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by Tiffany M

This is the only thing I have ever found that has stopped my lactose intolerance and has kept me from being sick. I have to say that the first week..maybe,,,your body goes through a huge change and you might find yourself in the bathroom a few more times than normal..and i did find a little noise in my belly for a few days but after that...its the best out there. i highly highly highly suggest you try this out.

parent of autistic child
by Jen

Very overpriced. No miracles

by Rise' St Arno

I started on this product years ago when it was only available in powder form. This is the best probiotic on the market. It costs a little more but it is woth every penny. It helped with my IBS and I have found it benificial with Fibromyalgia.

the best probiotic out there
by elena

I have Crohn's disease and because of these probiotics (and other supplements too... but especially this one) I do not take medication at all. It really is amazing. I also recommend his digestive enzymes.

by cris

I have been told the correct way to use this product:
For intensive cleansing: the first month, takes 5 caplets in the morning with empty stomach, and takes 5 caplets 3 to 4 hours after dinner at night. later on, jut one or 2 caplets 2 times a day, morning & night. of course with a big glass of water for it to work best. If you have not tried this way, it's too earlier to comment this product is not working. But it may not be anybody since everybody has different body condition. But it work for me, that I have no constipation after struggling for years!

Primal Defense
by Deb

I have been taking primal defense for over two months now taking 3 each morning 45 minutes before I eat. I was told that you must take it on an empty stomach or you are wasting your money. I have suffered my whole life with constipation issues. I have not noticed any difference at all so far. After all of this money I have spent I am really hoping that something will happen.

Gastritis gone
by Alma medina

I have been taking this formula for my gastritis for a couple of months. I either take them after every meal or sometimes just one time during the day. They have made a great difference. Now I can eat a lot of the foods that I wasn't allowed without the pain and discomfort.

Primal Defense
by kvantol

I've been taking Primal Defense for a year and a half and it has made a huge difference in my life. I used to have chronic constipation and intense food allergies. Within two months I noticed a big difference (you really need to take at least three tablets a day or more to have good results). I didn't want to spend so much for something that I knew I'd have to take for the rest of my life but now I'm happy to pay for it, I've seen so many benefits. After two months I noticed that my body was purging all kinds of gunk, I was shocked at what was coming out of me, basically a lot more than I was putting in. I had read that that could happen but it was strange to actually experience it. This went on for about 6 months but it wasn't a horrible experience at all and I felt sooooo much better afterward. My food allergies went away completely and so did my constipation. I also have absolutely no problems when I travel. My hair, skin and nails look amazing too. I think that is because my body can actually absorb the vitamins and minerals better. Primal Defense and OmegaZyme are amazing products and, although they may seem pricey, making this investment can actually change your life!

Causes stomach upset
by suz

I tried this product while looking for a good probiotic formula and got so sick while on it. It gave me such awful diarrhea from day one. I tried to hang in there thinking it would level out once my digestive tract got used to it, but after a couple of weeks I had to stop the product. I don't know what was in it that made me so sick but I will not be trying it again anytime soon.

Soil-Based makes sense.
by Carrie Russell

Soil-based organisms makes sense. Especially for those of us who have a hard time getting "friendly bacteria" to implant in our intestinal system. The probiotic organisms seem to thrive in soil, and in turn, should thrive once implanted in our intestines. I took the powder version of this product after weening myself off of some prescription medication that disrupted my intestinal flora, and I really felt like it helped to heal my weak intestinal system.

Primal Defense HSO Probiotic Formula
by Khalilah Murarsheed

Primal defense HSO Probiotic formula really does work to restore the friendly bacteria to my system. I have overused antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy my friendly bacteria. Primal defense HSO Probiotic formula replaced my friendly bacteria back into my system. Primal defense HSO Probiotic formula is the best.

Makes a significant difference!
by Dani

The product today is not what was originally put on the market years ago when Garden of Life came to market. Then it was stellar as a probiotic and digestive aid. Now the formula has changed and been compromised for the worse. Although effective, it is no longer stellar. For the money, as it is an expensive product. There are better products available. For travel though, I still get this as it does not require refrigeration.

Primal Defense.
by Jeff

This is one of the best probiotic formula's on the market. I have taken it off and on many times over the past 5 years with excellent results. And especially after using any type of antibiotics to restore friendly bacteria to a persons system. And it does not require refrigeration.

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