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by John Beck

I am feeling the onset of anaphylaxis setting in. I just ate a couple of Beano tablets and almost immediately my throat began to itch. I then got out my powerful magnifying glass and found the "Peel Here" in tiny print on the corner of the back label. I peeled and, still needing my magnifying glass, I read that these pills contain fish! Now, after five minutes my throat aches, I have a headache, and the uneasiness in my gut has begun. I hope I don't have to call an ambulance. WHY IS THERE NOT A NOTICE OF FISH CONTENT IN LARGE PRINT ON THE FRONT LABEL?

Beware If You Are Sensitive
by Victoria Gates

I know the company cannot reasonably foresee all potential reactions to their product, but I wanted to say if you typically have a sensitive stomach, IBS, etc... Or you are sensitive to wheat, shellfish or fish in general, I would avoid this product. When I took some last night I was sick within the first half hour and running to the restroom for the next 4 hours with nausea and diarrhea. I also have felt jittery since like a caffeine high or similar to flu chills. It is now the next morning and I still feel slightly sick to my stomach.

Beano for bloating stomach
by Anonymous

Used this product for over a year. Love it not only for beans but for any food that I ate. I suffer from colonic inertia, and I found that whenever I would eat or even drink I would get bloated and almost look pregnant. Then I found Beano. It was a miracle for me. Unfortunately, after a year it has stopped working. I am now searching for something else that would give me relief from that discomfort for stomach distention and that bloated feeling. Any suggestions please help. Rita

waste of money
by McLovin

For the last 5 years, I've had a love-hate relationship with the chilaquiles from Sr. Jesus and the streaks in my underwear can agree. It's been a cdnstant battle between loving the food so much, yet hating the result: uncontrollable anal seepage. Therefore I had to find a way to still enjoy my favorite food without getting an upset stomach. With Beano, I don't have this problem. Thanks!

Annoying burping
by David

My father started taking Beano after he found he couldn't stop burping. It would go on one after another for almost half a minute at a time. People would say "excuse you!" in the next isle in stores. Since he's taken Beano, he no longer has these burping convulsions, Thank goodness, and thank Beano. Great product.

Actually works!!
by Green

Both my husband and I have very few problems with gas and discomfort when eating at home but when we travel it is a different story. I don't know if it the change of venue or eating a lot of different fare than we are used to. We always keep the Beano product in the glove box and it has helped a lot during vacation. Thumbs up from this family!

Helpful, but not perfect
by Christie

I've been using this product for years. I use it before I eat any sort of salad (lettuce has a bad effect). While this product is not perfect, it does decrease the amount of gas that I produce when eating large amounts of produce! :) I will definitely continue using this product, but I would caution someone who thinks this product will solve all of their gas problems.

by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I Always get gas when I eat beans.. but when I took this, it completely solved that problem. No more gasssing during class and having people look around to spot the culprit. It definitely works, undoubtedly!

Eat the foods you like
by Jill S.

There are a few foods that really don't sit well in my husbands stomach. Onions, lentils, cabbage, and beans just to name a few. Not only can gas be embarrassing, but also painful. I have seen so many commercials for Beano that I had to give it a try. It helped my husband to feel no gas while eating the foods he likes. I bought both the pill, and the liquid and he feels the liquid worked faster for him.

Yoga Class
by Annalisa

I tried this product when I started my new yoga class, because I was having gas issues during it, which was quite embarassing. I found it relieved my bloated, gassy feeling and allowed me to move freely and enjoy my class. I experienced no alternative side effects from this product -- I would recommend it!

Works...kind of
by Shannon

Well, I buy this product and use it religiously. I even keep a bottle in my purse. It doesn't work quite as well as they claim (for me), but it does help. I noticed I have much more gastro-intestinal distress when I don't take it.
The best way to find out if it works for you is to eat your favorite gassy meal one day, and then eat the same meal the next day, only take a full dose of beano first.

Works for husband
by L

My hubby has some serious issues with anything he eats. It doesn't matter what it is, it gives him gas. Which really drives me nuts cause I just can't handle that. So I went and purchased this and it has worked wonders. He doesn't complain about his stomach hurting near as much any more.

Doesn't work for all gas producers
by Sammie F

I don't care for beans, so I tried this product for broccoli and brussel sprouts and it didn't seem to help at all. I tried it several times with several different vegetables and never got the results that the commercials advertise. I'm very disappointed in this product.

Beano has changed the way we eat
by Stephanie

This stuff really works! After seeing a commercial on T.V., my husband and I decided to give Beano a try. I am so glad we did, because it has changed how we eat. We no longer have to worry about eating all the comfort foods we like this time time of year: Broccoli & cheddar soup, chili, vegetable lasagna , ect. It works on them all! We use the drops at home, and keep a bottle of the tablets in the car, for when we eat out.

by Jeremy Rose

OK...this is simple, it works! For me, whatever food I needed help contoling gas pains and problems with, this took care of the problem. If you need help with contolling your gas...this is it, plain and simple!

Got Gas
by jo

I try and use this on a regular basis with foods I know are going to give me a problem later. It does help with certain items, but with others it does not. However, I am convinced it works, so I use it whenever I am cooking gassy foods or planning on eating them. I am still not convinced that it helps that much. My daughter asked me what it tasted like and I told her it tasted like soy sauce.

Helps with bloating
by nikki

My husband loves ham and beans. I swear, the man could live on them. I however, can't live with the after effects, so I didn't make them often. I bought Beano and added it to his soup. A big improvement! He said he didn't feel as bloated either, so bonus for us!

by Holly Wilson

My family always have a handy supply of this item in our household. It works wonderfully! My family has always had a problem with this, and when my grandfather told us about it we bought it on our next shopping trip and have been using it regularly ever since then!

Add it To your food
by Carrie Russell

I love to make "crock-pot" stews & soups. I have found that if I add a few drops of Beano to my bowl of soup & stir it up right before I start eating, it decreases my chance of having embarrassing gas!

Friend Says It Works
by Kenna McHugh

A male friend of mine uses this product and says it is very effective. He had a problem with passing gas, so he decided to use Beano. Beano worked very well for him.

Works Well
by Michele Fair

This is a decent product for those who have a difficult time processing natural vegetables. It does help to prevent that bloated, gassy feeling after eating them, although it's not always 100% effective. It does definitely help to curb the symptoms however.

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Miracle pill!!
by Rosa

I have been suffering from bloatness all my life and when finally I was speaking to a dietician about my problem of bloating everytime I eat, she suggested Beano and believe it or not, I had never of this product. I call it the miracle pill cuz I have been taking it everyday and I feel so much better. No more bloating!!!!