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Fiber is necessary
by Chris Carter

You need Fiber in your diet if you want to be healthy. I bought this last week and so far, it is great. My colon is very healthy and I am feeling a lot better in general. The fact that you can chew this is extremely convenient, as I take this pill every day, no problem. I will definitely use this if I ever feel like I have a lack of fiber in my diet, because it's the easiest and fastest way to ingest fiber. Great product!

Regularity in a Pill
by Amie

My grandmother takes these regularly. She says it keeps her system regular. They are inexpensive and effective. She prefers the chewable tablet to the wafers or powdery form. When I was pregnant I added this to my diet based on her suggestion and it cured the constipation associated with pregnancy and an increase in iron. I have since found some other chewables I like slightly better but these are the best deal out there!

the best
by Sally

I have both constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (that's probably too much information!). This helps keep me regular all around. It is inexpensive, not in powder form, and works. What more could you want??

Best Way to Get More Fiber
by mamma_nee

My doctor recommended I use more fiber in my diet. I told him there was no way I could drink those powder forms that you mix with a liquid because I remember tasting some years ago and I just hated the aftertaste. He recommended the chewable tablets and I have been using them since. My cholesterol has actually improved some since taking the chewable tablets.

Convenient and effective
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

Suffering from constipation my whole life has been a battle. I could remember the inconvenience of having to mix a glass of Metamucil when I was younger and in a hurry. But, these chewable fiber tablets get rid of that process. This has been especially helpful in my busy lifestyle. Also, combined with papaya enzymes, this will have you going regularly in no time!

Great During Pregnancy
by Katelin

While I was pregnant with my son, I had a handful of problems, most of which I couldn't do anything to remedy. Thankfully, when I told my doctor that I was experiencing constipation, she was able to recommend to me these chewables.

I only had to take one a day in order to see results, and that meant that one bottle lasted me for months. I think that I spent a whopping total of $10 on these throughout my pregnancy. What's not to love? I highly recommend these chewables!

It works
by nazmul07

I have suffered from constipation since I was 15. My doctor recommended me some extra fiber like Metamucil, but I hate to drink that mixture and I don’t have time for it. So, I found this chewable tablet. It is inexpensive and works like a charm. It is a good medicine and fiber supplement.

Much easier and better tasting than powders
by Jenny

My doctor recommended I get more daily fiber so I tried several of the powders that you mix with liquid, but found them to be unpleasant in taste and mostly gritty in consistency. Some of the major brands were hard to mix well with liquid and really expensive. Puritan's Pride Chewable Fiber tablets are so much easier to take and the flavor is really nice so I am more likely to continue to take them. I take two a day and the bottle lasts me more than a month, which is very economical at this low price. Adding extra fiber to your diet helps control and maintain your cholesterol, aids in digestion, and is very helpful to keep one regular. These chewable tablets, unlike many of the bulk powder products mixed in liquid, also do not cause me any intestinal cramping. A simple and quicker way to add some needed fiber!

Chewable fiber
by Nams

I used to have severe constipation, but I am completely regular since using Fiber Choice. I like these chewable tablets, as they are easy to take and I enjoy the flavor. In fact, they're so much like eating a hard candy drop, you can't even tell you're taking your medicine! Since I travel a lot, this is an easy and handy supplement.

chewable. yes!!
by Patricia

The taste compares to a chewable vitamin. My mom uses these and loves them. She likes it better than any powder she has tried, plus it helps keep her cholesterol levels.

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