started noticing differences with the first two weeks of using it, and I'm very pleased with the continued results.

We liked it
by Debbie Fox

My husband and I did this cleanse. It was a little difficult at first (remembering which one and how many to take). We did felt that it did help us to feel better. We were looking at Sams wholesale for it again but we were not able to find it again. If I could find it at a good price (i think we bought it for 38.00 for two people or two cleanses) I would buy it again.

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