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good stuff
by ileta

I love this powder its the bomb. I use to be clogged. And it gets. The. Job. Done. Its my main fiber of the. Week thank you colon cleanse I will recommend this to everybody. Who needs help with their stool. It great

Health Plus Colon Cleanse
by tuxonio

2 thumbs up.

Didn't work like I thought
by Joy

My experience with Super Colon Cleanse Powder was less than what I'd hoped for, I seemed to actually get more clogged after I used it.

Not bad
by TimL

I saw some good results from this product. It did not do anything dramatic, but did make me more regular.

by Marlee

Just made me more constipated. Not good.

Just like the name says....
by Andrew

Just what the product is called, it cleans your colon in a timely manner. Just use some of this and you will clean out your colon within half an hour! I have had to use this several times before and it is a marvel. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to clear their pipes really fast. A++ For this product!

Super Colon Cleanse Powder
by kvantol

I have always struggled with bowel movement issues since I was young. I even went to the emergency room one time because of severe pains and after x-rays, sonograms, and fingers placed in the worse possible place, the doctor's diagnosis was that I was full of it. So, I was at my grandfather's house one day and I saw him drinking this stuff and he told me how good it was so he gave me a brand new bottle of it. I take it everyday and its just great. No cramping like a laxative. I recommend this to anyone who is not regular.

Really Works
by ljmc

Husband uses this, he used to have horrible problems. Now he uses this once or so a week and it has helped him out quite a bit. He would kill me for saying it, but he doesn't have so much gas, that used to practically kill me before. Luckily I have yet to develop issues with this, but when I do I surely will try his stuff.

Great Source of Fiber
by Jenni

I highly recommend this product. As a very busy mother of 5, my body has gone through lots of changes (and not all beneficial to the digestive system), and I don't always stop and eat the way I should. Colon Cleanse helps keep the digestive track working by providing a wonderful source of fiber from psyllium husk. I use it mixed with water, and I drink it fast, immediately after mixing so that it doesn't thicken up too much.

Stimulates the Colon
by Cathy Weaver

I have used this product for 10 years now and will continue to use it. It absorbs water in the bowel helping push through waste and toxins. Used for sluggish bowel movements or weekly depending on need it has been a dependable product.
Mixed with water is my preferred method of using the Colon Cleanser. My children prefer mixing it in juice.

by Chrislyn

It does its job. My husband swears by this. He swallows a spoonful and chases it down with juice or water. I made the mistake of mixing it directly into the juice, and it thickened before I could get it down. I haven't tried it since, but on that occasion, it was moving. It is worth the cost if you have any problem with constipation.

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by JM

I would not be without this product. I have had trouble with constipation most of my life and since I've been on this product, I don't have any more trouble!!!!