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really works !!!
by Stephen

This stuff really works! For me, whatever food I needed help controlling gas pains and problems with; this took care of the problem. If you need help with controlling your gas...this is it, plain and simple

Pregnant with plenty of heartburn
by C Collins

When I was pregnant, like most women, I suffered from horrible heartburn. Antacids didn't help, and all those gallons of milk didn't help either. So I tried food enzymes to help break down the food in my stomach better. What do you know, it helped! It wasn't perfect, because let's face it, I had a seven pound, nineteen inch long boy kicking my stomach, but those enzymes definitely took a lot of the edge off.

Great Product
by Sammie F

My husband used this product with meals and it really help to relieve some of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms that he has suffered from. Before using this product if seemed that food would sit in his stomach and not want to progress through digestion. The product didn't fix his IBS, but it did help with the symptoms and gave him some relief.

Watch out for burning
by suz

I tried this product hoping it would help me absorb and breakdown the foods I eat. When I first tried it my stomach started burning really bad. This continued every time I would take this product. I spoke with my doctor and she said it was probably from the hydrochloric acid included in the product. So, be careful if you try this and are prone to heartburn..I think it made me product too much acid and I had to discontinue the product.

Great for balancing your diet
by S

Even if you're eating healthy, you might not be digesting all of your food properly. Sometimes you can feel really sluggish or tired after a meal, and this product really helps in breaking down food so you're absorbing it properly. I take this before eating large salads, heavier meals, and some new foods. It really works wonders, and has helped me sleep better overall, keeping me more alert during the day when I need to be alert.

Breaks Down Meat
by Chrislyn

If you eat a lot of meat, then this is the one for you. It helps you break it down and feel full. I lost weight after starting to use food enzymes since I just wasn't as hungry or weak. I don't like that you have to take so many of them.

No Nap Required
by Cynthia

After eating, I used to get so sleepy. After I began using Food Enzymes, I actually digested my food and had enough energy to do other things as well. Taking Food Enzymes also eliminated constipation problems for me.

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