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by jen

I have taken this for 5 days now and NOTHING! I think it has made it worse. I don't think I have gone 1 time in 5 days. My tummy hurts. I would never suggest this to anyone.

by Anonymous

I used the low dose of this product and it works, but is also very painful. It is the second day I have been off the cleanse and my stomach feels bloated and crampy. I feel so uncomfortable and not at all energized.

gas gas and more gas
by Kristy

I have used this for 2 days now....all gas and no movement as of now.

by LGP

Well i have been on this product for 3 days i am actually taking 4 pills more than the reccomended and it really is not doing what i excpected.Im upset thought it would be a good product ..It sucks..

by alishia

I have used this off and on for a couple years. I love it. I have great success. Without it I fall back into the way my bowels worked before this product and had so for 20 yrs. I used to go several days with sometimes a week without going. It was horrible. I eat regularly so that it always has something to work with with limits the very minor cramps. I could not function with out this product. I don't know what its gonna do to me long term though.

by ....

I've tried this product. It does nothing for me. I've tried 1 capsule and nothing happens, then I exceeded to 3 a day and nothing still works. I will never buy this product again.

Lots of pain
by Amy

I tried this stuff twice. The first time I ended up with bad stomach cramps. I thought I had the flu so I stopped for a while. I just started it again a few days ago. I am in lots of pain in my stomach again. Not worth it. I know there is other stuff out there that doesn't hurt like this. I will never buy or use this again.

A little too strong
by Joy

I tried the super cleanse but it was a little too strong so I had to stop using it. It does work but if your more on the sensitive side it's a bit much.

Very Hard on the Stomach!
by Shana

I started this product in order to get what it says it does "super cleanse".-But I wanted something easy on the stomach. Yeah Right!!!! The main thing I didnt like about it was that it gave me alot of gas and no bowel; I figured I was just really blocked and got up to the third recommended tablet to end up just having intense stomach cramps, diareah, and hemroids from using the bathroom so much.

Great !
by Ale

I take one tablet a day and relly work for me. I think I will loss some pounds with this pill ! I take too the Acai Berry from NSI. I bought it in vitacost a very good price!

Give your body a great boost
by Jill S.

I really like this product to help detoxify and improve the body's natural functions. I noticed a big change in how I felt after using Natures Secret Super Cleanse. I had more energy and felt like I had really given my body the health boost it needed.

Super Cleanse works
by kvantol

My friend recommended the Super Colon Cleanse by Health Plus Inc to me and let me try two days worth of hers before I spent the money on it myself.

This is a great product for anyone looking to cleanse their system economically and effectively. I bought a bottle of 240 capsules from GNC for just under $18 including tax. There is also a smaller size of capsules, and a powder form available for those who may have difficulty with swallowing capsules or are looking for a faster way to digest the serving. The powder is meant to be mixed with beverage, but I'm not sure about the specifics with regards to how much powder per ounce of liquid.

The capsules are easy to take and you can take them with water, milk, juice, or any beverage of your choice according to the label. The "suggested use" according to the label is to take 4 capsules 3 times a day. It is recommended that they be swallowed with at least 10-12 ounces of beverage to avoid choking. For better results, you can alternate Super Colon Cleanse with the regular Colon Cleanse by Health Plus Inc. I have not done so, and my experience is only with the Super Colon Cleanse.

The nutritional label is not as complete as I feel it should be. One thing that is missing from the label is the fat value. On the front of the bottle, to the left of the product name, it states "Low Fat," however there is nothing on the label to confirm that statement. The label also states that this product is a good source of fiber, however in the Supplement Facts the value for dietary fiber per serving is less than 1g. The label (nor the website from what I could find) give instructions for how long the product can be taken safely. There is no reference made to whether this is safe for long term daily use, or just an allotted amount of time, such as one week a month or so.

One serving of 4 capsules provides 10 calories, 1g of total carbs,less than 1g of fiber, 1mg of iron, 1g of psyllium husk powder, and 576mg of senna powder. This product also contains fennel seed, peppermint, papaya, rose hips, buck thorn bark, barberry root, celery, and acidophilus. The amounts of these ingredients are not listed on the label.

As with all supplements, it is recommended that you first consult a doctor before using. The label states to discontinue use if you develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain.

My experience has been positive with this product. I have had no cramping, no diarrhea, and no loose stools. It took 2 days to begin working, so the capsules are not a fast route. The powder may work faster, according to the sales man where I bought it.

Do not be misled! Some people, my friend included, think that colon cleanse products are a weight loss plan. This is not the case! After taking this product, I have not lost anything, however I did not take this product with the intent of anything other than cleansing my system.

As with all supplements and medications, keep this out of the reach of children.

One more thing printed on the label that I will share here is the statement "15% Discount Coupons available for first time users on request or visit our website." I did not read this until after I purchased my bottle, and it is in smaller print, so I thought I'd put this here so maybe someone else could benefit from the savings.

The website for the company is:

Works like a Charm!
by JM

I have been chronically constipated for as long as I remember. I started to take this product and became regular for the first time in my life. It is important to follow the gradual addition of pills, because by taking the max dose first can clog you up even more. The taste takes a little getting used to. Best pills on the market.

Does its job
by Lisa

I have problems on and off with constipation and don't like laxatives. I have found that this product will provide relief that is more gentle and I use it periodically. Make sure you have access to a bathroom several hours after you take it and you should be fine.

One of the best!
by Karen Fleming

I have used many products to treat what is a constant problem for me. This one works and does not give me stomach pains like some of the others do. I also like it because it is a tablet. Many of the products are a gritty concoction you need to swallow. Highly recommend, well worth the money.

Super great!
by Herman

After experiencing constipation for a few weeks, my relatives recommended that I take a colon cleansing product. After trying a few, I found out that Super Cleaner worked great! While the name of the product is somewhat corny, it does just what it says! When I first took it, I did experience some minor cramps, but after the first time everything went smoothly!

Great stuff
by Valerie M.

This is a very good cleansing product that is not too harsh on the digestive tract. I have used it as part of a much more intense cleansing program, but for maintenance this is the best.

One of the best!
by Carrie Russell

I have used this product off & on for over a decade, and have found it to be one of the best products for chronic constipation. I take 2 tablets at bedtime on an empty stomach, and wake up in the morning to a healthy, well-formed bowel movement. I never travel without it!

High Maintenance
by Niki Hause

This product worked fairly strongly on me at first, and I have been chronically constipated for a long long time. However, I di notice after awhile the effects diminished and I was forced to increase the dose to get the desired effects. There are also other bottles that you can take with this product to enhance your cleanse. However, as with anything, effects will depend on the person.

Cleaned me out!
by Brynn

I knew I needed to do a cleanse and after reading up on several brands, I settled with this one. I am certainly glad I did. I was able to control the amount of supplements I needed day to day as the cleanse was progressive. Natural ingredients, gentle and no cramping!!!

Clean as a whistle
by Andrew

This product works a little too well! It can be used cycling on and off, but I don't like having to go to the bathroom every time I eat. This is great and gets the job done!

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product is effective
by Nora

I have used this product over the years of and on. most often it helps tremendously with consitpation. Taking 1 or two pills @ night and then a pill in the morning should help get things moving. Too many pills at once and insufficient H2o causes bloating and cramps. This is an excellent supplement to a healthy diet or occasional stimulant but too use it heavily over time it become ineffective.

Satisfied customer
by Carol

This product worked great for me after using for two days at 1 pill twice a day.
Definitely a good supplement to have on hand when needed!

occasional use recc
by klmiller12

Use it now and then to keep your system pure. Maintain regular fiber increase in diet and you will feel great!

super cleanse
by Mattie

I just started my pills today I just took one and I will see how great this stuff really is.