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parent of autistic child
by Jen

Great value. I am tired of overpaying for fancy enzymes. This one does the job cheaply and effectively.

Can eat what she want
by Tian

While I do not have a problem with lactose-intolerance, my wife does. Almost immediately after enjoying an ice-cream cone, or cheesy meal, her stomach is cramping and she is miserable. I purchased this product for her and noticed a difference almost instantly. She actually takes it before we go out for ice-cream and I keep some in my purse for her in case she decides to order a dairy-filled meal. Thanks, Multi-Enzyme.

Good after effect
by Stanimir Yordanov

I have been taking this enzyme for about 3-4 months and I don't have any problems now. Currently, I do not take them but I still have some at home in case I need them. I also take them with me just in case I get a stomach ache. Great product for a great price.

Work Well
by TK

I take these every day with every meal. They really help with my indigestion problems. I find if I use these enzymes on a regular basis I no longer need to take Tums or any other antacids.
I think enzymes are healing my stomach. I no longer have stomach aches.

Great value
by Trudi Konzem

I have used these enzymes and my four boys have taken these enzymes as well. We take them regularly with all meals. My children have learning disorders and I personally think the enzymes help. I'm not sure how or why but I am so glad I discovered the book Enzymes for Autism.

enzymes work great!
by Laura Jones

I buy these at my local Vitamin Shoppe store and take them daily. They've really helped my digestion. I don't always eat right, being a college student, and stress sometimes causes me to have indigestion too. I've found since taking these enzymes, that I don't get indigestion as often and just feel generally better.

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