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Fibre Cleanse

Fibre Cleanse is delicious drink beverage containing 50 natural whole food
ingredients including organic barley grass powder and probiotics (Lactobacilli),
and FOS along with whole food extracts of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grains.

Fibre Cleanse has a natural internal cleansing
effect that helps eliminate toxins and increase
digestion. Because most skin problems are associated
with poor digestion and build-up of toxins
in the digestive tract, Fibre Cleanse will help protect
the skin and body from toxic irritation and
damage. Chicory root, with its high percentage
of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) provides
an ideal food for the body’s beneficial
intestinal bacteria, which not
only helps keep the harmful bacteria
count low, but also aids digestion and provides
valuable nutrients such as essential fatty
acids. FOS is a soluble fibre that is not absorbed by the
body so it will not increase the blood sugar levels.
The powerful anti-oxidants in Fibre Cleanse help protect
the digestive tract from the harmful effects of free radicals,
thereby helping to prevent premature aging of the
skin. Antioxidants also promote healthy blood flow and
healthy skin depends on good blood flow.

It is well known that optimal health depends on getting
the right nutrition as well as daily detoxification.
Today, people throughout the world are experiencing
an increase in their body’s exposure to toxins
from environmental pollution and from the production
of toxins by the body due to stress.
Together with BarleyGreen, Fibre Cleanse
offers the consumer an ideal health,
beauty and anti-aging supplement
combination. BarleyGreen provides
the proper balance of green
nutrition and protective antioxidants
and detoxifiers, while Fibre Cleanse flushes
out toxins and supports efficient digestion. Fibre
Cleanse is designed to promote digestion by supporting
the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria,
enhancing nutrient absorption, providing anti-oxidant
protection and supplying critical support nutrients.
Its mild, sweet flavor makes it an enjoyable
drink when mixed with water or juice.
Product: Fibre Cleanse
Brand: YH International (More Products)
Size: 30 servings
Dosage: 2 Tablespoons
Retail: $35.00
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