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Dairy Relief Extra Strength
by Donna Albright

I love this product. I have been lactose intolerent for several years now. i have tried other brands before. Some were more expensive then others, so, i thought that it meant it would work great, but no luck. when i first saw this product on the shelf, i thought well here goes nothing, i will try it, whats one more product to try? Wow! It really was amazing how well it works and helps me. It is not expensive and you get more for your money with this rite Aid brand then with alot of other brands. Now I can enjoy my dairys again.

Better stretch for your dollar
by Melissa

You get alot more of this than the actual Lactaid product . It works about the same as Lactaid ultra, but you save some change and get triple the product.

Excellent way to cut costs
by Caren H.

I have been lactose intolerant all of my adult life, pretty much since high school. I found these at Riteaid and it was a godsend! The national brand is more expensive, but the Riteaid brand is basically the same when you compare active ingredients, which is really what matters most. Since you must eat 2-3 capsules per dairy event, it can get costly if you love ice cream, pizza or cheese! Since many women suffer from osteoporosis later in life, we must do all we can to enjoy dairy again to keep our calcium intake level up where it should be. We don't have to sacrifice money for health, as this brand is cheap enough (not to mention fully reimbursable through Health Savings Accounts!)

Why pay an arm and a leg just so you can drink milk?!
by Stacy

I've tried all sorts of pills for my lactose intolerance. I even had to stop drinking regular milk and switch to Lactaid which is pretty much sweet white water :) I couldn't afford the other lactose intolerance products so I just stopped trying mild products all together. A friend of mine recommended Rite-Aid tablets and I've been taking them religiously for a couple years now. It's a small price to pay to be able to share a simple ice cream date with your love interest.

Awesome for the Cost!
by Jane M.

My brother loves milk, cheese, and any other dairy product, but they do not like him. He especially loves to have ice cream, but he gets terrible bouts of bloat whenever he even eats a spoonful of it. After using this priced right product, he is able to enjoy dairy without having to suffer the consequences. Recommend this product because of it's price and it's effectiveness.

Great for the Price
by Katelin

My mother has never been lactose intolerant before, nor does she believe that she is now, but with age came her inability to digest dairy products well. Now, she can't have even so much as a scoop of ice cream without experiencing gas and bloating.

At first she tried Lactaid, and though it worked well for her, she felt that the price was a bit much. The Rite Aid brand is just what she was looking for, as it is half the price and just as effective. Plus, she loves how you can swallow these rather than chew, thus eliminating the chalky taste that most of these supplements have.

My mother takes these with the first bite of the dairy product, just as suggested, and that has proven to work effective for her. Although, I suspect that someone with a more severe intolerance to dairy may need to take them an hour or so ahead of time. Overall, this seems to work well at easing my mother's digestive issues, so I definitely recommend it.

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