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by Cindy Sparks

This product is one I can use for constipation. When I feel like I need more fiber in my diet this is the one for me. It's very gentle.

by carole adams

Love it love it!!! I have taken fiber in other forms either they taste nasty or they set up to fast this all you do is take the pill and your done no after taste no grit and easy to take with you if needed.

by Renee

Much tastier than the powder! I struggled to get down any of the flavors. This is so much better!

by sofya

I liked the pills. They're so much better than the drink mixes which make me gag. Definitely try it!

The only way to take Metamucil !
by Carol

This is such an easy product to use. Very, very few of us get enough fiber in our food, so we need to be supplementing it. This is a tasteless, painless way to do so.

Better than powder, not the best out there
by Missy

The pills are okay. Definitely better than drinking the regulsr Metamucil. But I have a hard time drinking enough water sometimes. I much prefer FiberStir. It goes in any food or drink.

by Nick

The capsules are a great way to get the fiber and get off the bloat and constipation syndrome. You have to give it a few days and drink a lot of water. I take it in the a.m. and in the p.m.

Works Well!
by Kyle

I love this product because you get the fiber you need without having to drink that awful grit mix. The only issue with the capsule form of this Metamucil product is that you have to take it so many times during the day. Other than that, this product works and it is very easy to take anywhere!

Too many pills!
by Chastity Choulat

My mother got these for me when the doctor recommended I add more fiber to my diet. I was shocked to find out that one serving/dose is SIX capsules, and that all six combined only give you 3 grams of dietary fiber - not that much. The manufacturer recommends taking as many as 3 servings a day - that would be 18 pills in one day. So the 160 capsule bottle would last almost 9 days. I also found them difficult to swallow, sticking to my throat, even with all the water. I'd much rather add one piece of high fiber bread to each meal. (Some have as much as 5 grams of fiber per slice.)

It works!
by Kate

My aunt swears by Meamucil but I can't stand the taste of it. It makes me gag. I tried the capsules and fell in love with them. I take one a day with my other vitamins. I believe it works just as well as the better known powder. Just remember to drink a whole glass of water with the pill and you are all set.

Easier to swallow...
by Maria

I love this product! I am one of the unfortunate ones that MUST take a fiber supplement daily. It has been this way for years and I started with the Metamucil powder mix. I was quite content with it. Granted, it wasn't the best tasting, but the results helped me overlook that. It became part of my morning routine right before getting out the door, but it was also something that I would either forget to do or, on certain days, just did not have time for it. Now with this presentation, I have a bottle in my bag, a bottle in my car, and one in my office. I am bound to remember to take one at any given time and it is readily available. If you are still using the powder, I promise you that you will not go back once you have used the capsules.

by Becky

I try to take fiber everyday, I am trying to keep myself healthy. I used to take the powder form of Metamucil and did not like the taste at all, so I decreased my fiber intake because of it. When I noticed it came in a pill form, woohoo!! I grabbed it right up. Great source of fiber without the nasty taste of powdered drinks.

Easy fiber
by David Riemenschneider

For the longest while, I was using Metamucil's powder for fiber content - mixed into cranberry juice, it was tolerable, but still not ideal. Personally, I'd much rather take a quick pill, and these once-a-day babies live up to the bill. I don't feel that they are AS effective as the powder, but they still seem to do a great job keeping me regular. I'm a regular water-drinker, so that's never been an issue, and I think these types of supplements do work best if you regularly drink water.

Love it.
by MC

Like many of you, I've taken a fiber supplement daily for most of my life. Metamucil was suggested to me by my mother. Also, Like many of you, I hated the taste of drinking it. This is where the capsules come in. It's everything that comes from the standard Metamucil but without the taste. I suggest this product over all other fiber supplements. I've always favored Metamucil and I will continue to use it for a long time.

Have fiber daily
by BA

Fiber is an important part of my dietary regime. Some days I can't always choose high-fiber foods, so it is nice to be able to take something to ensure that my diet has enough of the necessary fiber. I have tried the powder and though it works, for this product, I prefer the capsules. The powder mix tends to get very thick very quickly. Also, my stomach was filled with an odd heaviness. With the capsules, I just take my daily dose and get on with my day. Metamucil keeps my body very regular and gives me peace of mind.

Great Product
by toddm

If you need fiber look no further. I always cringed when I had to drink the grainy liquid. These capsules are a great way to stay regular and not deal with the nasty taste of the mix. Like others have said make sure you drink plenty of water when you drink these.

Tempted to try myself....
by heink

I have seen this in almost all of my auntie's and uncle's houses. I have begun to believe this may in fact be the secret to all of my elders. Either way, by pure popularity I have strong reason to believe this is a good product.

Very convenient
by Deborah

I don't usually suffer from constipation, but I like Metamucil because it helps me add fiber to my diet on those days I don't eat enough of the right foods. The capsules are so much nicer than the mix! Just make sure you drink plenty of water, as someone else has already mentioned. These are also great for when you're trying to eat less -- take two caps with a big glass of water an hour or so before your meal, and you won't be tempted to overeat.

Much better than the powder
by JulieMac_29

For years, I hesitated taking a daily fiber supplement because I just couldn't get over the grainy consistancy of the powder mix-in. I would end up with a stomach ache from trying to gulp that thick mixture down every day. These tablets have changed all that and my body sure does thank me! I take two of these tablets every night with plenty of water. They've helped me become very regular and have aided in the ease of elimination. I've never experienced cramping, gas pains, or other common "issues" associated with fiber supplements. They're very gentle and quick working. I'd recommend them anyday, especially over the yucky powders.

Good Stuff
by LKH

Not too get *too* intimate, but I love this stuff. It really helps your body keep regular and isn't too rough, like some other products. I am on a high fiber diet, so I basically live for this and other fiber-intake products. I do definitely prefer these caplets to the chalky powders you can get elsewhere.

Just the relief I needed!
by Nichole Kuhns

I definitely have to rate this product a 5. I've been suffering from irregularity for quite some time and decided to try a few different products and this one was the winner. I got overnight relief and it was very gentle on my body. I highly recommend this product for anyone, young or old for irregularity! These are easy to swallow and much better than those mixes you find. I don't use any other product.

What a Relief!
by Mike

As a type one constipation patient, I must say Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules are by far one of the best constipation relievers out there. It immediately took effect hours after I digested my first pill. My constipation hardship had abated and I was able to live again. Compared to the powder, the pills are bland and easy to consume. Take it with a glass of water and you will turn out just fine.

I prefer this over the mix...
by ambreen

I would much rather choose taking these fiber capsules over the powder mix. They are just much easier to swallow than a whole glass of water mixed with the powder. Plus, I don't have to worry about a weird after-taste because these capsules seem to disappear into my system in no time!
These capsules are also very effective and can really help solve even the worst irregularity issues!

Not Just for Old People
by Kyle

Despite what many think, Metamucil isn't just for old people. Due to a problem that I have, I need to obtain extra fiber. I can easily do this with my product. Because it is a capsule, it is easy to take. Having only started a few weeks ago, my doctor and I are already noticing results.

Convenient cure for irregularity
by Denise

I decided to try these after a few days of forcing myself to drink the Metamucil powder mix. The capsules worked just as well as the mix, but you have to take multiple doses rather than just one drink in the morning. The pills are rather large, but aren't so bad when chased with the same glass of water that you would stir the powder into. There's no aftertaste and no chance of it becoming chunky soup, which makes this my preferred fiber whenever irregularity issues arise.

No relief for a week!
by momof2

After returning from the hospital after giving birth, I was very constipated. They gave me a prescription laxative pill in the hospital, which did not work. When I got home from the hospital, I took Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules, six capsules a day, and had no relief for a week. I never tried them again.

The best pill for fiber supplements!
by Randi

When trying to decide whether to take a pill or drink a powdery supplement drink, I definitely vote for the tablet form. It's easy to take, and doesn't require forcing down a large glass of orange liquid. However, there is a large disclaimer on the bottle that you need to make note of--when taking this supplement, you need to drink plenty of water. Often the fiber can get trapped in your digestive track and need to be washed out. So drink plenty of water!

Pill than Powder
by sherry

I have used this brand in the past in its powder form and it works great, I just hated the whole orange drink taste. I was very happy to see this in the store in pill form, even though its a pretty big capsule and it is hard to swallow. At least I don't have to deal with the powdery stuff. Would give it a perfect 5 but it is a pretty big pill to swallow.

Metamucil capsules
by Stephanie

My grandfather takes Metamucil, he has tried all the different types but prefers the wafers. He says the capsules are a little hard for him to swallow, and they do not seem to work for him as well as the wafers. The only thing better about the capsules is that they are a little handier to travel with.

Works Well!
by Jeremy Rose

I love this product because you get the fiber you need with out having to drink that awful grit mix. The only issue with the capsule form of this Metamucil product is that you have to take it so many times during the day. Other than that, this product works and it is very easy to take anywhere!

Much better alternative to the powdery stuff!
by Karla

I was so happy that Metamucil came out with these capsules. They can be carried anywhere and can be used discreetly anywhere also. Great deal for 160 capsules too.

The only downside to these, is that one has to take 5 at once (as it says in the directions) but I do not take all 5 at once. I feel that it is too much to take at one time, so I take 2-3. Works well.

by JoAnn B

I have used Metamucil products and like them. I actually prefer the liquid form since I feel it works better for me. I do find the capsules easier to carry and take when I am away from home, but I do not like that you take 5 capsules, 1 at a time, up to 4 times a day. That's is too much for me. Taking only 1 5-capsule dose a day does not work. I have to take 2 doses or more for it to work on my constipation problems.

Metamucil Capsules
by HS

Metamucil capsules are great because you no longer have to choke down a glass of gritty orange drink. It's as easy as 1-2-3 now. Just take these every day for normal regularity.

Yeah, capsules
by Mindy

I was so happy that they had come out with capsules to take. The drinks left a gritty feeling in my mouth. These are quick and easy to take, and they do the job!

Much Better than powder !!
by Candace G.

This was much, much better than the powder. You can get the fiber you need in pill form and it works. The only problem I had with this was the pills were so big. I have a hard time taking large pills. And the warning on back label that if the pill doesn't go down it could expand in your throat and choke you. Kinda scared me.

Great for those times on the go!
by Stephanie Malcolm

Having used the Metamucil fiber powder for a while years ago, I decided on trying the capsule form because I was constantly on the go and this was perfect way for me to get my fiber still. It works the same as the powder, it is just easier.

Why go back?
by allismom

Why would anyone go back to the drink? This is the way to go! (No pun intended)! It works and I take it at the same time as my vitamins, so I never forget. Also, it is not a chore to have to mix the drink all the time.

Better Way To Get Daily Fiber
by Joanne Benham

I used Metamucil for years, but always disliked the gritty feeling in my mouth after drinking. These pills are such an improvement. I no longer need to brush my teeth after taking my fiber to clean the grit out of my teeth.

Easy Way to get Fiber Every Day
by Michele Fair

I like this brand, and I especially like the fact that they have now put their fiber in capsule form. The drinkable form is much less pleasant, so this new way of taking my daily fiber is a big hit with me. It is also just as, if not more effective than the powdered version.

Great product
by April Smith

This is a really good product, and it's so much easier than doing a chewable. The capsules are really easy to take. I like the fact that it's fiber and not a laxative, so it's very gentle on your body. Start by taking the minimum dosage. You don't want to take the maximum right off the bat, because you might not need more than the minimum.

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