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HIGHLY recommended
by Anonymous

This product is amazing and has helped me overcome chronic yeast that I thought I just had to live with. I went from having chronic yeast, pretty much everyday of my life for 10 years to being completely yeast free. Along with modifying my sugar intake (which did not work on it's own) and taking Flora Balance, Ultimate Acidophilus, and the Biotin I now live a much better life. I think everyone who has had to live with yeast knows how impairing it can be, and what a toll it can take on your life. I suggest these products to anyone.

(Flora Balance)
by LC

My husband and I have used the product Flora Balance for years- For him, it keeps his apnea/severe snoring to a minimum and I rest better, waking up as much as two hours earlier and clearer than without it.

Awesome product
by Anonymous

This is the only thing that has worked for me. I was quite amazed, I am thrilled.

by J

When I was 27 years old I received 2 years of continuous antibiotic treatment for acne. Though it cleared up my acne when I took it, my skin deteriorated as soon as I came off the antibiotics. In the end it was a Homeopath who helped me clear up my skin condition.!!!!!! After coming off the antibiotics. I had repeat bladder infections, treatment more antibiotics. I then developed numerous vaginal infections, treatment more antibiotics. and anti-fungal medications. This went on until my present age of 48 years. I did however stop all antibiotics. at the age of 33 years, after reading extensive literature on the side effect of antibiotic use.

I changed my diet became very health conscious , started jogging, but some how could never get rid of Candida. At the age of 36 years I developed a parasitic infection from drinking polluted water in the Rocky mountains. The treatment was oral anti fungal medicine. It had no effect and I suffered for 2 years with diarrhea, constipation, nausea. I have plodded to numerous Specialists, received numerous diagnosis to include, interstitial cystitis, colitus, hormonal imbalance. I refused all treatment except for hormone replacement at the age of 38 years. I also opted for the natural progesterone and plant estrogen. But again this aggravated my yeast infections. The Endocrinologist put me on Dflucan and told me to take it routinely, twice a week, I did with no improvement and gave up after a few weeks.

After developing heart palpitations I came off the hormones 3 months ago and suffered for the past 3 months with a continuos yeast infection and bladder infection. I told my Doctor(ex) that I had yeast , she insisted my problem was interstitial cystitis and from my last meeting I believe she felt it was also psychological.!!!. I realized that my cure was beyond the capabilities and knowledge of the medical profession. But where to turn? All the health literature on Candida had conflicting treatment programs, and many recommended drugs like Niacin, Diflucan, Ketoconazole.

In desperation I went on the Internet and found the flora-balance web site. What I read made complete sense, so I ordered your Candida treatment package. The first week I was in a brain fog, (slightly worse than what I had become used to), the second week I started to feel better, a lot better. Now into my third week, no yeast infection, though I have always eaten limited or no sugar , I can tolerate something sweet without an immediate reaction. I am cured.

So much better!
by Kay

THANK YOU!!! the Flora Balance has brought me so much relief from a chronic Epstein Barr virus/CFS, the first week was rough and now I take the 1 a day and the fatigue/mind fog is SO much better!! this is a wonder supplement, am giving it to my son and going to try it on the husband!!!

by O.S.

I've just started using your product after five mos. on prescription antifungals, including Diflucan. I'm absolutely stunned at the severity of the die-off I'm getting from your product. Needless to say, I'm thrilled.

Relief from Halitosis / bad breath
by ML

I heard of your product through an international website of home remedies while researching a cure for bad breath. The glowing testimonial seemed to guarantee a cure that I decided to try it. Unless it was my imagination the product(Flora Balance) appeared to work from day one (I took more pills than bottle directed) and I began to feel more confidently immediately! I will be a life-long customer and will definitely recommend your product to others who suffer terrible embarrassment and humiliation from this malady.

Feeling Better...
by JS

I have been suffering with all kinds of infections related to yeast, though I have been telling Doctors for years they refused to believe me. I have been diagnosed with colitis, interstitial cystitis, hormone imbalance, etc, etc. I have been offered invasive bladder surgery, but have refused and despite alienating many medical practitioners I have searched for a healthy antidote to yeast infections. I absolutely have no faith in conventional medicine and daily see the results of incorrect diagnosis and medical intervention. I have solidly kept to the theory that all my problems stemmed from antibiotic abuse (prescribed for acne) when I was very young, I took antibiotics for two years on a daily basis. Since then I have suffered with parasitic infections, food sensitivities, and of course vaginal yeast infections. I was prescribed diflucan, to be taken indefinitely. This incidentally had no effect apart from the usual side effects. In desperation I went on the internet and found your service. Two weeks of using your product I am symptom free. I have always followed a very healthy diet, but some how it was not enough , your product has given my body the edge it required.

Thank you!

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by Jo Ann Smith

I have suffered from yeast infections for years. I have used this product in the past and it works miracles. I just need some more.