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It's just ok
by Jess

It worked just ok! It was nothing great I have had other things work much better.

by Heather

My mom swears by this stuff. Said it works better then anything thing else she has tried. She said she thought it was just a gimmick and wouldn't work, but it really does. Can't wait to try it. She would highly recommend to anyone.

by lindy turner

Beano is one of the best at stopping gas before it starts. Just take it before a meal or even every morning before you start your day - it really works!

Allows me to eat vegetables!
by Erica

I have difficulty digesting raw vegetables, but this product takes care of the problem completely!

Would be better if not proactive
by william

Beano is very good for taking precautionary measures against gas you can anticipate. Say that you plan on eating veggies- this could help ease the digestion. However, if you are already a bloated mess do not depend on Beano to fix your problems. It does not seem to work once the damage is done.

Better than the drops
by Christie

I've been using this product for years. I prefer the pill form of this product (I think it's more convenient). I use it before I eat any sort of salad (lettuce has a bad effect). While this product is not perfect, it does decrease the amount of gas that I produce when eating large amounts of produce! :) I will definitely continue using this product, but I would caution someone who thinks this product will solve all of their gas problems.

Too bad it upsets my stomach
by Paul

I'm notorious among my friends because of the potency of my gas. Most of my gas is silent but outrageously smelly. When I tried this product it did work as advertised. My gas subsided but my stomach and GI tract felt a bit off - uncomfortable and (bloated?) I would use this only if I was gassy in a socially embarrassing situation, but otherwise I'll just be me.

Thank God for Meds.
by Susan A.

I have found with age, my body has started to play tricks on me, but gas is the cruelest of them all, so far. Beano is wonderful. I take it before I know I am going to eat an offending food and I, and everyone else, can enjoy themselves. The only thing is I wish they would come up with something as good that you could take when you already have gas.

I would BEANO where without it
by regina

I have been using this product for 3 years. I love that there is a tablet formula now. I easily carry it in my purse and take it without others noticing. It has allowed me to enjoy ordering my favorite bean dishes again, without having to worry about the drive home.

This works! Great product
by Amie

This works exactly as advertised. In an effort to eat healthier, we are incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diet. This is great for cholesterol and general health, but not so great in the gas department. I tried this after seeing it advertised on T.V. It works exactly as promised. It gets rid of embarrassing gas. It alleviates gas pain. This product is worth every penny, and I would definitely purchase again. Bring on the fruit!

Beano lives up to its advertising claims
by allie

After it was suggested that I increase the fiber in my diet, I began eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Initially my system couldn't handle the change resulting in bloating and excess gas. I had seen the advertisements for Beano on TV and decided to try it. Much to my surprise, it did work! Initially, I was taking it daily but as I have learned which foods cause me more distress than others, I only take it as needed. Beano has a permanent place in my medicine cabinet now. Great product that really does what it claims it will do.

I love beano
by extrawork

I've used Beano for years. I take three tablets before meals with beans, dark green veggies, or fruits. I definitely notice a decrease in the gas afterwards, and feel much better later that night if I take Beano as opposed to if I don't.

It works!
by tndj143

I'm a vegetarian, so basically all I do is "make noise" all day long! So, someone suggested I tried beano, and I did. I notice (and so do others) that I don't have as much "noise" as I used to. My friend also took it when she started a diet. She said all the healthy foods would give her a lot of gas, so now, she's gas free and skinny!

by L.M.

This is another medicine cabinet must-have. Gas can be quite painful as well as embarrassing and as vegetarians, we eat quite a bit of gas-causing foods. My husband likes to take these with him to work if he brings a burrito to eat. He'll also take them the night before work if we eat a "gassy" meal to avoid the humiliation of passing gas all day. In short, this is a product that really works and works well.

It Works!
by Joshua

Beano really works. On one of our vacations we went to visit my sister who is a vegetarian and when we ate her food it really did a number on us for 2 days. The next visit we took Beano before every meal and we did not have any embarrassing gas due to the food. I was really happy that we found a solution to our stomach problems and it was so easy to find!

Pretty good!
by cooldan

These are great and really work! Coming from a familiar brand name, its easy to find and use. My digestive system is strong but this makes it stable.

Beano to the rescue!
by kvantol

If the title reference isn't blunt enough, Beano Food Enzyme Supplement Tablets helps food digestion by using a natural food enzyme that helps reduce the embarrassing rush of gas that can exit the body. {whew, long sentence.} Gas can also be good, relieving painful eruptions inside the stomach. But, if you can prevent that rumbling in the first place, then this is your pal. My sister Charlotte used these for years and I just didn't think they worked. I had tried other remedies and still had problems with digesting certain foods. Finally tried one before a dessert. {cheesecake} It worked. Now, I don't leave the house without them.

Beano comes in two forms, a tablet or a liquid. This review is on the tabs. Here is an overview of this OTC:
~various sized bottles
~made from natural food enzyme
~take dose with first bite of food
~stops bloat and gas
~dose depends on amount of food you digest
{experiment, up to 3 tabs for larger meals are safe. }
~Beano guarantees money back satisfaction

Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's not!
Lets face it. It's a common trait that bothers some people more often than not. I know people who deliberately eat certain foods just to produce gas. {okay, farts..} But, there is always a place that you will be and that you will not want to pass gas. Beano tabs are easy to conceal and not any one needs to know you even take it. They look like round breath mints any ways....and here are the ingredients:
~Cellulose Gel, Invertase, Potato Starch
~Mannitol, Magnesium Sterate,
~Colloidal Silica, and Gelatin

During an unscheduled run to a Pampered Chef Party, I had a major problem with what the host was preparing. {one of those fabulous rings with sauce and peppers} My sister took me as her guest, and I didn't know peppers would be in the offering. Beano to the rescue! She slipped me one and I didn't ! {ah, slip one. } {it's impossible to write this review without a little truthful humor, you all know...} And, keeping with Beano's logo it goes like this: "Take Beano before and there'll be no gas"..~~quote, unquote.~~ These basically work by the pill aiding digestion and breaking up the gas of specific foods by using natural food enzymes to do it.

Dose, and problem food information:
The dose is recommended according to personal use. You may only require one for a light meal while you may require {and safely take } up to 3 tablets for a larger meal. It would also depend on how many problem foods you will be eating.. You will want to experiment with what your problem foods are. Common foods to cause digestion / farts are:
~veggies {such as cabbage, broccoli}
~any type beans
~peanuts, breads, cereals
~grains, and soy's
That list is short and a lot of various food sorts fall into those categories. These, also help slow or stop bloat.

Beano :
With a bit of humor, I have gotten through this review. But, in all seriousness, gas can be very painful to some people. And, why not enjoy eating what you can, like you do, when you are home? These are discreet, take them in a little pill box or just stick a few in your pocket. You can buy this in liquid form which is dosed in drops . Because this is not a drug , the risk to drug reaction is about zero. Good OTC for:
~people who have digestion problems with certain foods
~some assurance against public humiliation
{see, still have truthful humor...}
~people who take meds which cause gas
{but, always check with your physician}

Beano Food Enzyme Dietary Supplement
by Paula

I have had a very sensitive digestive system when eating most foods the majority of my life. Since Beano came on the market it has been a household stable in our kitchen. Just like listed in the description from the manufacturer, I can relate to it. Beano has allowed me to eat foods I would not normally touch. Thanks Beano!

Take it With You on Vacation
by Lori Ann Hull

Both my husband and I have very few problems with gas and discomfort when eating at home, but when we travel it is a different story. I don't know if its the change of venue or eating a lot of different fare than we are used to. We always keep the Beano product in the glove box and it has helped a lot during vacation. Thumbs up from this Family!

Always a great choice
by Sheila

I buy these for my mother as she has a real problem. These are really great and do work .

Actually works!
by Mary C.

I received this product as a gag gift one year for Christmas. After having many problems with bloating and gas, I decided to give it a try. How wonderfully surprised I was to find out it actually works! I have been able to enjoy many foods that I had been avoiding due to bloating.

Does the job
by NTReviewer

Beano is one of those products that you don't usually talk about, but should be in your medicine cabinet. If you have issues with gas and know you are heading towards a possibly embarrassing situation (i.e dinner party), use this product. It helps stop gas before it starts and saves so much discomfort.

A must for my family!
by heather

This is a must for our house! My husband, who I'm sure would be embarrassed by this typing, doesn't always have his food agree with him. I keep this around for dinners and going out to eat when I know something might upset him. It works great!

It Works!!
by Momof8

I have suffered for years from gas after eating beans, garlic, onions, and grapes. I recently tried this product before eating a bowl of bean and beef chili, and for the first time in my life, I had no digestive problems whatsoever. I can now be in public when I eat food, and that is a wonderful new freedom I intend on enjoying from now on.

Would be better if not proactive
by Wendy C

Beano is very good for taking precautionary measures against gas you can anticipate. Say that you plan on eating veggies- this could help ease the digestion. However, if you are already a bloated mess do not depend on Beano to fix your problems. It does not seem to work once the damage is done.

Does the job
by Melissa Miller

I've recently made a New Year's Resolution and have adopted a new diet. My new diet consists of a lot more vegetable than I am use to eating. I have always kept away from too much lettuce/broccoli/cauliflower because my body had difficulty digesting those types of foods. I received a coupon for Beano and decided to give it a try. I really enjoy a lunch of grilled veggies mixed in some scrambled eggs. This would normally kill my stomach. I took (2) pills and was amazed at how well my system digested the food.

by holly wilson

One of my favorite vegetable is Broccoli, and I absolutely love Broccoli Cheese Soup. Because of this product, I can eat as much as I want to without having to worry about any embarrassing side effects. It totally wiped out any gas I would have had from eating that. This product is wonderful!

It's True
by Chrislyn

I can take beano with vegetables and I don't have as much gas and bloating. I wish it worked on milk products, but it didn't work on them for me. It did do well on broccoli and cauliflower - which I love.

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