f KONSYL PHARMACEUTICALS. Natural Fiber Supplement and Bulk Forming Laxative Reviews and Information

Natural Fiber Supplement and Bulk Forming Laxative

Konsyl, unlike other products that are loaded with fillers or artificial sweeteners, contains 100% pure psyllium. Konsyl utilizes the psyllium husk, the most hydrophilic part of the psyllium plant. Each teaspoon dose contains 6.0 grams of psyllium. Compare that to 3.4 grams or less of fiber per table-spoon dose of competing brands.
Product: Natural Fiber Supplement and Bulk Forming Laxative
Size: 15.9 oz
Dosage: 1 teaspoon 3 times daily
Retail: $18.49
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4 Customer Reviews

by anne casey

I have tried many fiber supplements and I need to take one daily. This is the best one that I have found. Its easy to take, not messy or too thick and I'm impressed and will continue to buy this product .

Very good fiber supplement.
by SP

I started taking fiber supplements on doctor's suggestion to maintain good health. I am a big fan of this fiber supplement as this is very natural. I have been using this for long time. Usually I take this with milk or fruit juices. It is an excellent product.

Another good product from konsyl
by christiana

I know I was not getting enough fiber in my diet so I decided to supplement it. I tried a brand of fiber supplement but was having a bad after taste so I changed to this natural fiber from Konsyl. I love their products because they are good and this one is no exception. Even though it is liquid, it leaves no taste on the mouth and it is easy to take. I recommend it if you are looking for extra fiber.

by kvantol

OK, I have taken this stuff daily for, oh for about 15 years. Here is how to take it: get a small Tupperware cup with a snap on lid, put in a heaping teaspoon and fill with JUICE. Shake like the dickens and drink right away. If you try to mix with water it is BAD. While traveling I premix a tight container with equal parts of Tang or powered sweetened ice tea mix. Just use 2 teaspoons if you use the mix.

I take if because of a family history of colon cancer (a physician told me about it many moons ago).

Simple as that. Yes, if taken with water it will gag you.