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Udo's Choice Enzyme Blend

A complete blend of ten active plant-based enzymes to break down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fibre resulting in healthy digestion, improved nutrient absorption, increased energy levels and reduced hunger.

Part of The Right Fat Diet™.

The Right Fat Diet™ is a complete nutritional program for weight management, fitness and the prevention and/or reversal of degenerative diseases through optimum intake of the 14 components of health.

Udo's Choice® Enzyme Blend is a superior formula made and expressed in accordance with internationally accepted methods and standards. Formulated by Udo Erasmus author of Fats that Heal Fats that Kill.

What is Udo's Choice® Enzyme Blend?

Intended for use as a replacement for enzymes lost in the cooking and processing of food and to make up for decreased internal enzyme production due to age, this complete blend of ten active plant-based enzymes breaks down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, soluble fiber, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars resulting in healthy digestion, improved nutrient absorption, increased energy levels and reduced hunger. It does this by providing enzyme activity combinations, which are precisely balanced to optimize the body's utilization of food nutrients.

What Do Enzymes Do?

Without enzymes, we could not exist. Our bodies' reactions would be too slow for life to be possible. The human body makes and uses more than 3,000 kinds of enzymes that speed up chemical reactions and save energy. Digestive enzymes are like scissors that cut up the foods we eat into basic building blocks that our body then absorbs and reassembles to build cells, tissues, organs glands and entire body systems. If our digestion is compromised then so is our health. Many enzymes on the market today are made from animal organs - hog stomach, bovine pancreas, lamb forestomach etc. These individual animal enzymes work only in a narrow pH range, and are usually only capable of digesting protein or fat. Udo's Choice Enzyme Blend, however, is a broad spectrum plant enzyme supplement that has been derived from actual plants and cultivated on a plant medium.

It has a wide pH range of activity, allowing it to function throughout the entire digestive tract. Plant enzymes begin working in the upper stomach, are temporarily inactivated in the lower stomach, and then return to their active state in the intestines, helping to complete the digestive process.

Why Do We Need to Supplement with Enzymes?

Caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy and stress all take their toll on our enzyme reserves. Our bodies also produce fewer enzymes as we age but the main cause for digestive enzyme shortage is our modern diets. Today's diets don't contain as much enzyme-containing raw foods as they once did, and modern food processing techniques and cooking destroy nearly 100% of these naturally occurring enzymes. Raw foods may not even contain as many enzymes as they should, due to environmental factors, depleted soil and preservation techniques. So the body is left to try and compensate by producing more internal digestive enzymes, but its ability to do this has limits. Enzyme-deficient foods put a burden on the digestive system that it wasn't designed to handle. Incomplete digestion can lead to poor nutrient absorption, fatigue, digestive upset, food allergies and other health conditions. Partially digested food particles escaping from the gut cause an immune response, and the body may also steal enzymes from the immune system, compromising it even further.
Product: Udo's Choice Enzyme Blend
Brand: Flora (More Products)
Size: 90 capsules
Dosage: For best results, open up and mix the contents of one capsule of digestive enzymes throughout cold or warm (but not piping hot) foods, or swallow capsules during the meal.
Retail: $25.99
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