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Great Product!
by Bella

I have used this for some time now and I can really tell a difference after I eat a large meal with the bloating and gas. I would recommend this to anyone who wants help with digesting food. This product is very reasonable and I intend to keep taking it!

by Jacquelyn Jones

I did not started having indigestiuon problems until my late 40's and I decided to try Mutlti -Enzyme from Puritan's Pride , I either take two tablets before and afterwards and I do not feel bloated and it helps gets the gas up and out. I am not writing this for any free anything ,it works for me and besides I cannot afford all the other high-priced stuff which do not work any way.

by Linda

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I can't digest food. Even if I eat a salad I need to take these. I have been using this product for about 5 years and noticed great results. This product is my life saver! I highly recommend this.

Enzymes help digestion and metabolize key foods
by Noah H.

After having my gallbladder removed two years ago, I found that although I had much less stomach burning and no longer had typical gallbladder attacks from stones lodged in the duct, I could not seem to digest certain types of foods anymore, especially proteins and fats, and would experience miserable bloating and gas with nausea. This formula contains many of the same digestive enzymes produced by a normally healthy gallbladder, stomach and pancreas, as well as fruit enzymes like papain and bromelain which aide the body in breaking up the heavy protein component of meat and other high protein meals, as well as helping the body to properly metabolize carbohydrates and fats. I took this product continuously for about 6 months after the surgery, and still take it now occasionally to ease acid indigestion or heartburn and for digestion of meals containing high protein or high carbs and fat.

by Jill

Digestive enzymes are an important in aiding digestion. I find that I have less indigestion overall after I started taking digestive enzymes, and I recommend this product to anyone who has indigestion or similar symptoms.

Great Product!
by Sherry Ward

I like my carbs. So, this product simply flushes it out of my body before it becomes into fat.

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