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by LL

This is my second cleanse in a year... This product is better than my first. I have had no stomach cramps or running to the bathroom. It is gentle but effective. Go for it!

Daytime Night time cleanse
by BRPRocks

Fantastic. I just finnished the cleanse and it worked great. 2 points of advice while taking this is to keep up with your calorie intake as this stuff does a great job making you regular and taking of the pounds and the second being when you get to a point where it's too much just back off on the number of pills on each bottle. I got up to 9 before I backed off to 7 pills for each bottle. Everybody's system is different and follow the directions. This is a 2 thumbs up. I will puchase this again.

Day 6 and it's wonderful
by 2nd time on a cleanse

I'll tell you that I've tried one other cleanse in my life and that didn't work for me at all and I got nothing out of it by following the directions. I stopped in at vitamin world looking for a cleanse that was easy and they recommended this one. I'm on day 6 right now and I can't believe how it's working. I've gone from irregular like once a day or not at all to 3 and 4 times and it's easy on my system. I give it 4 stars because my body is doing some other funky stuff like strange pains while working out which I'm sure is due to lack of caloric intake while doing this and P90x. If everything works out I would definately buy this product again. It works for me and heck 14 bucks who can complain.

Daily cleanse/daytime nighttime
by bobby

I was surprised to see people saying negative coments about a body cleanser. If you haver never done a body cleanse before you just may experince a few stomach cramps or headaches, that means that the product is working. If you feel that this one dont work for you please dont give up try a different one. Doing a cleanse is a very good thing to do for your health. I have been on this one for five days now with no problems. I have tried several different products and when you look at the ingredents they are pretty much all the samething Herbs and Fiber. I tried this one because it was the least expensive. I do a cleanse once a year.

no good
by susan suggs

this stuff does not work. it has been 4 days and still no luck. i hate i spent my money on this product!!

daytime night time daily cleanse
by citygirl

I have just started using this product and after the first week I lost 5 lbs and I am more regular and have more energy. I had no side effects.

daytime/nighttime daily cleanse
by carmen

Let me tell you, that I am person that doesn't suffer from any medical conditions. I thought that it might be good thing to do a detox of your body.So I was recommended this product at Vitamin World. I started taking this product yesterday. Everything was find until early morning today. I started having sharp pains in my heart will I was at work. I left work and went to the ER were they end up doing all kind of heart testing. My heart was racing really fast, It felt like i was going to have heart attack, It was a very scary experience. All the testing came back ok. Please if you are planning to buy this product think about twice. This is another product that soon or later is going to be taken of the market just like they did with Xenadrin.

daytime nighttime daily cleanse
by Raina

I took this product Tuesday night and my stomach was hurting that night but it was bearable. So on Wednesday morning I took the daytime nighttime cleanse and that's where things went sour. My stomach was hurting. Instead of having a bowel movement I was throwing up all over the place. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't even stand up because my stomach was huring. Thursday I returned the product and got a refund. I was still feeling bad and at 1 am Friday morning I went to the emergency room where I was given pain medicine for my stomach and nausea medicine. I was given water through an iv because I could not hold a lot down. I will never take this product again or any other cleanser.

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I've used this 2x!
by mama617

I think this is a great cleanse. I chose it initially b/c here are no gross slops to drink, which is important to me. I feel it working 12 hrs after taking my first dose. No pain, no issues. This is my second time using this. in 2 years.