f Rite Aid Dairy Relief Original Strength Reviews and Information

Dairy Relief Original Strength

This product makes dairy foods more digestible. This product simply and naturally provides the enzyme that helps digest milk sugar.
Product: Dairy Relief Original Strength
Brand: Rite Aid (More Products)
Size: 120 caplets
Dosage: 3 caplets with first bite of dairy food
Retail: $9.99
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4 Customer Reviews

No More Stomach Problems
by Robert

Sometimes I experienced indigestion and discomfort after eating a large portion of any dairy product. It felt like everything was being digested properly with Dairy Relief and there was no more discomfort!

Ice Cream Again!
by Annalisa

When my sister was younger she was lactose intolerant -- had to drink soy products and everything. My mom found this product at Rite Aid and thought my sister should give it a try. When she took this product before eating, she could enjoy ice cream, pizza, yogurt, and all dairy products again! It was a miracle for her! Luckily she outgrew the lactose intolerance and doesn't have to take this anymore, but I highly recommend it! Worked great!

Dairy Relief
by kvantol

Alas, I am unable to eat or drink dairy without having gastrointestinal difficulties. I won't get into more detail than that, as far as my own symptoms go, but I'm sure you can guess what I am suggesting. However, you will want to continue reading this review if you experience any or all of the symptoms noted below, or have a loved one who does. This most likely means you are lactose intolerant (or have a digestive disease that is more serious, and should therefore see a doctor). It can effect children, or it can affect people during their adult years.

It didn't impact me until I was around forty years old. Or if it did, I must have attributed the problems to something else. Basically, it means you can't easily digest certain amounts of lactose. Some people may even be asymptomatic (without symptoms of any kind), but most will be well aware that they have stomach problems when they ingest milk, cream, cheese, etc. You can read more about lactose intolerance on any of the medical websites such as WebMD, or Medline, etc.




*Stomach cramps

So, what are Rite Aid Dairy Relief Caplets?:

They are small white caplets (easy to swallow as they aren't big). They will help you to more easily eat and enjoy dairy, and will alleviate your gastrointestinal symptoms.


These caplets come in a pale yellow box, easily found at Rite Aid drugstores, or online. I purchase mine online usually, and they run me $5.99. When I purchase them at Rite Aid, the price can vary from $6.99 to $8.99. The package contains 50 caplets.


It is recommended in the packaging that you either chew or swallow 2 of these caplets with the first bite of any dairy foods/beverages.

You will not have a problem even if you use daily, and/or with every meal you have. Additionally, you can have more or less than recommended, depending on your own needs/preferences.

The manufacturer suggests that you store at or below room temperature (below 77° F) but do not refrigerate, and be sure to keep away from heat.

Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dextrose, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Carboxymethylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate

9,000 units of the lactase enzyme to help you digest dairy.

My experience:

If you experience lactose intolerance, it isn't very much fun. It can be very embarrassing/awkward if you are in public, and haven't planned ahead to bring a product with you that will allow you to ingest dairy if it is served. Think Marie Callendar's banana cream pie with their homemade whipped cream on top. . . I have taken several of the difference brands of products that help with my lactose intolerance from Lactaid (very effective, but expensive), Kroger's brand (doesn't work for me for whatever reason), and Rite Aid's version of Lactaid.

While the manufacturers of this product state that you can take it with the first bite/sip of a dairy product, that doesn't work for me. I have to take a couple at least a half hour prior, or will have problems. They indicate you can chew or swallow, but I choose to swallow the caplets. If they were dark chocolate, I would consider chewing, but that isn't the situation. Overall, if I plan ahead, and take 2 caplets before having any dairy, this product eliminates the possibility of any difficulties. If I follow their directions exactly, well, it doesn't work for me. Everyone of course is different.

Warnings noted:

If you have any symptoms from this product, of course consult with your doctor before you ingest more of the product. Check with your doctor before taking if you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant or are lactating.

Final thoughts and recommendations:

If you have a known or suspected intolerance to dairy, this is a less expensive and just as effective version of the Lactaid product. I am giving it 4 stars, and definitely recommend it. Do plan ahead if you are going to a party, out to dinner, or may have dairy anywhere you go. Carry a couple in your purse or pocket, so you are prepared, and can enjoy yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Lactose intolerance
by Jill

I have found that as I have aged, my body does not tolerate dairy products as well, and this product has proven to be helpful. I have tried other brands as well, but this product seems to provide the same benefit at an inexpensive price.