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Wonderful Relief!
by C Collins

I've suffered with terrible cramping and bloating since my pregnancy. It's been hard to get through the day without suffering from pains in my abdomen. Since I have been using this, I feel such relief. I've only been using it for a short time, but my pain has substantially subsided.

by Sandy B

My sister had this product and did not get to use it so I took it and tried it and it works great! I feel less bloating and lighter and I just feel overall better in the whole digestive tract. Would highly recommend if you can afford it.

Para-cleanse by Natures Sunshine
by Paula

I was not really impressed with this product. My husband and I and my mom got this product 3 years ago because of the claim that there was build-up and possible parasites in our colon. We went through the regimen hoping to have an unrealistic amount of accumulation and critters, but to our surprise we did not have more than with using just a fiber supplement. Maybe our expectations were too high, or we did not have as much of a build up as we thought we did.

Regular Maintenance Leads to Better Health
by Lori Ann Hull

After reading so many articles about the gunk that accumulates in our digestive tract, my husband and I both have been using the Para-cleanse as well as a few other immune supporting products.

You will literally feel lighter and have more energy after only four or five days. Thumbs up from this Family!

para cleanse
by carol1560

This is a product that not a lot of people know the effects and benefits that it will provide you. I have been amazed at what it does. It is much cheaper than going to a doctor that preforms the same technique. You will feel much better and it is well worth the minimal effect as well as the cost.

by holly wilson

This has been used in my family for years now. It works great - makes you feel a lot better. It is well worth the price you pay for it for the results you achieve. My mom has had colon problems throughout her entire life and uses this regularly. My mom swears by this product, and after using it myself I'd have to say I swear by it too.

by Anthony

My sister picked up an intestinal parasite a few years back, something foreign to me at the time, and she takes various parasite cleanses periodically. Naturally, I got paranoid and started taking them as well! Para-Cleanse is the one I've had the best luck with, parasites or not, my body feels a lot better after a round of this!

by Khalilah Murarsheed

Para-Cleanse is by far the best cleansing product on the market. Para-Cleanse really does cleanse the entire intestinal tract. I had colon problems all my teenage years. Para-Cleanse really does clean out the system.

What was that?
by Cynthia

A friend of mine was told she had a tumor in her intestine and scheduled surgery. She took Para Cleanse just in case it was parasites. When she went for her surgery, the "tumor" had disappeared. Sounds like whatever was bugging her, no longer is.

Hope you never need it
by Chris

This product is the reason I learned about Nature's Sunshine, and natural health. A high school classmate and close friend went to South America on a mission trip. She was gone for an entire summer. When she came back she was always sick, and losing weight. Someone sent her to a natural health consultant locally, who looked at her eyes and said she had parasites. The woman sold her this box, and my friend got rid of several parasites in her system. According to her, she saw them in her waste.

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