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As we grow older, our bodies produce fewer of the enzymes required for proper digestion of food. Processed food fails to provide the body the additional enzymes that it needs. Undigested food can pass through the intestinal track, and lead to numerous health problems. Superzymes provides necessary enzymes for the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
Product: Superzymes
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets after each meal
Retail: $11.25
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4 Customer Reviews

An eefective alternative to antacid
by Jason

This product is a must have for me. Whenever I am going to eat a big meal, I take two of these before and have no problem with acid reflux or indigestion. Great Product!

Use for stomach ache
by John

I do not use this regularly, but when I have a stomach ache, I take Superzymes. They do seem to work well.

by Tim

This product works great. It is inexpensive too. I keep a bottle around at all times for emergencies.

90 Tablets by Vitabase
  • Enzymes are necessary for good digestion
  • Provides the major digestive enzymes: amylase, protease, and lipase
  • Additional enzymes may help reduce indigestion
  • Can help relieve bloating, gas, and irregularity
Worth Trying
by Trudi Konzem

I personally have been trying different enzyme products for about 6 months now after reading the Enzymes for Autism book. From everything I have read the benefits to taking enzymes is truly amazing. Enzymes can help with a lot of other problems besides just indigestion problems.