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nutritional tree
by 21 day herbal clean


21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program
by maykel

I need to know it's really nice to be able to sell

21 day cleansing program
by Jalessa

Today is my first day starting the program. I am hoping to clean my colon, so that I can start the weight management program with herbalife. I am look to loose 45 to 50 pounds.

has anyone ever lost weight with this program and kept the weight off?

slim smart
by talib

i need ur help to get this slim smart product
i wanna loss my weight but i am not able to do this

21 day cleansing prg
by Anonymous

This is the best of the best!

Worked for bloating!
by Pattie

My oldest brother was having digestive issues and before going the route of traditional drugs, he decided to try this cleansing system. He thought it was easy enough to do, only 3 pills a day. After the first week he could already notice a difference in the bloating. After the second week, almost all the cramping was gone. By the end of the third week... he was finally feeling normal again! He says its a great product, great price and recommends it.

Good Results for a Low Cost
by Amanda

I decided to try this 21 day program not because I was having any issues, but because my father passed away from colon cancer, so I thought that this program might be beneficial for me with the family history. I purchased it for $20, so it was less than a $1 a day to promote good colon health, so affordability was also not an issue. The tablets are not overly large and were easy to swallow with water. They had no bitter taste that you find with some herbal-type products. I followed the program to the letter and after the three weeks, I did notice a clearer complexion and I felt like my stomach was "flatter" although I did not lose any weight. I believe that it helped with bloating perhaps by releasing toxins that may have been trapped. I would definitely recommend this product to others and I would do the program again in the future.

Love Herbalife
by ivan

I started taking 21 Day AM PM - not because I had digestive issues or because I was backed up, but because I wanted to clean my digestive system to make way for supplements that I wanted to start using. This product worked wonders. I used to take supplements and wasn't seeing results, but after asking a professional fitness trainer, he suggested cleansing my system with a laxative. Even though the laxative did what it was supposed to, I didn't get the results I wanted. AM PM by Herbalife worked efficiently for the full 21 days. It helped me lose some excess weight that had accumulated over the years in my digestive tract. I ended up getting results that I was not expecting to get at all.

Herbal 21 Day program
by Gina Wiesner

I have taken this product. It is fabulous. It helps you release the toxins from your body. I did not feel bloated as I had before plus my complexion got better. I really did feel better. This cleansing helped me with my goal to start losing weight. I would highly recommend it.

Herbal Cleansing
by Joanne B

I was pleasantly surprised by how well Herbalife performed. There was no harsh stimulant feeling that you sometimes get with body cleansers and I didn't have that bloated, gassy feeling at all. After finishing the course, I felt much better, more invigorated and, in addition, had lost four pounds.

Just OK
by Hallie

Friends recommended this product to me and I had high hopes that it would make a big difference, but the results were just ordinary. These are easy to take tablets, but I think powders might be more effective.

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