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by Lynn

I liked the idea of taking fiber in pill form, so I decided to try this. The caplets were easy to swallow with water, and after taking this every day with LOTS of water, I am more regular, less painful bowel movements. I will continue to take these, they make taking fiber so much easier than drinking gritty powder in a liquid.

A bit slow
by Joy

I was curious about the product and desided to try it, I found Fiber Con to be a bit slow compared to other products I've tried.

Worked, but scared of choking
by mar100

Something about the caplet and the instructions that scared me about this product. I bought it a few years ago, took the whole bottle - 2 months supply. It did help me in the digestive area. However; everyday I took it I was scared I was going to choke. They say you have to drink 8 ounces of water immediately else you can choke due to what is in the product.
I drank more water than that, because it just scared me. Something about the caplets I didn't trust. I like Metamucil capsules much better.

Good Colon Health
by Susan A

I was told to use this product over 20 years ago after colon surgery, and it hasn't failed me yet. I not only am regular, but each of my colonoscopies since I have had no new polyps. It is easy to take with a glass of water and has no grit or bad flavor.

Thank GOD
by Kathleen

FiberCon is a gift from God for me. It took a day or two to get my system working but it DID. Years of trying soo many products, this one worked. Now no more bloated belly and drinking prune juice (yuck). The pill did not leave a funny taste in my mouth. FiberCon was gentle on my system, so I didn't have to stay around the house in the morning.

Great Way to Get Fiber
by Karen Wagner

I have used FiberCon for years now and it is a great way to get fiber without having to drink a glass of horrible tasting fiber mixed with water or orange juice. I just take 2 tablets with a glass of water and that is it. I did have a few cramps the first couple of days when I first started taking it but now don't have any at all. FiberCon keeps me regular and gives me the fiber that I need in a easy convenient way. I highly recommend FiberCon

Easy as 1, 2, 3
by Christina Jadwisiak

While pregnant, my doctor suggested that I use Fiber Con because of issues that pregnant women have while pregnant. So I gave it a try after having some issues. It helped so much. I can't imagine not using it. I definitely recommend this product if anyone has any kind of regularity issues at all.

What a relief!
by Elizabeth

What a relief! That's basically my mom's reaction once she started taking these supplements on a regular basis. She'd been having a lot of problems and tried a lot of different sources of fiber which never seemed to agree with her. FiberCon was gentle enough on her system but tough enough to do the job. She really felt cleaned out and she doesn't travel anywhere without it!

by Julie

I have had problems with regularity for years, and Fibercon is one of the only products that really worked on a daily basis for me. The pill did not leave a bitter taste in my mouth or cause an afte taste. Great product.

by Lisa

Because I've had too many family members diagnosed with early-onset colon cancer, increasing my fiber intake any way I can is vital. FiberCon is easy to take in pill form, it works consistently, and it's a nice addition to the fiber-rich vegetables and grains I eat. The added insurance of extra fiber is fantastic given my family history, and it beats the flaxseed and psyllium-powder drinks I've tried to swallow!

by Kate

I was hoping to find a pill fiber supplement in order to help me stay regular because I do not like the drink kinds. I like this product and it does produce bowel movements after about a day. I would recommend this product to anyone who does not want to take the kind that you drink.

by sherry

I have used many other fiber products and Fibercon works just as good as any of the other more popular brands that cost more, but the problem is that like all the other brands I have used, it is a big pill and its hard to swallow. I wish someone would come out with an easier, smaller pill or capsule to swallow.

Better than eating broccoli
by Sammie F

These pills work, but there are some drawbacks. I found it a hassle to have to drink so much water with them and there is a possibility of choking. Also, for so much hassle, it seems like you should get a lot more fiber. It is just a couple grams.

Better options out there
by Jody

For me, these pills tasted horrible and were virtually impossible to swallow without triggering my gag reflex! Once down though, I did feel better in about 12 hours, without any unwelcome side effects.

helps me
by tinkerboooo

I was unsure about taking a product to add the so called bulk to my diet. I don't like mixing things with a drink, so when I found that you can take just two tablets a day I was happy. I have really found an easy way to stay regular. It is nice to be able to just pop a couple pills, and not have to drink some nasty tasting stuff.

Relieve Constipation
by HS

If you frequently get constipation, FiberCon Fiber is probably the best product for you to try. You can take it daily without any side effects and it provides a gently relief usually within twelve hours. The pills are also easy to swallow.

Regular Fiber
by Wendy C

Fibercon is pretty good as far as fiber supplements go. It is easy to take in it's caplet form and also works to help keep users somewhat regular. I did not like the gas effects that it caused upon initial use. Also, the caplets were large and difficult to swallow at times. They also had a bad aftertaste.

Still large?
by allismom

I tried this quite a while again and the size of the pills was difficult to get down. Hopefully they have streamlined since then. The product worked great and the price was very reasonable.

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