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Not Strong Enough

I purchased this product at Vitamin Cottage and decided to try it because the price was very good. I started this program with the minimum amount as suggested and then later (after about 7 days) doubled the dose. I took with plenty of water as directed. I did not get results within the first two weeks. I noticed a small change (less bloating) during the third week but was very disappointed that I was not getting results like any of the ones I read. I am on thyroid medication and wondered if that had anything to do with my minimal results. I stopped taking it and I feel just about the same.

Great product
by Blueberry

I was suffering from constipation a month ago and my family doctor suggested I take these tablets. It worked like magic! I got relief in a couple of days and have never had to use any other product since. If ever I face difficulties again I know I can trust this product from Vitamin Shoppe! The price isn't too bad either and that's an added bonus.

Strong, but Effective
by Lisa

It's a disgusting topic, but so important to good health. I've used this cleansing product on occasion since GI issues run in the family, and it does its job! I find it best to be home and comfortable while taking it, because it works...persistently. The feeling of lightness and good health I experience afterward tells me it's a good product for me.

Not for those with Weak Stomachs!
by Lisa

This product definitely delivers it's stated promise (for some too well). I have dealt with constipation problems before and this stuff is not for everyday use. However, if you need a product that will work this is the one. If you take too much (or too often) you can experience cramping or bloating, but if you can find the right amount for your body you can really help yourself feel better.

Too strong for me
by TC

This stuff works alright, but it's way too strong for me. I work crazy hours and don't always have time to take care of my body, so I have difficulty with my bowel movements from time to time. I got this after being talked into it by a Vitamin Shoppe sales person. She told me the product is gentle and harmless. I took it as instructed, but I had to run to the bathroom like every 2 minutes! I spent almost the entire day in my bathroom! I felt so drained and tried after the whole experience. Maybe it's good for someone who is extremely congested, but not me, never again.

by Ndy

This drug is very powerful and unlike others should not be taken everyday or too often. I took it and had to run to the toilet every 5 minutes, but in the end it was definitely worth it for the price.

by John Hubbard

Very trustworthy. This products is not to be taken every day, and you have to careful when you do take it, but it delivers.

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