f Yerba Prima Daily Fiber 625 mg Reviews and Information

Daily Fiber 625 mg

Daily Fiber Caps is an ideal everyday fiber supplement, with a balance of essential soluble and insoluble fiber. Daily Fiber is a concentrated source of all 5 fiber types. Fiber is essential for normal regularity and digestive health, and has additional health benefits throughout the body. Soluble fiber helps to support the population of friendly bacteria in the colon, softens the stools, helps promote heart and cardiovascular health, and supports production of protective short-chain fatty acids in the colon. Insoluble fiber helps to absorb toxins and move waste material more quickly through the colon, removes excess bile acids, increases the bulk of stools and supports a normal, healthy lining of the intestinal tract.
Product: Daily Fiber 625 mg
Brand: Yerba Prima (More Products)
Size: 180 Capsules
Dosage: 4 capsules 1-3 times daily
Retail: $9.95
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4 Customer Reviews

Fiber yes, Stomach says no
by B

i used this product because my diet seriously lacked fiber. this product barely worked and often upset my stomach by making it feel bloated and like it was going to burst. i followed directions even tried adding more or less water intake, stil having the same results. i recommend other fiber supplements.

Didn't do much
by Karen

I found this product did not ease my constipation product. To have any effect I had to take more than the recommended dose. May work for someone with milder problem

Very Effective in Regulating Digestive System
by christa

Starting from the first day you take this, you will see very positive results in the amounts of stool you are able to pass out of your system. I fully recommend this product if you are having problems with constipation (this plus lots and lots of liquid and cut-down on caffeine), as it quickly moves material through your intestines and out of your system.
I would not give this a full 5, however, because it made me very gassy - a better, less gassy choice in daily fiber supplements would be the Fiber Choice brand of chewable tablets. This is not a good long-term choice of fiber.

Straight Fiber, or Psyllium?
by Niki Hause

Having tried both this and the Psyllium of this company, I found that this regular fiber worked way better for me than the Psyllium. This was a shock, becasue Psyllium is supossed to be much stronger. I found that even though I tried this brand of Psyllium many times, this Daily Fiber was much better suited for me and was something I cannot live without.