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by christina

ive been on whole body cleanse for 6 days. i still have 4 more days and this hasn't done much for me. i do workout a lot and i try to eat well. i drink tons of water and i am still very disappointed in this product. i will complete it but i will not try ever again!

by rachel

This product was worthless for me. I did the 10 day cycle and only went to the bathroom 3 times. I was hoping this would help constipation but it was a complete waste of money.

First time cleanse. Very Happy!
by Dom

two more days left on this cleanse and I am thrilled with the results. For the past few months I have been experiencing extreme bloating on a regular basis. I also had low energy and was having a hard time jump starting healthy eating habits. I picked up this cleanse simply because of the price and luckily it turned out to be an excellent product. The bloating is GONE completely! I'm down about 6 pounds and it has really given me the needed encouragement to start eating healthy. I feel great and recommend this product!

Seemed effective for me!
by Tara

This was my first cleanse and I really like how regular I became. I had no idea I WASN'T regular until I started the program. I also didn't realize how bloated I was feeling until I stopped feeling bloated. I didn't lose any weight but I wasn't looking to lose weight either.

by Vona

For the prople who thnk that they can clean out their body in two weeks when they have abused it for many years, need to understand that when you read the directions and do as you are told ,things might work, . You might have to do a clean a couple of times in order to move all the crap that you have been putting in your body out. We clean the outside of your body why do people not help keep their insides clean. losing weight comes by eating right, no mcdonalds(hum that hamburger doesn't even go bad when left out for 6 months, I wonder how our body even digests it?) Think about what goes in your body and then watch for it t come out(research on that) Clean, Cean Clean and you will feel like a new person, no zits, sores, fatigue.and your body will function theway it is suppose to. Clean your Body today.

Second time using it, happy!
by C Barraza

So this is my 2nd round of this body cleanse. I am trying to do this every season. The first time I took it, I got headaches the first few days because of the milk thistle, but they went away after day 4. I ended up losing 7 lbs the first time around and felt so much better. I'm in the first week of this round and I have already lost 4 lbs, have not had any headaches, and feel a lot better. I have more energy and don't feel as bloated. I also like that it doesn't work like a laxative, but instead makes you regular. I would recommend this to anyone trying to improve their energy and possible lose a few lbs. You do need to follow instructions though, and eat sensibly for this to work.

Best Cleanse Yet
by Sheldon

This is my fifth time using this cleanse,And everytime I feel rejuvenated.I know some people wrote you dont get enough pills,Well your supposed to take four in the A.M. and four in the P.M.Or the alternative is to take eight in the P.M.And in no way does this product claim you'll lose weight.Also the first couple of days you will feel BLAH as the toxins are being removed from your body but stick with it.I had Eczema and what a difference this cleanse made,The itching and scaling subsided and eventually cleared up,As having a healthy body gave my immune system a chance to build up,I also do the lemon juice and molasses cleanse in between this cleanse.I'd recommend this to everybody who is looking to feel healthy and have a pep in their step

by Jen

Please listen to me and Kevin, this product is a waste of time and money. I did not lose any weight and no change in my bowel movements. The program requires you to take FOUR large pills in the morning and EIGHT large pills at night. Before finishing the program I ran out of the Laxative pills which on the bright side cut the amount of pills I had to take at night. Please do yourself a favor and pass on this product, it does not cleanse, it does not help weight loss, IT DOES NOT WORK!

Helped in ways I didn't imagine
by Heather

I started out the cleanse and unfortunately didn't follow the directions (I'm good at forgetting to take pills). So, with less than a full 2 weeks' worth of pills, I restarted the cleanse later. The first couple of days were uncomfortable, but after that I realized that the pills were working. I suffer from IBS, possibly an ulcer or 2 and what I'm now thinking might be Celiac Disease, and I have hemorrhoids as well (not that I'm proud to announce it here) . I haven't had a normal bm in years (seriously). On the second week of this cleanse I noticed the itching from the hemorrhoids subsided, they were shrinking, AND, I was regular. I can't say how good it felt! I didn't loose any weight and I don't know that it cleaned any gunk out. BUT, the fiber and laxative helped me be normal again without making me sick like other products have done. I'm starting the cleanse again because as soon as I stopped, I wasn't regular again. I hope it's as good or better the second time around.

This product is no good!
by Kevin

OK, first thing... There weren't enough of the Laxative pills and there were too many of the Milk Thistle pills. Also, except for only "going" once a day instead of twice, i didn't feel any different at all. I was still tired and sore, I didn't loose any real weight and it didn't change my "movements" at all either. Basically this product didn't do anything it advertised and it was a total waste of almost $30 and 2 weeks of taking too many pills. I thought it would help me detox my body because prior to my using it i was in a substance abuse program and i thought this could help me in my physical recovery, turns out i was wrong. So, all in all, this is a useless product and I won't recommend it to any one for any reason. Thanks for listening.

Whole Body Cleanse
by Julie Robles

I am on my third day and not really feeling anything except tired and hungry.

Seems to be good so far?
by Angela

I'm a person who doesn't goto the bathroom bm for one to two weeks at a time I'm very active and a dancer and the only part of my body that really bothers me is my stomach and that's because of the lack of going to the bathroom so my boyfriend got this for me hoping it would get all that built up junk out of me and help me go and my stomach go down I am on day four, and I can't tell if it's really bloating my stomach of making ms lose weight because the day I started I also started my period but I would drink two to three water bottles a day and I would only have one big bm in the morning after I eat. As of right now I do feel a little better and considering having my period I'm really tired it has given me a little more energy, so I guess when I'm finished I will see the results.

Whole body cleanse
by Mar

I started this cleanse not exactly to lose weight but to really detoxify and de gunk myself. First few days were the most horrible ones since i felt famished and tired, by the fourth or fifth day food wasn't on my mind at all times. I drank lots of water and ate veggies and fruits. I didn't really feel any significant change in the first week, my bowel movements were only once a day but i figured since i wasn't eating that much it was justified.
I am on my last day of the cleanse and i am weighing 6 pounds less than when I started, I do feel the difference in my clothing and I feel less bloated, not sure what else I am supposed to be feeling but not really complaining.
I think overall was a good decision to start a cleanse and I am happy I stuck it out, the only thing I really hated was the amount of pills to take and the size of these.

if you follow directions u see results...
by tasha

I am ending the first week,and I have lost weight,the others that don't eat right or drink enough water,will not see results because u flush it out w/water. I know my husband and I love it,and he is hard to convince. But just like a receipe,if u miss one ingredient,it throws the whole receipe off. I would recommend this product if you are going to follow directions.

Good product
by Lilly

I used this cleansing product and had great results, I felt more energetic and lighter on my feet, my skin also cleared up and looked great. People are commenting about lack of BM during the cleanse, this product has a laxative formula and fiber, there must be some underlying condition in these people to not be able to get the most out of this product. The only down side is the amount and size of pills you have to take. I would recommend this product.

by Princess

I loved this product, it worked very well and i lost 10 pounds. I worked out and ate right also.

by Yulonda

I paid $20 plus tax for this product and am really disappointed. I would'nt recommend this product to anyone. I had about 3 bowel movements the entire time I took the product. I didn't lose any weight. As a matter of fact, I was so bloated that in the process of taking it I would weigh about 7-8 pounds more than I started. I felt full and bloated constantly and had a hard time relieving myself. I had to take laxatives to have a bowel movement.

by All Stopped

I thought this product was working fine until I started having problems and did some research. I became regular while taking this product and felt good after each BM, but as soon as I stopped taking the product, I became very constipated and miserable; I believe I also gained more weight as a result of stopping. I didn't realize it was the cleanse doing it to me until I read these reviews. I thought it was what I ate, but now realize it was the effects of the product. I won't use this product again and will throw away what's left. I wish I had read these reviews sooner also.



by Cyntha

This product DID NOT WORK for me. I paid $29 at a health food store and was completely disappointed. The few bowel movements i was having stopped during my usage of this product. I do not recommend this at all.

Very expensive stool softener
by Tim Kirby

Complete waste of money. I am happy I only paid $7 including shipping with some Vitamin Shoppe credits. However, my research showed that most pay around $19 and I bet some paid $25 or more. I got ripped off at $7.

I followed the directions including diet very well. I even began with a 3 day juice fast where I only consumed prune juice and apple juice for the first 3 days. My bowel movements did not increase except during the juice cleanse. My stools did get softer but that was not a plus. I find that they break off easier when they are a bit harder. In other words my toilet paper usage went up significantly. I wish I had one of those bidet’s common in Europe. Does anyone still use those? They should probably put a coupon for a bidet in the Whole Body Cleanse box.

Very expense stool softener and not a very good one at that.

Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse
by canuck77

I had to give this one star because I don't see a zero. It does not seem to be working for me at all. I am in the midst of the 2nd week. I do not feel any better...I do not go to the bathroom as often as I did before starting the cleanse...I feel like my lower abdomen is blocked and I am so uncomfortable. I was expecting to feel so much better with this product. I am really disappointed.

Whole Body Cleans by Enzymaic
by Michelle

This product was horrible. I have used it three weeks ago and are having trouble moving my bowels now. I am constantly constipated. In order to use the bathroom, I have to take a laxative, which is not good over a long period of time. Do not purchase, it will mess your system up. I am afraid to go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with me now.

Whole body cleanse
by Vickie

I used the product as instructed and everything went smoothly. After finishing it the problem started that I have these really weird stools- dark, sticky, and stinky. I'm hoping it didn't mess up my intestinal flora. Have been trying yougart without an improvement. I'm worried.

A good one
by Natasha

I tried it for the first time and stuck with it as directed. I am glad I tried it. I feel great and dropped a few pounds which I was not expecting. I will probably purchase it again a few months from now. It was easy, did not cause any cramping or discomfort, and the price is reasonable. My stomach has not been this flat in many months.

Whole body cleanse by enzymatic therapy
by bioman

Do not waste your money on this product. This product works over a two week period using three products. A fiber drink, a liver pill and a fiber drink. After the first day of use I did not have any noticeable affects. After the second day of use i finally had a bowel movement, but it was nothing to brag about. The system has a very mild effect. As for the liver pill which has milk thislte and dandelion root which is a diuretic, the directions say take this at night before you go to bed. It doesnt tell you that you will wake up 3 times in the middle of the night to urinate. As for the fiber drink that you are also supposed to take before you go to bed. It is extremely thick and hardens withing seconds of mixing with water. I personally do not think a gelatin like substance entering my body before I go to bed will do any good. The fiber is just sitting there clogging my intestines as I sleep. After a week and a half of using I had to stop use because the gas I had was horrendous from using this product also waking in night started to be a pain. Horrible product do not waste money.

Whole Body Cleanse
by Bruin

I have used Whole Body Cleanse and have never been the same. My system is a mess. I've had a CT scan of my abdomen, an ultrasound of my organs, a colonoscoypy, an endoscopy and blood work. I now have gastritis and problems when I go the bathroom. I am so bummed I ever tried Whole Body Cleanse. It totally messed me up and I've yet to figure out how to get my system back to normal. And no Doctor has been able to figure out my problem. I would never recommend this product!

No thanks...
by Unsatisfied & Sick

So i began taking the product and after a week needed to stop use due to the blood in my stool. I soon got bronchitis and sinusitis after stopping use and saw my doctor. She informed me that the body is equipped to cleanse itself and to not take any more cleanses. Since then (feb 08), i have continued to battle chronic bronchitis. I have been sick constantly since stopping the cleanse. Before this I would only get sick once a year.

This Was So Easy
by Cathie

This cleansing really worked! It did give me flu-like symptoms, but the girl where I bought it had warned me to expect that. She had explained to me this was the way the enzymes were eating up the parasites, etc that were in my body. It really did clean me out. You have to remember to try to eat right during that time too. It was worth the cost.

So fresh and so clean
by Denise

I tried this product at the recommendation of the RN at my doctor's office. I love that it is all natural, and doesn't cause a "violent" reaction like another brand that I tried. It's hard to say whether or not my organs are actually cleaner, but it got me back on the track of regularity. I'll probably use this again in a few months.

Whole Body Cleanse
by kvantol

There were always 3 things holding me back from trying a cleansing kit - the high prices, the fear of cramping or discomfort, and the fear of spending the entire time in the bathroom! With this product, I didn't have to worry about any of those! I felt it was very reasonably priced, especially considering other similar yet overpriced products out there. I never had any cramping or discomfort while using this product...never. And last but not least, this product did it's job without disrupting my daily life by constantly locking myself in the bathroom! I feel great and will definitely use this on a regular basis.

I Love It!
by Jeremy Rose

I love this product. I have personally used this twice in the last six months. The cleansing will only take two weeks. You take three different supplements that are in this kit. It rids your body of the pollutants that get left behind after digestion. The only issue I had with it...sometimes the pills would get stuck in my throat. Not a big enough deal to keep me away though! Get this...It WORKS!

Whole Body Cleanse
by carol1560

This is the stuff, it is very gentle. That is a good thing to know, because if it isn't, oh well you get the picture. It will change your life because all that undigested food is not linger around in your bowels longer than it needs to. I will use it as long as I can.

Not the best
by Nihility

Whole Body Cleanse isn't a product I'd specifically recommend. It does cleanse, but in my opinion, a little too much. I lost a dramatic amount of weight after a week of use and I'm already very thin. It made me fatigued and dizzy. I became quite ill from it. It's more of a laxative than anything.

Very Useful!
by Ellisha

I was actually surprised that this product worked as well as it did. It was easy and convenient to use and got the job done. I really could feel the difference it made!

Easy to use!
by Carrie Russell

Of course, a more in depth juice fast & detoxification program would be better. But, really, who has the time or willpower for that? This easy to use box will cleanse your body satisfactorily in about a month. Great for busy people.

7 Customer Opinions

Working so far
by Ashley

So far I havent forgotten to take any pills, you do need to follow the reccomendations for it to be as effective as you want it to be.
INCLUDING watching what you eat! Wish me luck, im going strong!

by Ashley

People that say it didnt or doesnt work it c/c you probably didnt take this product right... no alcohol, high saturated fats and no caffeine. And you dont always lose weight, it cleanses you digestive tract, liver, small and large intestine.
You have to take pills in the am and in the pm CONSISTENTLY

loved it great cleanse !
by jules

This was my first cleanse, and it really worked, I tried cleanses ranging from 50 to 100 dollars and never had good results, the price is great, and it works, must drink a lot of water for best results.

So far...I'm loving it!
by Priscilla

I'm almost done with this product and WOW what a difference....not only do I feel more energetic and light weight but I'm happier and I even lost 7 pounds that were not necessary/lol...this is a must for anyone who wants to feel anew!

happy customer
by Q Sheppard

I tried this and finished my two weeks today. I lost 16lbs but did not experience the extra trips to bathroom like many experienced. The major key is watch what you eat and drink 64 oz of water per day. I will totally do it again. Although if you do not like taking pills if might be tough.

Whole body cleanse
by Jacquelyn Jones

Thanks for the bad reviews because I was to shed out 23.00 for this products, its shameful there is always a catch no matter what you do .

by Rebecca

Do not use this product! I really wish I had read these reviews before purchasing and using. I have been completely constipated after using this product and was not prior to usage. I have used other cleanse products and should have stuck with what works - not this product.