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7 Day Colon Cleanse

The 7 Day Colon Cleanse is a seven day all natural colon cleanse that will help cleanse the intestinal system and restore regularity. We recommend doing a 7 day cleanse once or twice per year. The Vitabase 7 Day Cleanse is high in fiber (psyllium) and natural laxatives (cascara sagrada, cape aloe, and senna). In addition Fennel Seed is included for its properties of helping to relieve intestinal cramping and gas. African Bird Pepper is used to help sooth indigestion and to reduce inflammation.
Product: 7 Day Colon Cleanse
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 21 Packets
Dosage: 1 Packet mid-morning, 1 Packet mid-afternoon, and 1 Packet at Bedtime for Seven Days. This product should be taken in conjunction with a sensible diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, and 6 ounces of water eight times a day.
Retail: $19.90
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41 Customer Reviews

7 Day colon Cleanse
by Neferra Sesha

I Detox often. And I have tried this product, this product seem to work a lot better than others, and it is gentle.

Third Time
by Erin

I now consider myself a regular (no pun intended) for this colon cleanse and have recommended it to my family. Just ordered my third go-round for myself and my boyfriend.

I have a difficult time swallowing pills, but because these are all in easy-down capsules, there's no problem. I haven't experienced any gas or diahrea, etc.

I can tell from the stools when it's time to do another treatment. After I finish the colon cleanse, my body absorbs my food nutrients much better, I rarely feel gassy, and I haven't had constipation in over a year (which used to be a problem for me).

Excellent product and on sale for $15 right now. Yay!

Effective Product, will use again
by L

This was my first even colon cleanse, and it was much needed. My decision to try a colon cleanse was based on losing ~55lbs and hitting a plateau. I figured that there was probably some gunk sitting in my colon from all my years of unhealthy eating, and after doing months of research and reading product reviews, I chose Vitabase's based on:

Length of time - 7 days
Cost - $30
Previous reviews - most I read were describing what I was looking for

Ordering and receiving the pills was not a problem. The shipping was very fast and the ordering was headache free. I received the pills and, after thoroughly reading the instructions, I started the next morning.

I noticed nothing happened the first and second day, which I felt was normal. I read a review where someone said not to expect any bowel movements until the third or fourth day, and this was what happened. Come the night of the third day, I noticed a SIGNIFCANT cleansing beginning. The bowel movements were not painful and were generally very easy to expel. But good grief, what came out was horrific, but it was nice to see the product working.

The effects tapered off around the 7th night, and after I finished the last pack of pills, my body had no problem getting back to normal. The only downside is that I can't plan my monthly cycles for the life of me, and started my period on the 5th day of the cleanse. It didn't adversely affect me, it was just an annoyance.

For those that are looking to try this product, here is my biggest stress point - the instructions say 8oz of water 6 times daily FOR A REASON. You HAVE to drink this much water, and though it may seem hard in the beginning, you get used to it. I just kept a water bottle filled at all times. I am convinced that if you do not drink the recommend water amount, this results in the pain and cramping many seem to experience.

Also, DIET is very important. A diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is what works best for a successful colon cleanse. You can't keep putting crap into your body and expect results from the cleanse.

My scale does not lie, I have lost 5lbs of waste and my stomach is flatter. I still have work to do before the bikini season, but I feel like this has pushed me off that plateau and I'm at a better place.

Another added bonus is that the directions also recommend you stay away from caffeine during the cleanse, which I followed. I have been drinking coffee since I was 12 or 13, and during this cleanse I successfully kicked the caffeine habit. I would get such bad headaches from caffeine withdrawal, but I have been off caffeine for 3 weeks now and feel great. I now drink decaf for all of my coffee beverages, and rarely drink more than 1 soda a month. I'm deciding whether or not to return to caffeinated coffee or keep drinking caffeine.

I give 4 out of 5 stars mainly because of the sheer amount of pills to take. Eventually I worked up to downing 4 at a time and didn't notice it anymore, but perhaps the Vitabase people could increase the pill size in order to keep the number down.

21 Packets by Vitabase
  • No hard to swallow or bad tasting powder
  • Convenient packets make product easy to use
  • Requires only 7 days and no special diet
  • Natural laxatives effectively remove waste buildup
2nd time user
by ashley

I tried this 7 day cleanse almost a year ago, and felt a significant improvement. I did not have the negative side effects that others have mentioned, except for a little small amount of occasional stomach discomfort, but nothing unbearable.

I am now on my second run of it, and this time my husband is trying it too. I am interested to see how it will affect him, because looking over the reviews it seems like the majority of people have good effects, but there are also at least 25% who have complaints. I guess this is just because everyone's body is different, and its understandable that moving months-old stool from your system could be a bit uncomfortable. I'd say its definitely worth a try.

Does the job.
by Glen Ald

It definitely works and without diarreha.

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