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bad taste
by jo

gritty texture and turns into think sludge if you let it sit too long, does help move things along but does not taste good

by Liz Theobald

Metamucil relieved my constipation. It doesn't taste too bad but gets a jelly-like texture to it if you don't mix enough liquid to it or let it stand. Personally, I like the gelatin texture, but I found that I get very bloated until my bowels clear.

It really Works
by Teresa

My doctor told me to use Metamucil and to mix it in some juice and it works great. I use twice a day and I`am happier now. No taste if you mix it with juice.

I do not like this stuff
by Natasha

This stuff gets clumpy when you try to mix it into anything! Plus it tastes disgusting.

Just say no
by Nancy G.

My mom's doctor told her to start using metamucil for fiber.
My mom hated it. She said it really was only a waste of her time to mix the drink, and then have to taste it...even though some of the products say it's tasteless.
Anyways, she started eating miniwheats or shredded wheat in the morning and all is good now.

A great way to extra fiber
by Cristy Carnes

This stuff will dissolve great in juice or many other liquids so it is a painless way to get more fiber in your diet.

by D. Wikler

Got the job done. It took a couple of days, but once it took effect, my regularity became evedent as well as overall feeling of less bloating and more energy.

gets things moving!
by kim

I have used this product on occasion when I need more fiber. I mix it with juice so it tastes better. It helps make me more regular!

Liked Other Brands Better
by Courtney

This wasn't bad, as far as fiber supplements go, but I definitely liked another brand better. I tried the flavored powdered, and it tasted like chemicals.

Felt horrible after taking
by extrawork

I bought a large container of the Metamucil psyllium fiber powder, and at first it wasn't too bad. It tasted okay, and if you stirred it enough it dissolved pretty much all the way. However, it definitely makes you feel gassy inside. I tried reducing how much I took, but it still made me feel nauseous. I ended up having to throw out 90% of the container since I couldn't stand how it made me feel.

Love the smooth texture
by CN

I required extra fiber during a pregnancy, and this did the trick! The smooth texture is a huge improvement over the old grainy one. I was a little hesitant to try it, but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the taste, and wouldn't hesitate to use it again.

Good source of fiber
by tndj

What can I say? Anything that is sugar-free is usually taste-free. So, don't be surprised! It's good because you drink one glass, and there's your fiber for the day. This product is well worth it. A bit pricey, but your bowels will thank you.

by Steven

Worth every penny. Metamucil has solved my stomach problems and I just couldn't stand those wafers. It's the only way I'm going to get enough fiber with my on the go lifestyle and a 1 minute glass in the morning keeps me from pain during the day.

Sugar free for me
by Melissa

I've been using Metamucil for a while now because I'm on a diet and not getting the fiber that I need daily. I purchased this initially because it's sugar free and fits into my diet plan. I recommend Metamucil sugar free for diabetics and others who need to get fiber into their diet but can't have the extra sugar. The only reason I did not give it a higher ranking in stars is due to the taste. If they improved the taste of the product, I'd be completely satisfied.

Works well for me
by Shelly Thorne

This product works better for me than any other fiber product I have tried. When taken daily, it keeps me regular. I actually like the taste and believe the trick is to drink it quickly with a lot of water before it gets thick. I began using this product while I was pregnant and have continued to use it for several years.

Effectiveness at the cost of taste
by Marlon

I tried Metamucil for several weeks to help clear my digestive system. I have, since then, had regular bowel movements and no longer suffer from constipation. However, despite the attempts to make it smoother in texture, I did not enjoy drinking it because of the graininess. Also, I felt the taste was to similar to those generic orange powder drinks, none of which I enjoy at all.

If you like grainy and orange
by cynthia

I've taken many types of fiber products in my lifetime. This one took getting used to. The sugar free fiber drink-form of Metamucil was not very great. I gave up after a week because of the grainy texture and orange artificial flavoring. I have to admit, it does its job.

Grainy but OK
by LKH

This stuff, like most Metamucil products, does work and helps get your body "up to speed." However, I do not prefer the powdery stuff to the capsules. This has the tendency to not dissolve entirely and has a sort of funny, "orangey" taste to it, which is not my favorite. It gets the job done, so to speak, but there are better options for fiber solutions, in my opinion.

Not that good
by smitha

For some reason I did not like the taste of it. I enjoyed having the wafers better. It could be that I had this product when I was pregnant and my disliking toward this product could be due to my pregnancy hormones.

It Works
by Cindy B

I do like the flavor of the Metamucil and it will work for constipation. I do agree it is hard to get down sometimes because of the grains that do not completly dissolve. I don't like to drink it every day because your body becomes too dependent on it. I will use it 2-3 times per week. The taste reminds me of Tang. I just wish it would dissolve better and not make your glass all sticky after you use it.

Extra fiber
by freda witt

This product was recommended to me by my Dr. for problems with constipation. I recognized it as something my mother had used for years, but I had never tried it before. I don't mind the taste and the "gritty" texture that some people dislike it's really not that bad. I take it every day, and not only for constipation. I use it as an added way to get more fiber into my diet. Few of us get enough fiber with the foods we eat and this is an easy way to get additions fiber that we all need. Plus extra fiber is supposed to help with weight loss! Another added benefit!

Too gritty
by Kathy

While I can agree that we all need more fiber, I could not get past the grittiness of this Metamucil product. Nothing seemed to get the taste to go away! I didn't even last more than a couple of days before going and buying another product. From a good company, just couldn't deal with all the "effects" of trying to get it down.

by Jill

My grandfather has been faithful to this product for many years, and he swears by it. His family doctor tells him that if everyone would take this daily, it would eliminate over half of colon cancers. I'd say that's worth a little extra time every day!

Good for you
by L Ruiz

Metamucil Sugar Free Psyllium Fiber is great for constipation. It also helps in lowering cholesterol. I sprinkle this on my cereal, and you cannot taste it. It works well as long as you take it every day.

Tablets are better
by Denise

A few months ago I got sick and had a problem with irregularity. Metamucil bailed me out and got me back to normal without the harshness of laxatives. I like that this is sugar free, because who needs more sugar when everything we eat is chock full of it? The downside is the aftertaste and the consistency. After a few seconds it turns into more of a chunky soup than a drink, so the trick is to chug before it has a chance to thicken. I'd much rather take the tablets over gulping this down every day.

Like the tablet form better
by ambreen

I have constipation and am always trying to find an efficient cure. When this product first came to my attention, I was really eager to try it out. But for me the experience was not so good. I did not really like the orange flavor to this and actually found it hard to swallow this formula down. I much rather prefer the tablet form of Metamucil because it's much easier and a lot faster to take!

by Jen W.

While this product does work, the taste is enough to make me "forget" to take it. Although it says smooth, I disagree. It still has that fiber feel in your mouth. I switched to the wafers and like those much better. This product may taste better than some other fiber drinks, but it is still pretty terrible.

Great Product
by Az

My mom mixes this in her cereal every morning and loves that she can't tell it's in there. She depends on it to such an extent that she fills a baggy of it when she goes traveling. She said the only downside is that she needs to take it regularly in order to feel like her body is functioning normally- this is not the sort of product you can take as needed.

its great product
by nivi

I took Metamucil for a constipation problem. I had severe constipation during my pregnancy. So I started taking this. It's sugar free. I love it very much. I really like the taste. I drink daily like drinking juice. My constipation problem was completely gone.

Works, but there are more convenient products
by J

I have used Metamucil in the past, and unlike some of the other reviewers, I DON'T mind the taste and did not find it gritty. Once I found fiber TABLETS however, I have not purchased this again. The tablets are just so much more convenient.

Ok if you can tolerate the powdery drink
by Randi

I always look for a simple way to cure digestive problems. Laxatives are usually too harsh, but drinking fiber supplements can take a long time and you have to drink the entire glass. Metamucil is my choice for brands, but only in the pill form. This is the orange flavored powder and it takes some getting used to. Plus you have to drink it fast before it gets "chunky."

There are other options.
by JJ

The taste was not the best in the world, and I can't stand anything gritty. It doesn't dissolve all the way and it settles at the bottom. So, if you make it all the way to the bottom, the last swig is so gritty. That's the thought it leaves with you, making you want to purposely forget it the next day. Not a favorite, there are other options.

by sherry

Metamucil products work wonderfully. Have no doubt in your mind that they work VERY well. The only reason I gave this powder the 3.5 is that I hate the chalky, grainy taste. They now make a pill or capsule and I have been hooked on it instead. Only thing with the capsule is that you have to take 4 or 5 of them daily and they are kind of hard to swallow, where here you just drink that darn glass and you are done. Still, I'd rather swallow the pills than deal with the taste.

Not bad
by Sam

My husband was prescribed this medication so he would have more relaxing bowel movements. It did work and it helped him go to the bathroom with ease. The only problem I see with this is the taste. I mixed the drink up as directed and it tasted good at the beginning, and then you get to the bottom and you can taste the grains and texture of the Metamucil. Not the best way to get fiber into your system, but it's a product that does the job.

Sticking with wafers
by Stephanie

My grandfather has been using Metamucil wafers for years now. When the store he shops at stopped selling them he decided to try something new, so he bought a bottle of this Metamucil powder. I don't know what the best thing is to mix it up with, but he mixed it with his coffee, took a few swallows and poured it out. He says the taste made him want to gag and that it was gritty. Now he just drives a few extra miles to get the wafers at another store.

by devla

Great product! You can't even notice the taste when you put it in with food. I have really grown to eat everything with metamucil. It works great and it is not that expensive.

It's Ok I guess...
by Jennifer Tyler

I was advised to use this product during pregnancy. I couldn't stand the strong chalky taste is gave off, but it worked as the doctor told me it would, and was very consistant. If you can stand the taste, then it's a very good product, otherwise you may want to stick with chewables.

An OK product if you like the taste of paste
by cindy

This product is something I have used in my career as a nurse. So, when the time came to use for me, I decided I would try it. It never mixes up well and it tends to clump if you put even a little too much. The taste made me gag, but then again I'm very sensitive to things like that. If you don't mind taking this form it does do what it promotes but for me I will stick with taking a pill.

Easy to use.
by herm

I like this stuff. It is super easy to use. You can just stir it into your morning O.J. or what ever you drink and then repeat again later in the day. It has a pleasant taste and is not gritty. It does what it says it does!

Works... but clumps.
by L Thomas

My mother uses this and says it works well, although it does have some drawbacks. She enjoys the orange flavor, which she says tastes even better when mixed with orange juice, yet sometimes has a hard time mixing the solution.

She generally puts some fiber in a glass adds a little water and stirs and repeats the process to prevent the mixture from clumping. It can be a bit annoying to mix & you have to drink it quickly, but the product works well.

Chalky taste
by Annie

This product helped with digestion after using it but the taste was chalky and it was so much work mixing a teaspoon with water everyday to get your daily fiber intake. I recommend taking a fiber supplement pill, its much less work and tastes ALOT better.

Works Great...Tastes Okay.
by Traci Anderson

During my pregnancy with my second child one of the unfortunate symptoms was severe constipation. My doctor recommended this product because I was also suffering from Gestational Diabetes and could not take something with sugar in it. I used it almost daily and was very happy with the results. The product becomes a bit thick when you drink it so it isn't necessarily enjoyable, yet it certainly beats having the "other" problem.

Great Supplement
by Louis

I have used this product for many years now and it has worked wonders for me. My father uses this too, and he says it has helped him in his digestive tract. One bad side to this product is the taste. It does not have a good taste and if you don't drink enough water, you can choke on it. So make sure to drink plenty of water. Other than that, its a good fiber supplement!

It works
by JoAnn B

I have used many products and Metamucil is the only product that works consistantly for me. I suffer from constipation and all I take is one glassful, once a day before dinner. I mainly use it for constipation, but it also provides me with the missing fiber I need. It helps fill up my stomach and I eat less as well to help with my weight control. I do not mind the orange flavored taste.

Grandma uses it regularly
by NTReviewer

My grandmother uses this regularly and hasn't said a negative thing about it. She likes the way it helps her digestion due to the increased fiber and doesn't mind the taste. The solution does thicken quickly though, so you have to drink it relatively fast.

Works but taste nasty
by Jaime

This stuff really does work. but the taste is so bad, I can hardly get a glass down. The texture is so grainy. It is not harsh to my stomach, but it's something that I never want to take. I dislike it that much.

Good Product
by Glenda

I have used Metamucil in powder form many times before. Recently I received this new better improved Metamucil in the mail for a test product. Metamucil before left a gritty tasteless feel in your mouth. The new Metamucil I tried had a better more flavorful taste and was lighter and easier to swallow. The product works good although I prefer to take a tablet or capsule for fiber because it's easier.

by Patricia

You can always count on it to work. Even though the texture is too sandy and the taste is barely tolerable, I keep it on hand anyway.

Still the best
by Nancy P

Sometimes the old standbys remain the best choice and that's the case with Metamucil. I was extremely happy when they came up with the 'smooth texture' version, as I find it much easier than the old mixture.

Gets things going!
by Stephanie Malcolm

I used to suffer horribly from constipation. No matter how much fiber was in my diet, I was still irregular. At times I would not have a bowel movement for up to two weeks at a time. Then, I took Metamucil and within a few days I was having bowel movements. Now things are normal and I feel healthier.

Works but Can you say "I got sand in my drink?"
by Candace G.

Metamucil works but can you say, " I am at the beach and I got sand in my drink?" Speaking from someone who has IBS and has tried every kind of fiber suppplement probably ever made, this would be a last resort for me. At least if your going to drink this, it helps to put it in some kind of fruit flavored drink.

Smooth texture????
by allismom

Ew....not so smooth. I would much rather take a chewable or capsule. I found it a chore every time I had it. It was also terrible to travel with, since I hate the water in hotel rooms.

Metamucil sugar free psyllium fiber
by Joan C.

My mother was diabetic and used the sugar free version of Metamucil with no problems. I have tried it and do not like the taste and it seems to thicken faster than the regular form. It does work though!

Good for digestion
by hari

My husband and I both use this every day as a part of our daily routine. My doctor recommended this and ever since, we have used this and it does work. The taste is good. I just feel that it's a little bit expensive though.

works- at a cost
by Patty

Well, the best thing about Metamucil is that it does work. I use it consistently and have no problems with regularity. However, as the other reviews state, it does have a gritty texture when you drink it. Since I've been using it for a while, I'm used to it. But I do think some improvement on texture should be addressed.

by holly wilson

This product does work, if you can stand the texture of it when you are drinking it. It taste as if you added a teaspoon of sand to your drink. The overall taste itself is fine.

Tastes bad but works
by Amy Jackson

This stuff has been around for a long time, and they have yet to improve the taste or the sandy texture that makes it so hard to drink. It definitely works, but I can't stand to drink I don't.

Good for diets
by Diane Keys

This is a good product if you can mix it into juice or tea and drink before each meal. It helps you feel fuller and eat less at each meal. It's thick and sludgy, but a lot better than eating all bran!!

Just because it works.
by Chrislyn

Other than the taste, this metamucil works. We keep this in the house for any family member to use. It runs you to the bathroom, is high in fiber, and will not kick you out of ketosis.

Blah, taste does matter
by R. Todd Woodstock

Fiber works wonders, but taste needs to still be involved somewhat. They claim that there really is no taste. That is far from the truth--blah! Research other brands if granulated fiber in a mix is your taste. Otherwise stick to the pills, no need to worry about taste.

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Im just going to say that i started taking Metamucil on Saturday. It is now Tuesday and i feel like a fat cow. SO bloated and full looking. Im 115 pounds and i look like im 9 months pregnant. I havent gone to the washroom in days and this blaoting is not liek anything i used to ever experience.

WORKS like a charm
by Liz Theobald

I got a couple free samples of this product through some online surveys, I love it! It makes me more regular, just twice a day in 8 oz of water. Doesn't taste to bad either.