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Review: Fiber Choice Chewables
by deb

Fiber Choice chewable tablets are a better value than similar products. They have more fiber per tablet. My kids like the orange flavor and actually look forward to taking one tablet at breakfast. I wish the price would come down, but I think this is an excellent product.

Fiber Choice, best yet.
by Jacque

I have tried many Fiber supplements and Fiber Choice has been my favorite so far. I do not know if the supplement tames my appetite, as it claims to, but it does not have the odd chewy texture that some brands have and comes in yummy berry flavors.

love it
by amber schneider

I take the fiber choice strawberry weight management. I think they are awesome. They make me feel alot better and seem to be helping to assist in weight loss. Fiber is a very important part of a diet especially if you are trying to lose weight. I take two a day. I have had no side effects except good ones, and love that I am taking something all natural.

by Tina
by Fiber Choice

Worked well, but texture a little funny. Flavor was okay.

Good fiber supplement
by Hiral


Me and my family currently using one tablet per day as to have enough fiber daily. It works well and taste good.. Chewables is more preferable by me, so its plus point of this product.. Simply I like it

by Danielle

I have been using Fiber Choice for almost 2 years now. I love this product! These beat the powders hands down. Fiber Choice has made it extremely convenient to get the recommended daily fiber in a tasty way. GREAT JOB!!! Finally it isn't gross to get me fiber.
I will definitely continue to use this fiber therapy in my daily nutritional regimen.

Everyone should eat fiber
by Paul

I've been eating this and other fiber supplements for about a year and will continue to do so. Out of all of the supplements I've taken, fiber is the one that you can definitely notice the difference. It's not something people talk about often but having regular, soft stool is..satisfying? Hahaha.. These chewables make it easy and don't taste too bad. I'd buy it again.

Good Product
by Rob

My doctor said that I need more fiber in my diet and this was recommended. I wound up taking these for a few weeks and it worked out great. It has a tolerable taste and is chewable for those who can't swallow pills too easily.

A lifesaver!
by Dan

I've been having stool troubles for as long as I can remember. I finally got down to the doctor and he recommended I take a fiber supplement - I've tried a few others, but I've stuck with these chewable tablets. They can't be beat! Metamucil didn't taste very good and would always settle in the water, meaning that I'd get mouthfuls of it at a time.

I've been on it for about 4 months and will never go back to a different supplement. It's very effective in what it does.

Good Taste - Easy Fiber choice
by Amie

When the new dietary requirements were released a couple years ago, they stressed fiber in your diet. I picked these up on the advice of a friend and was pleased. They taste great and ensure that I get the fiber I need in my diet. Great product!

Fiber Choice, Good Choice
by marilyn hicks

I have had a lot of gastrointestinal problems for over 40 years. Diverticulitis, hiatal hernia to mention a few. Years ago, we had to take the psyllium product that you put into an 8 oz. glass of water and try to drink it as fast as you could, before it became a gelatinous glob. I really hated to take it, however, I had to in order to feel comfortable.

Over the years, things certainly have changed! I found these Fiber Choice, sugar-free fiber tablets that also had 500 mg of calcium in them. I tasted one of them and it was delicious. No chalky aftertaste or anything. I tried the mixed berry flavor and am really pleased with the taste, quality and the price of them. I take 1 with my breakfast in the morning and one in the evening with my dinner. Now, I am not only regular, but I know I am getting my calcium also. Since, I am a diabetic, I love the fact that they are sugar-free. Excellent product.

Great Product
by An

I've noticed my grandmother using this for a few months already. She recommended to my mom a couple of days back and said it really works if she takes about half a tablet a day. My mom is actually thinking about trying it out also.

Love the taste
by Janet

These sugarfree fiber tablets are great for people who do not eat a lot of fiber and for those who are counting their carbs. They taste like candy, very yummy!!

These pills really can get you going on your bowel beware!!

Bloating when taking this
by extrawork

FiberChoice tablets aren't all that bad tasting, so if you're looking for extra fiber, they're not the worst of options. However, taking more than one tablet (2g of fiber) definitely causes gas and bloating - and even one tablet can cause this if you don't take it with food or milk. I guess it's good to get extra fiber, but to me it's not worth feeling bloated all day. I will keep looking for an alternative.

Choose Fiber Choice
by Davis

I thought this a great product. An excellent source of fiber supplements. My friend actually recommended it to me, and I absolutely loved it. The tablets are chewable and it tastes like candy, without the gritty chalk feeling. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Daily Fibers
by dee

I want to stay healthy that's why I'm trying to find what's best for me. Glad my husband introduced Fiber Choice Fiber Supplement to me.

Now I don't have to worry how to boost my all-natural dietary fiber just in one tablet. I love it!

Great choice!
by Kathy

This is a wonderful product. The taste was tolerable and I didn't mind taking it. I had tried a powder form of another fiber before and I truly disliked it. But this one is BEST! I truly think that this product helps me maintain a healthier "me". Would buy again and again!

by Annie

This is great, no more thick and chalky tasting fiber mixes. this is really convenient to take in throughout the day to get the right amount of fiber each day. It tastes like candy and now you have no reason to skip out on taking fiber supplements!

I Love Fiber Choice
by Joshua

This is a chewable that I can take anywhere with me. I never eat enough fiber so I always make sure to have a supplement and Fiber Choice is a great one. It does not have a bad taste to me and is easy to take whenever needed.

Good taste
by Andrew

These supplements have a decent orange flavor and are easily taken with a glass of water. I like the flavor of these more than some of the other products and it helps to keep me regular.

Husband uses
by ljmc

My husband uses this to help keep him regular and get the fiber he needs since he surely doesn't eat the way he should most days. He is diabetic so we have to watch his carbs and sugars. This is a great product for him since it is sugar free and carb free.

Sugar Free Chewables- Finally
by Sharon

I was so happy to find a product that not only was sugar free but, one that actually tastes good. It is extremely difficult to get in all of the fiber that I need based upon a hectic schedule. This product makes it so easy and I am not left with an aftertaste for the rest of the day. Kudos to Fiber Choice for an excellent supplement.

Very Convenient
by Judith

This is a very convenient way to add fiber to your diet. The powders are for the most part unsatisfactory. This is a fairly good tasting chewable tablet and makes it easy to get in your daily allotment of fiber. I like drinking a large glass of cold water following my 'chew'.

kinda yummy
by Jessica D

Compared to a lot out there, this is one of the best choices. It doesn't upset my stomach, and is a lot nicer tasting than most.

Fantastic Fiber
by Emily K.

This is a great way to add fiber into your daily diet. I like the taste of the chewables. It is like an orange sugar free treat with an added fiber benefit.

Great product
by Jordan

This is a great fiber supplement!! When you chew it, it starts out kind of crunchy but quickly turns chewy, kind of like a chewy sweet-tart. I usually keep a glass of water by even though it says you don't need water. They have a good flavor. Just remember too much of a good thing will give you gas :-)

Fiber Choice is great!
by kvantol


Easy Fiber Supplement
by Sammie F

This product tastes good and is very convenient. I love that I can keep some in my desk and take it when it occurs to me. It is so much easier than taking a mix or a pill that you'd need water to swallow. I also like that I don't have to worry about this product swelling in my stomach and sugar free to boot!

Fiber Chewables
by Stephanie

My mothers doctor recommended that she start taking a fiber supplement, and after trying various types she decided on Fiber Choice Chewables. She just chews 2 in the morning with her breakfast and that's it for the day. I asked her how they taste and she says they really are not bad tasting. It's also great that they help with calcium absorption because she is lactose intolerant, so she doesn't always get as much calcium as she should.

Drink something after taking these
by Karla

I love these because they are chewable. I suggest drinking orange juice or some other kind of fruit juice to mask the taste. Not horrible, but it's a taste that you don't want lingering in your mouth.

by Annalisa

This is a fantastic fiber supplement! I love that these are chewable tablets, and they don't taste half bad. They keep me so regular I can set my watch to my bowel movements. I would recommend these to anyone, even if you do get enough fiber in your diet.

Finally A Tolerable Taste
by Erik

I have been trying different fiber supplements for years. As soon as I would try one, I would quickly lose my stomach for it. The liquid doses are revolting and the vast majority of the chewable tablets out there taste like powdery pieces of cardboard. I was very lucky to come across Fiber Choice (thanks to my wife). Of course, they aren't exactly snacking material, but they taste pretty good. Now my wife doesn't have to force feed me my fiber supplements anymore.

Not bad for a Chewable
by JM

I know I don't eat right and have a hard time getting fiber as part of my diet. Taking Fiber Choice chewables made that a little easier. I can chew these at my convenience, no mixing with a beverage. I like the Orange taste too.

Better than the stuff you mix
by Tony

There's a lot of fiber supplements out there, but I prefer the chews to the powdered stuff. This is one of the better ones I've come across. Just chew, chew, chew and swallow quickly with some water. It's not the best tasting thing, but with just 2/day, I easily work them into my daily routine. It'd get a higher rating from me if it tasted a little better. It's a quick way to get your fiber though!

Great source of fiber
by J

Fiber Choice is a great way to add fiber to your diet. The tablet form makes it easy to take (no mixing with water) and they taste great. I have tried other supplements in the past, and now this is the only one I buy. It is an added bonus that it is all natural product.

Mix well.
by Shreyas Patel

Try putting this in your orange juice or in water. It tastes bad on its own but with orange juice you cant taste it. This was great for when I could only have 2 meals a day. It kept me feeling as if I was eating right.

What's good for the gut...
by Joknee great for my daughter! She has a chronic problem with constipation and Fiber Choice is one of the ways we help to treat her. She loves the orange citrus flavor and asks for her "orange pill" every day.

A great way to get extra fiber
by jody

These are a quick way to get extra fiber into your diet, without having to eat bowlful after bowlful of gritty cereal...they're a bit big and take about a minute to fully chew (they stick to your teeth too), but the aftertaste isn't bad at all considering that they've got so much fiber in them. A little expensive too, but worth it for the convenience.

Pretty Good
by Nihility

Fiber Choice is a pretty good fiber supplement. It's nice that it's not a bulk fiber and you don't need water to take it. I would recommend to take some water after you eat it, however, because in my situation it does irritate my IBS and causes some discomfort.

Great Alternative
by Rebecca

I absolutely hate powdered fiber for drinks, but most chewables were way too chalky and gross. I decided to try these, and boy am I glad I did! These chewables are not overly chalky and taste pretty good! Taking fiber supplements is no longer a problem!

Better than the drink
by will

If you have ever taken the powder form of fiber, you know how awful it is to choke down 8 ounces or so of the drink. These chewables are the way to go, and I get the same benefits from them as the drink mix.

Lots a fiber
by S. Murphy

Although expensive ($12.00 for fiber supplements is a lot of money) they have more fiber than other products. They are sugar free which is good and they taste pretty good. They are not chalky like other products. There are 3 different flavors in the container. Each serving has 4 grams of fiber. I like them. I take 2 a day and it'll last for 45 days.

Tastes pretty good
by Allison

This product doesn't taste bad at all. I would recommend taking it with water. It is a little gritty and dries out your mouth. The aftertaste isn't bad. It is very convenient to take and great if you need to get some extra fiber in your diet.

A Great Daily Fiber Supplement
by christa

These tablets are a great supplement to your daily diet - the only reason I did not give them a full 5 star rating is, they are quite huge and chewing them is annoying - they get stuck to in your teeth (like if you were chewing taffy). However, they taste great and are a simple and easy way of getting the fiber you really need if you just chew them up into smaller pieces in your mouth, then swallow the pieces like pills with some water. Really Great Product!

by Ellisha

I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome so to me this product is a lifesaver! These are very convenient and effective. They taste pretty good and are easy to take on the go.

Best Fiber Chewable
by HS

I have taken just about every fiber supplement that is available, and Fiber Choice Fiber Supplement Sugar Free Chewables not only taste great, but they are easy to take, and they work great as well. If you need extra fiber in your diet, try these first!

Worked for me
by Mindy

I picked these up to try while pregnant with my son. I was having trouble being constipated, and these worked for me. They didn't taste bad like the kinds you drink, or the wafers. I have these on hand for me.

It's not that bad
by cindy

First off I hated the first time I had to buy this. However, it seems that my body wants to let me know I need help in the fiber department. I bought these because I knew I'd never take the liquid stuff and most fiber bars taste like wood. Surprisingly these didn't taste bad at all , and actually improved my bowel habits. These are milder than most of the fiber things out now and is a great product for those of us who need a little extra help

Works great !!
by Candace G.

This is an excellent alternative to fiber powders that I couldn't stomach to drink. Very easy to get the fiber you need and doesn't upset your stomach. The only problem I had with this was I got a little sick of the orange flavor day after day. I wish they had a little more choice in flavor, but much better than drinking powdered chalky drinks.

Not bad tasting and works
by Aubre Rice

Since being pregnant, I have needed some help getting more fiber in my diet. I tried the powder and the fiber bars only to find they were very difficult to choke down. I really like the tablets. They taste good, not chalky, and they are much easier to get down a morning sickness tummy. The product does keep things regular without making you have diarrhea or other unwanted side effects of too much fiber.

This is good if you can poop
by Garrett black

I use this stuff whenever I get constipated. This helps it loosen up and makes me feel more healthy. These tablets taste real good. They are better than that bad tasting stuff you put in water.

by holly wilson

This is so much better than the stuff you put into your drinks. The tablets are easy to chew and doesn't leave you with a nasty aftertaste like some other chewables do. The product works well, so its well worth the price.

Delicious and Effective
by Valerie M.

I used to take fiber capsules, which meant taking an additional 6 pills a day (I already take a lot of them!) so when I ran out and had to find a new product, I gave these chewables a try. They are soo tasty and you only need a couple a day (once I ate 5 because they were so good, oops) but still, nothing bad happened. I love these and how effective they are.

Take My Wife's (Advice)
by Kevin Reilly

She loves this product. Easy to take. Accomplishes it's mission.

by Chrislyn

I love these. They taste pretty good with the exception of a little gritty after taste. A little case can hold several of them to take with you while you are on the go. They do not even require water.

Love these
by Melissa

I love these. Taste good and works!

2 Customer Opinions

digestive health
by Jackie

Hi i have tried this product it works really good for digestive and it has fiber you only have to take 2 tablets a day if dont eat enough fiber i recommend this product

by Patricia K.

Fiber Choice is great! I have tried many supplements, and this one works the best. Fiber Choice is a little pricey, but so is everything else. I have given this product 5 Stars as it is the best of all supplements of this type. We shouldn't talk about the downside to this product as the pluses way outnumber the minuses. Thanks for a great product!