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I never thought that I would be recommending a fiber drink but...
by M.

... here I am! I am 35, eat fairly well (tons of fruits and vegetables, beans, etc) but still have had digestive issues with certain foods. Fiberwise is an outstanding product that completely blows away any other on the market with ingredients. I have been recommending this product along with their supplements as my family and I have had a marked improvement in our health and how we feel overall. When you are "regular", you don't feel so heavy and bogged down and as I'm learning, incredibly important to remove the toxins from our system. Great tasting, I enjoy the orange flavor.

by Anonymous

After trying alot of products for constipation, I can said that Fiberwise is the best!!!!!!

fiber wise
by janet

i will like to find out where i can buy fiber wise

Love Fiberwise
by C. Jung

This product might be high in calorie, so it's safe to say if you have health issues like diabetes, then when you take this (which is VERY FILLING), add it to your carbs/sugar count.

Other than that, 27grams of fiber in 2 scoops is more than 2 spoonfuls of the others as the individual stated below.

Not only will this help regulate your digestive tracks, encourage your enzyme productivity, but provides the type of fiber that is good for your heart too!
We love the orange.

If you've ever had plain Psyllium (I have) trust me, this is the best way to consume it!

We drink it daily!

happy customer
by Denette

I can say that since taking Fiberwise, I have lost 5 pounds a month for the last 3 months. I started taking it to be more healthy, but got the added bonus! I like that is contains aloe vera, ginger root, peppermint leaf, licorice root, grape seed, vit A, C and E. Look up all those ingredients, they have great value to the body. All in 2 scoops!

Acesulfame K & Aspartame
by J. Ricci

Just so nobody is misinformed, Acesulfame Potassium is not just another name for Aspartame. They are both artificial sweeteners, but they are not the same thing.

Hardly any forms of Stevia are FDA approved. Rebaudioside-A was just approved as a food additive in Dec. 2008 as a food additive. I believe in the science behind Melaleuca and they have reasons for using the ingredients they use.

previous customer of Melaleuca
by wasafan

They compare their serving size with other brands unfairly and this is misleading.
For example, a serving size with FiberWise is 2 SCOOPS = 27g. The other brands consider their serving size a rounded tsp = 12 g!! So FiberWise DOES NOT HAVE MORE FIBER.
So if you use Melaluca's FiberWise scoop with other psyllium fiber brands like Metamucil or Konsyl, you get the same amount of fiber. The label says you get twice as much but this is not true! Do the math. They are clever with their claims on the label comparing brands and are misleading people.
Also, other brands allow you to choose from unflavored all natural, sugar free, etc.
This one has too many calories and carbs. You need to ingest 9g of sugar, 21g of carbs and 90 calaries for a dose!!
Who wants that? Better to get a plain, unflavored brand and mix with diluted juice.

Great for digestion and elimination
by inga

Fiberwise does NOT contain Aspartame, but Acesulfame K, which is not the same at all. (Look it up at

Our family favorite is the peach flavor which is great in peach smoothies made with real peaches. (The Fiberwise is the secret ingredient for the flavor everybody loves.) Fiberwise also contains acidophilus bacteria and pre-biotics, making it great for encouraging a healthy bacterial population in the gut.

Very useful product
by Alexandria

I really like this product. It does not contain chicory root extract, which often causes gastrointestinal discomfort, but rather gives another source of fiber to your diet that helps you feel better instead of worse. And Ace-K or asesulfame potassium is not another name for aspartame, it is a different artificial sweetener :)

tastes like tang orange powder mix
by tanya

Its the only thing that works for me but i have no idea where to buy it and im getting worse with out it. when me and my hole house became sick from bad take out i started fiber wise as an attempt to help with all the extra problems and i actually got well before the rest of em.

A Bit Disappointed Actually
by Peter Johnston

I was VERY surprised that a company like Melaleuca, with its Wellness focus, uses ASPARTAME in FiberWise. The label states that it contains ACESULFAME POTASSIUM, which is just another name for aspartame. And aspartame is FAR from natural and what you'd expect in a product from a Wellness company. Especially Melaleuca. Why not use far more natural products like Stevia?

My wife has always had bowel problems and we joined Melaleuca based on the promise of this product alone but when she saw it contained aspartame that was it. No way. She, and many people, suffer from a few of the OVER 90 negative side effects of using aspartame.

This Really Works!
by R. Sampson

If your a person that on a normal basis only goes to the bathroom, 1-2 times a week, then this product will definitely regulate your system as it has done for me! the best part is - it taste really good (Harvest Peach).

Great Stuff!!
by R. Shah

For people who don't get fiber in their diet, this stuff is great. All you have to do is mix it in water. It taste great too. I would recommend this to people that don't get enough fiber in their diet.

by Destiny

I really enjoyed the flavor of this product! (Not to mention with one serving you get your complete days worth of fiber.) I suppose that the price is about right for the quality but definitely not the quantity. But flavor is something that I really look into, because I don't care how much fiber I'm getting if I can't stand to take it regularly. GREAT TASTE!

Good source of alternate fiber
by nazmul07

The human body always functions very well if it gets good amount of fiber. Lots of American people don't take fruits and vegetables, which contains fiber. So I take this Fiberwise for my dietary supplement. It also helps me if I am constipated. Works great!

Talk About Wise Fiber
by Lana

While glancing at the picture of FiberWise on your site, I re-visited my memories about living with my mom. Since her discovery of the product, a big bottle of FiberWise by Melaleuca was always securely placed on her shelf behind the microwave. She swore by its ability to keep her digestive system in a top notch condition. Since her early childhood, she had problems with painful eliminations and irregular bowel movements. She has a history of intestinal problems, so she experimented with a variety of fiber products before becoming dedicated to FiberWise. Today, she takes one scoop of FiberWise per day and has no gastrointestinal complaints. She has informed me that the orange flavor in this product is better than that of most other fiber products on the market. I was actually pretty amazed at the positive effects this product had on her life. She combines FiberWise with a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing both insoluble and soluble fiber. By introducing FiberWise as part of her daily diet, she transformed her lifestyle habits and such transformation has had a great impact on her overall health.

wonderful results
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Due to my naturally unhealthy eating habits I've realized that I somehow had to incorporate more fiber into my diet. Fiberwise has impressively improved my digestion, no longer making it a daily struggle. The orange flavor is not too bad, although in general I have found very few supplements "nasty". A scoop every evening, and I'm set for the next day. It has worked better than any pills and other form of powder, including Metamucil.

Worked for me
by Louis Chang

I tried out this product last year and it worked for me. I really liked the orange flavor that was in the formula. I noticed changes in my digestive system, and it improved my overall digestive tract throughout the day. My father used to drink this, but now he changed over to another product because he can't drink orange-based products because of some health problems. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fiber supplement. It tastes pretty good with the orange flavor!

Just okay
by Holly Wilson

I heard good things about this, so I decided to try it out. I personally didn't see anything exceptional about this product. I think I'll stick to my proven product that I use all the time.

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Amazing product!
by C.C

This fiber works wonderful. I suffer from IBS and have tried multiple fiber products to help regulate my digestive system and so far, Fiberwise has been the best one. Not only does it taste delicious but it actually works. Love it, and defiantly recommend.

Serving sizes
by Anon.

wasafan, the serving sizes are how much fiber per serving. Just because you double the amount of mix does not mean you're doubling the serving. It just takes more of FiberWise to make ONE serving than it does for the other brand. The point their making is that, serving per serving, FiberWise supposedly has more fiber.

Awesome product!
by New Hampshire

While suffering from IBS for several years, I've tried a lot variety of products. Nothing compares to the quality, texture and results of Melaleuca Fiberwise. Anyone with IBD, IBS or other stomach related issues should really give Fiberwise a try!!