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by Katy

I use this product daily so that I can continue to drink milk. I am lucky enough that cultured dairy products (cheese and yogurt) don't bother me but milk, cream, ice cream do. Without Lactaud fast act I'd be in trouble. You must take care to use one dose per 8 oz serving though.

Kathryn Mitchell-Gilroy RD, CDN

by lindy turner

Works really well - its one of the best if you are lactose intolerant! You can eat as many milk products you want!

by Melissa

Works ok... definately not the best out there though. And the chewables are NASTY!

If you are eating something that is not loaded with dairy it works really good...but there are better products out there.

Sad, but did not work
by Katie Holder

Sadly, this product did not work for my child. Oh well, on to the next product.

by stacy

This product may work wonders for some, however it depends on how intolerant you are. I was given a breath hydrogen test, the most effective, to determine my intolerance level , its like numbers on a scale. For those like me who are severely intolerant, this product might not work. If you have only had the blood test, I suggest getting the breath hydrogen test to know more about this, and if the product will work for you. I believe that if you are not that intolerant this product can help you with many dairy products.

Back to dairy !
by Al R.

Somewhere along the line I became lactose intolerant and had to give up a lot of my favorite foods. Having tried this on a recommendation, it has been nothing but joyous! All the years of either avoiding things like milk, or their questionable substitutes, are now a distant memory. The beauty of this specific product is that the timing of taking it doesn't have to be a science. It works quickly and thoroughly, whereas some other products only partially worked and caused me to stray off dairy time and time again. This is a keeper!

Didn't work for me
by Theresa

These didn't work for me. I took these when I wanted to have ice cream with my family and I took them as directed and they just did not work for me. I have more severe pain then most after consuming milk product and I suffered severely for 2 hours afterwards. These may work for some people but not for everyone.

by Jeremy

Great Product - Works Fast. My sister has suffered with lactose intolerance since birth, and her condition went undiagnosed until she reached grade school. At first, she was dismayed that she would never be able to eat diary products again; however, with Lactaid she can! If she takes one or two pills before ingesting lactose containing foods, she experiences no symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Help, but no cure
by Chastity

These caplets are great. They allow me to eat pizza out and not have problems after. However, they don't work so well for the meal or snack that is heavily dairy laden, like pasta in alfredo sauce or a big bowl of ice cream. There are still some meals that just have to be avoided.

Great product
by Paul

I didn't realize I was lactose intolerant until I was in college. Of course I love cheese, ice cream, and other dairy but they make me gassy and give me an upset stomach/diarrhea. This works by putting the enzymes into your stomach that breaks down the lactose so you can enjoy whatever dairy you want. Besides these pills, I also recommend getting the Lactaid milk. Both work great.

Must have
by BA

Lactaid is a wonderful product. I have used it for years. It is so effective and truly handy to have around the house. I love dairy products, but sometimes my stomach gets a little sensitive. On days that I know that I am going to indulge, I take lactaid and there are no problems whatsoever. When I go to a dinner party or potluck, I keep lactaid in my pocket because I never know what food to expect when I get there. Once, I forgot to bring my lactaid and ended up at a party where the host served her homemade ice cream. I thought that I could handle a serving and ate with gusto. I paid the price for it all night however and cursed myself for forgetting my lactaid. Never again. Lactaid goes with me whenever I go out and stays in my kitchen for those days that I need it.

When you love Dairy, but it doesn't love you back!
by Caren H.

I am going to be fair and though I would really love to give this product 5 stars, I am only going to give it 4. Why? Because it is expensive, and cheaper store brands are just the same. But as for working, it works perfectly and I have never once had an unwanted incident after taking this product.

The main reason why I would choose this product over one in a bottle is portability. It is very easy to tuck the individually wrapped product into your purse or pocket instead of carrying around a bottle, which jostles around in your purse, causing the pills to disintegrate somewhat.

Lactose intolerance runs in both sides of my family and I was only too happy to recommend the product to my paternal aunt, my sister and my mother! They all complained of not wanting to eat dairy products because of painful gas and diarrhea. They were not aware of this product and were very glad that I could let them in on my secret. My aunt actually thanked me at the family reunion. She was so happy that she could eat pizza again.

IBS Relief Works Great !
by Candace G.

I love ice cream, but it just doesn't love me anymore. This helped with my IBS symptoms. Dairy usually just gives my stomach fits with cramps and bloating. I thought I was going to have to give up dairy products alltogether. A friend of mine that can't eat dairy either suggested that I try this and it worked great! I noticed a difference with the first dose, and even more over time of taking it.

A must for lactose intolerance
by Jill S.

I am lactose intolerant to every dairy product you can think of. When I was a child I went without dairy in my diet just so I wouldn't suffer from the horrible stomach pain it brought on. As an adult I am finally able to enjoy many different meals that include dairy ingredients. Lactacid has helped me to live a normal life without the worry of stomach pain. It has substantially improved my life.

by L.M.

This is something that is a must-have if you are unable to tolerate dairy. My husband prefers the Fast Act tablets to the regular strength as they taste better, work quicker and are more convenient to take. He is able to better tolerate milk without the stomach cramps that he was plagued by. However, for him, these don't completely eliminate his symptoms and he occasionally has to take more than the basic dose if he "overindulges" on ice cream or drinks multiple glasses of milk.

It seems to work sometimes
by Cynthia

I've been taking Lactaid for about 6 months now. I learned in my biology class that the reason why people are lactose intolerant is because they lack the enzymes needed to break lactose (the sugar that is in dairy products) down. Lactaid is supposed to supply these enzymes; therefore, it would make sense that it would work. However, my experiences with Lactaid vary a lot. Sometimes, it relieves all signs of gas and bloating. However, when I eat cereal, it never seems to work. Maybe I should be taking more than one tablet, but I don't think they taste that great. They're very powdery and taste like artificial flavorings (which they probably are).

Allows user to consume dairy!
by Jessika Abramson

Although I am now a vegan (thus excluding dairy from my diet), I once had a problem with lactose intolerance and found these supplements to be my saving grace. They don't taste particularly delightful (chalky texture and an odd vanilla flavor), they work wonders! Just take them as directed and you can enjoy milk, ice cream, and cheese... with no unpleasant side effects!

by kvantol

Perhaps you are one of the fortunate people who can eat and drink dairy with nary a concern. I never had a problem as a child or even as a teen or young adult. I hit thirty years old and all of a sudden I had cramping and diarrhea if I ate or drank dairy products. Why it hit me at that time is beyond me, and even if I had an answer, that doesn't resolve the problem. I have tried most of the products out there as I enjoy dairy and feel it is a necessary part of my diet. I've tried the store versions such as Kroger's, Rite-Aid; I've taken Lactaid, Dairy Ease, and probably just about anything out there. This is, in my opinion, the newest, most exciting product.


Lactaid Fast Act Caplets come in packages of 32 or 60. Price of the smaller package is around $9-$11, and the larger around $15.00. The box is square, shows an ice cream cone on the bottom right, says Lactaid in white lettering, Fast Act in dark blue, and notes New in a red flag at the top left of the box. You simply pull off the tab on the side of the box and pull out one of the white one serve packets. It indicates on it that you take one caplet with the first bite of dairy. With my tummy I try to take it in advance.

Product claims:

It relieves gas, diarrhea, bloating symptoms when eating dairy

They claim it works twice as fast as their own Lactaid Ultra!


Active Ingredients Lactase Enzyme

Sodium 5 mg

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Crospovidone, Magnesium Stearate, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide


You can also purchase in the Vanilla Twist chewable tablet form, and that will be around the same price.

How/Why does it work:

It eliminates your symptoms by breaking down the milk sugar or lactose, and therefore makes the dairy product easier to digest for those with the problem.

Who can take it:

It is not a medication; it is a supplement, and they indicate it can be used by anyone 4 years or older. But I would think a child would be happier with the Vanilla twist chewables.

Further instructions:

They suggest that you take a second caplet if you are still eating dairy after 30-45 minutes, and you can take as often as you like or need to do so.

Manufacturers warnings:

* Consult your doctor if your symptoms continue after using this product or if your symptoms are unusual and seem unrelated to eating dairy.

* Keep out of reach of children.

* Do not use if carton or single-serve packet is open.

Where to buy:

I have found at some drugstores, grocery stores, and it is definitely available online and at more reasonable prices. It is pretty new, so it may take awhile to be available everywhere, but is worth searching for.

My experience:

I've purchased both the box containing 32 and the one containing 60. As you may have figured out I take Lactaid type products very regularly. I enjoy dairy, and I refuse stubbornly to do without it. However if I don't take one of the better products available I am miserable, and can spend hours in the bathroom-not something I enjoy doing. Lactaid Fast Act is simply amazing. It does, as they promise work much faster than their other products, or other brands. What I have found works best for me money wise and health wise, is to buy the regular Ultra products in large quantities, but if I have something special coming up, a hot dinner date (well, okay, lukewarm), a party or other function and want to be sure my stomach is okay I'll take Fast Act. I am giving it 4 stars! It gives me total peace of mind. What a great product! If you have difficulties with intolerance when eating or drinking dairy, or your children or other family members have the problem, you need to try this product.

Thanks for reading!

Swear by these
by Terasa

I got a sample of these in the mail so I thought I'd try them. The pill I was originally taking was awful and never worked. These pills are wonderful. I swear by these now and would recommend this product to everyone.


I am not sure when I became lactose intolerant, but I crave dairy. So when a coworker suggested this I tried this right away. It has worked witout a hitch. I can now enjoy pizza, ice cream and others without a problem.

Lactaid original
by Stephanie

When my husband and I were planning our wedding we wanted everything to be perfect & exactly what we wanted. Only after ordering the PERFECT wedding cake (based on looks), did we think about the fact that perhaps an ice cream cake wasn't such a good idea. Of course he being the groom, he would have to eat some cake, and my mother was very upset about not being able to eat her daughter's wedding cake. When I called to cancel the order, the caterer ask me if they had ever tried Lactaid? She said it worked wonders for her. So, we bought some, and it worked! On my wedding day the groom, mother of the bride, and 7 sisters of the bride all had Lactaid & a piece of the PERFECT wedding cake !!!

by Paula

Having a terrible digestive system and being lactose intolerant, I don't have the freedom of such wonderful foods as dairy. Occasionally there are times its hard to avoid these foods when dining out, when on vacation/holidays, or just having a craving. Lactaid stays in my purse as well as my kitchen. With moderation, I am able to eat dairy without the awful side effects. It really works.

Lactaid Works!
by Tom

My sister has suffered with lactose intolerance since birth, and her condition went undiagnosed until she reached grade school. At first, she was dismayed that she would never be able to eat diary products again, however, with lactaid she can! If she takes one or two pills before ingesting lactose containing foods, she experiences no symptoms of lactose intolerance.

This is a life saver!
by J

Lactaid has been a life saver for my now 8 year old son. Several years ago, when we first realized that dairy was a problem for him, we decided to avoid it completely. That was all well and good until he started school and couldn't eat any of the snacks or treats that were provided. We quickly realized that he could eat absolutely anything as long as he takes a Lactaid pill first. We now keep them in both of our cars, in my purse, at grandparents houses, and with the school nurse. We don't ever want to be without it!
My son is VERY lactose intolerant, and we do find that after 4 or 5 doses of Lactaid taken with diary products, he does have some minor stomach upset anyway. You have to understand that everyone's tolerance for lactose is different and determine individually how best this product will work for you.

Great Product - Works Fast
by Traci Anderson

While I do not have a problem with lactose-intolerance, my husband does. Almost immediately after enjoying an ice-cream cone, or cheesy meal, his stomach is cramping and he is miserable. I purchased this product for him and noticed a difference almost instantly. He actually takes it before we go out for ice-cream and I keep some in my purse for him in case he decides to order a dairy-filled meal.

Lactaid Original Strength Lactase Enzyme Supplement
by Joan C.

I do not have this problem, but my mother sure did! For years she suffered from gas, cramps and diarrhea. Finally, a doctor suggested she might be lactose intolerant and to try Lactaid. What a relief! She was finally able to have milk on her cereal and best of all--a sundae from Dairy Queen after a trip to the doctor!

by Holly Wilson

My 8 year old son is lactose intolerant, and because of this product he can now enjoy ice cream, which is one of his favorites. He uses this product regularly, and it is well worth the price to spend so I can watch my son eat the foods that he loves.

Needed Relief
by Kevin Reilly

Well taken by a long-time sufferer from lactose intolerance. Can now tolerate milk, cheese and ice cream. These calcium-laden food items are tasty plus needed, especially the milk and cheese not so much the ice cream. I do love ice cream and now I can handle it.

Still no fun
by Chrislyn

One or two bites of ice cream or a sip of milk is all it takes to send me into a fit of stomach cramps, and horrible gas. This supplement does a good job of blocking the cramps, but still leaves me with a great deal of gas.

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