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7 Day colon Cleanse
by Neferra Sesha

I Detox often. And I have tried this product, this product seem to work a lot better than others, and it is gentle.

Third Time
by Erin

I now consider myself a regular (no pun intended) for this colon cleanse and have recommended it to my family. Just ordered my third go-round for myself and my boyfriend.

I have a difficult time swallowing pills, but because these are all in easy-down capsules, there's no problem. I haven't experienced any gas or diahrea, etc.

I can tell from the stools when it's time to do another treatment. After I finish the colon cleanse, my body absorbs my food nutrients much better, I rarely feel gassy, and I haven't had constipation in over a year (which used to be a problem for me).

Excellent product and on sale for $15 right now. Yay!

Effective Product, will use again
by L

This was my first even colon cleanse, and it was much needed. My decision to try a colon cleanse was based on losing ~55lbs and hitting a plateau. I figured that there was probably some gunk sitting in my colon from all my years of unhealthy eating, and after doing months of research and reading product reviews, I chose Vitabase's based on:

Length of time - 7 days
Cost - $30
Previous reviews - most I read were describing what I was looking for

Ordering and receiving the pills was not a problem. The shipping was very fast and the ordering was headache free. I received the pills and, after thoroughly reading the instructions, I started the next morning.

I noticed nothing happened the first and second day, which I felt was normal. I read a review where someone said not to expect any bowel movements until the third or fourth day, and this was what happened. Come the night of the third day, I noticed a SIGNIFCANT cleansing beginning. The bowel movements were not painful and were generally very easy to expel. But good grief, what came out was horrific, but it was nice to see the product working.

The effects tapered off around the 7th night, and after I finished the last pack of pills, my body had no problem getting back to normal. The only downside is that I can't plan my monthly cycles for the life of me, and started my period on the 5th day of the cleanse. It didn't adversely affect me, it was just an annoyance.

For those that are looking to try this product, here is my biggest stress point - the instructions say 8oz of water 6 times daily FOR A REASON. You HAVE to drink this much water, and though it may seem hard in the beginning, you get used to it. I just kept a water bottle filled at all times. I am convinced that if you do not drink the recommend water amount, this results in the pain and cramping many seem to experience.

Also, DIET is very important. A diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is what works best for a successful colon cleanse. You can't keep putting crap into your body and expect results from the cleanse.

My scale does not lie, I have lost 5lbs of waste and my stomach is flatter. I still have work to do before the bikini season, but I feel like this has pushed me off that plateau and I'm at a better place.

Another added bonus is that the directions also recommend you stay away from caffeine during the cleanse, which I followed. I have been drinking coffee since I was 12 or 13, and during this cleanse I successfully kicked the caffeine habit. I would get such bad headaches from caffeine withdrawal, but I have been off caffeine for 3 weeks now and feel great. I now drink decaf for all of my coffee beverages, and rarely drink more than 1 soda a month. I'm deciding whether or not to return to caffeinated coffee or keep drinking caffeine.

I give 4 out of 5 stars mainly because of the sheer amount of pills to take. Eventually I worked up to downing 4 at a time and didn't notice it anymore, but perhaps the Vitabase people could increase the pill size in order to keep the number down.

21 Packets by Vitabase
  • No hard to swallow or bad tasting powder
  • Convenient packets make product easy to use
  • Requires only 7 days and no special diet
  • Natural laxatives effectively remove waste buildup
2nd time user
by ashley

I tried this 7 day cleanse almost a year ago, and felt a significant improvement. I did not have the negative side effects that others have mentioned, except for a little small amount of occasional stomach discomfort, but nothing unbearable.

I am now on my second run of it, and this time my husband is trying it too. I am interested to see how it will affect him, because looking over the reviews it seems like the majority of people have good effects, but there are also at least 25% who have complaints. I guess this is just because everyone's body is different, and its understandable that moving months-old stool from your system could be a bit uncomfortable. I'd say its definitely worth a try.

Does the job.
by Glen Ald

It definitely works and without diarreha.

Time For Another Go-Round
by Erin

Used this last year and am ordering another round today. Very good product - I haven't suffered with constipation since the first time I used this. I had no side effects during or afterwards.

by Joe

Does not work any better than a bag of senna tea.
Do not waste your money. Not a good product.

by Brenda

This stuff really works well with no danger of harmful ingredients.

Brenda Byrd FNP

by Dorann Harrison

This product is good. It did not make me gassy and expulsion was not uncomfortable.

by Linda G

Stomach cramps and diarrhea, not my cup of tea.

money down the drain
by Greg

Nausea, upset stomach is what i got with this product, i could see absolutely no benefit, gave it a try for a few daysand threw the rest in the trash.

Good Stuff
by AJA

This product is good stuff. I began using it one week ago and just ended tday. The first day was ho-hum. Initially, I thought what a waste. The following day was when the cleansing took effect. I had sudden urges to go to the restroom. Yes, you need to have one close to you. I have eaten sensibly and lost 5 lbs in one week. I did have improved energy. However, I also began an exercise regimen. I have recommended it to a coworker.

Would do it again as necessary
by Anonymous

I was rather pleased with this product, being the first time that I've ever done any colon cleanse. The seven day process was perfect for my work schedule and the capsules were much better to take than powder, by far. I noticed it working immediately the first day I started it and I felt much lighter, especially in my abdominal area. I did feel it working through my digestive system the first few days, but my body made the adjustment quickly to it and there was no pain involved. I would do this particular cleanse again, if it becomes necessary for my system to have it done again. Thank you for an all natural product.

Not what everyone else experienced...
by Cristina

Taking all those pills 3 times a day was difficult, but knowing that it was only for 7 days made it very doable. I did not suffer from what other's have mentioned about being near a bathroom. I was normal going once a day, however sometimes 2 or 3. It wasn't until day 4 I noticed or rather felt something, and it was great. I didn't find that my stomach or colon was flipping around, and I am sensitive to such things. For the price, and the time to dedicate to the cleanse, I would do it again perhaps 2 to 3 times a year. I recommend this product, but perhaps maybe if you have done others in the past like I have so that you are not afflicated with requiring the a toilet nearby.

Money Wasted
by DonnaT

After reading all the reviews, I was excited about trying a product that everyone was raving about. It was a total was of time and money for me. I didn't feel any better. I didn't go to the bathroom anymore than I usually do. This was my first time trying a colon cleanse. Probably won't waste my money again. Did not work for me, at all.

Worked well--too well
by John Kook

Good, perhaps too good. I did end up in the bathroom more than I wanted to, but it never was a diarreha type of thing.

Cleaned me out
by Susan Raj

Very good product. It worked but did not keep me in the bathroom. I will use it once a year from now on.

Very good
by Jenn Hanes

Cleaned me out with no diarreha. I saw a tarry substance in my stool for a few days. Pretty convenient too because you just take a package of pills three times a day.

Yes it works
by Peter Genn

This product works well, and I did not get diarreha. I did see a lot of tarry stuff in my stool, but that is what I expected. Just scared me a bit. By the end of the week, it was gone.

Clean yourself out
by Doug

I took this product to clean the colon out due to severe constipation. The busiest days of restroom 'mad dashing' were the 7th and the next day after quitting. So you WILL want to plan those days being on a weekend.

Yes, it will clean you out. But you'll feel the difference in better energy, and a flatter stomach. I actually lost about 20 lbs when weighing myself. Just be prepared to go to the restroom ALOT.
Will use at a later time for maintenance, good price.

Just OK
by MJean

I can't say it's any different than a bowel prep for a colonoscopy, just takes longer and costs more. Taking three packs a day created a need to know where the closest bathroom is at all times, in every grocery store or business. My husband and I both tried it and yes, it does "cleanse you out" but I doubt we'd do it again. Constant explosive diarrhea isn't pleasant for anyone.

by Tina

I second what many have said before. Vitabase is an incredible company. I do not think there is a better value on a colon product than this and it works incredible. The one drawback is that you have to swallow a lot of pills, but at least there is no bad taste.

Great company
by Jim Cook

Cleaned me out. Unbelievably good company. I order from them every month--ask for Jennifer.

7 days of pain
by Dustin

This product did not work well with my system. Extreme cramps and pains in my stomach / digestive tract. I know it has worked well for others, but I will never try this again. This was my first attempt at any type of colon cleanse. I'll continue to take fiber supplements.

7 Day Colon Cleanse
by Aaron Prather

Words can't describe how big the container for this product is. It's huge!

Because it is so big, you know you are getting your money's worth. You do take a lot of pills, but it doesn't interfere with your normal day to day activities.

Highly recommended.

Can't live without it
by Angel705

I definitely suggest this product to anyone who will listen. 7 Day Colon Cleanse will get rid of all those unwanted impurities in your body so that you'll feel much better. This is the perfect detoxing system.

natural cleansing for the digestive tract
by Gwendolyn Boyce

My mother in law is the Queen of stomach problems, from gas, bloating, and occassional constipation she used to suffer constantly. Now that she has tried this product she feels better internally and externally. It has really helped her and if you try it I believe it would work for you.

End Results Count!
by krissy

End results are the only thing that count in a colon cleansing product. Many colon cleansing products are simply laxatives that work on recently digested food. This 7 day Colon Cleanse is different in that it truly seems to cleanse out the past months, even years of impacted stool. Please do not read if you cannot deal with a graphic fact. It is simple, shortly after using the 7 Day Colon Cleanse, I "lost" am accumulation that made me instantly feel lighter, more energetic and overall clean. In one of my evacuations I saw something that amazed me...popcorn kernels. In themselves, popcorn kernels are certainly not significant, UNTIL you know that I have not eaten popcorn in at least 3 to 4 years. While it must be admitted that the results are rather unpleasant to even think about, it is much more unpleasant to think that this putrified matter has been harboring in my body for all of these years. Will I use it again?? Absolutely not a second thought. I am sold.

Quick, easy and effective
by Amy

I have a lot of stomach problems and have completed many different types of colon cleanses in the past. This cleanse is one that I will continue to return to. The vitabase cleanse is very easy to follow, quick to complete and gentle on the stomach. I did have a bit of discomfort, but compared to other colon cleanses it was very minimal.

Great stuff
by John Spindler

I have tried this one time, and it is okay. If you are having any kind of intestinal/digestive pain, you should definitely try this. It is like a “spring cleaning” for your body to rid of gas or other digestive problems.

More energy, feel lots better
by Angel C.

This product is very easy to use and produced astonishing results for me. After the cleanse, I had way more energy and didn't feel so sluggish like I usually do. Didn't cause extreme stomach pain for me like some of those other colon cleanses I've tried and this one was actually cheaper and worked a lot better. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to cleanse and rejuvenate their bodies.

by M. Wakefield

Many colon cleanses take 3+ weeks. This is more reasonable period of time for today's working person. Packaged for easy use- morning and night packets- no fumbling with bottles of tablets and counting. Reasonable price.

customer review
by Lori Jones

This product worked great. I will definitely recommend it, and will use it again.

Great Cleanse
by Trina

I love this cleanse!!! I've used it for several years and even passed it along to my friends. I first tried it before my wedding and WOW, could I see the results.
I also found that I had an amazing amount of energy available to me daily. Now it was probably a combination of a lot of water (you will drink a lot while doing this cleanse!!!), a changed diet, and exercise. But I felt so much better when I took it.


I've tried other cleanses that had me in some serious pain, but not this one. Which is why I return to it annually.

So if you're trying to make a change this is a great place to begin.

Good Luck!

by Tinna

I have an extremely sensitive colon and stomach and never thought I could use a colon cleaning product.
Vita base colon cleanse is gentle yet effective and to my surprise, I had no cramps nor any discomfort.
Being lactose intolerant and sensitive to wheat with all that implies, I sometimes do a mini cure only using half the dose, once a day for three days and live a new life :o)

Thank you!

First colon cleanse
by Pensacola Fl

It was the first colon cleanse we ever used. It was not too harsh (which I worried about) and seemed to help out.

Worked for me
by Janine Moll

It made me feel fresh and clean inside. All these years I should of used this product. I would purchase this item even though there are way too many pills to take, and at times it did get to me.



pretty good
by Beth Ann

I used this product initially to jump start a weight loss program for the Navy. (I had to lose 10 pounds in only a month.) I did lose about 3 pound from this. It was amazing what came out of me. Weird colors like purple. Things that looked like raisins. And gobs and gobs of mucus. Some BMs were nothing but snot. Ewww. I had no Idea I had nastiness like that inside of me. I've never had any problems with my digestive system, but ever since I took this I have been regular as clockwork. You could set your watch by me. All of my BM's just look healthier. It's hard to tell but I think that I have more energy then I did before. I'm glad I took it.

Bad side effects: My farts were stinky for about 3 or 4 months afterwards. My farts or BM's were NEVER smelly. ever. I think it's because my whole GI tract sped up.

Another side effect. during the cleanse there was some uncomfortableness in my abdomen. I would call it cramps. But occasionally it felt like my belly was flipping or moving.

thats all.

It Works
by Michael

I found the product to be well priced and it lived up to it's claims in terms of effectiveness and quality. I'd recommend it and will definitely use it again.

Pretty effective
by Nate H

This product really worked for me. The only thing that I don't like about it is that you have to swallow a lot of pills several times per day. The alternative however is to try one of the cleansing products with the powder that won't mix in water and taste horrible. I will use this product again.

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