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by Dennise Armstrong

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Most effective
by Carolanne

My husband was diagnosed w/C-DIFF in 2004 and was on potent antibiotics as treatment. I read much about this condition and got him some probiotics to aid in the treatment and weaned him off the antibiotics. He has found Culturelle to work the best in preventing the severe diarrhea. He's back to "normal" and takes one a day. It's been very effective.

I was wrong
by Jeremy P

At first, I was under the impression that probiotics were mainly for my dog in order to help prevent worms. My second to oldest sister gave me some of these to keep me regular and I try to take them every 2-3 months. As a result, I tend to not be as sluggish in the morning, I'm regular and the last cold I had was almost completely out of my system in 2 days. I'm a big fan of this stuff and plan to keep some in my bathroom from here on out.

Pricey - but worth it
by Mari

My husband and I both have to be on antibiotics most of the time, and we've tried dozens of probiotic supplements. None of them seemed to make any difference. My husband's doctor recommended Culturelle and it has worked wonders! It does so much to help with GI tract problems that you have when you take antibiotics (diarrhea, stomach upset, gas). It also helps with chronic yeast infections. The difference is pretty immediate, as we started feeling better in about 2 days. We're definitely keeping this in our regimen.

Great probiotic supplement
by Sara

A little pricey, but worth it. My family uses it whenever we're on antibiotics to prevent yeast infections. For my toddler, I empty out the capsule into his juice, and he doesn't seem to notice a change in taste. Also good to prevent stomach digestive bugs.

Great for healthy intestinal function
by Noah H.

This is a great product if you are experiencing problems with your intestines or general digestion, or are having irritation from mouth sores, and like me, know that many of them are caused by frequent antibiotic use for strep throat and bronchitis. I use this product whenever I have to take a course of antibiotics, and also use it for at least four weeks straight to further cleanse the system and resume healthy intestinal function. Culturelle is a high quality supplement and will help to maintain a healthy digestive tract for better overall health. If you are interested in adding a probiotic supplement, this one is the only one that contains Lactobacillus GG, a beneficial bacteria your bowels need to remain healthy and regular.

A must for Yeast!
by Jenny C

My 3 year old, autistic son had battled intestinal yeast for years. Nothing worked to get rid of it! His pediatrician recommended Culturelle and it worked!!! We were so thrilled. I would recommend it to anyone battling yeast problems. It is definitely worth it!

Great during antibiotics
by suz

This product works great if you are on antibiotics. I have taken a lot of antibiotics in the past for chronic infections and my bowels were a mess from killing off all my good bacteria in my gut. I tried Culturelle and within a week or so I could feel my stomach calming down and my bowel movements became more normal as well. I like Culturelle because it works even while on antibiotics.

Highly Effective Strain!
by Carrie Russell

The Herbalist at my local pharmacy recommended this product for my Aunt who had recently had intestinal surgery & a LONG course of antibiotics. She liked the product & recommends it to her friends now! I just wish it contained Bifidus as well, since our intestinal system needs both species.

An absolute must after a round of antibiotics!
by Amanda

When I gave birth to my son I was required to take antibiotics for Strep B. Antibiotics always wreak havoc on my body. I take this supplement to counteract their affects and restore the good bacteria in my system. This is also a good daily supplement for improved digestion.

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