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On Tract!
by Jane M.

These are the best! I cannot tolerate yogurt, so this makes it easy to keep my tract on track with these! Very easy to use and easy to swallow. Highly recommend!

Great product!
by Mandy

These are an excellent product. Since my parents travel a lot this is their choice of Probiotics. Since neither of them likes yogurt this is an excellent product for them.

by kvantol

I'm a big believer in probiotic therapy; I take another, far less expensive, probiotic on a daily basis. But, like most probiotic supplements, my regular brand has to be refrigerated to retain its effectiveness. So what to do on vacation, when, often as not, I end up without a refrigerator in my hotel room? When also, as it happens, I'm very likely to eat different foods, be under increased stress, be exposed to strange new germs, and need my acidophilus more than ever? The greatest thing about Pearls is they keep for a very long time without refrigeration.

Two pearls a day (one in the morning and one at night) serve me every bit as well as 2 capsules of my regular supplement, and they're worry-free. I just toss them in my suitcase and go. When you travel is *not* the time to skimp on your usual health routine. Get the Pearls and you're good to go.

If You Forget to Eat Your Yogurt.
by Lori Ann Hull

These are definitely a lot easier to ingest than a lot of other products on the market for the same purpose. We don't always have yogurt in the house and this is a way to guarantee that both my husband and myself maintain a healthy digestive tract. Thumbs up from this Family!

Nice Product!
by Ellisha

I really enjoy these little pearls. I like that they are easy to take and swallow, and they work really well! They really helped improve my digestive tract!

Very Easy to Swallow
by Roxane Martindale

I think these little pearls are great! Don't let the tiny size fool you. I found that taking these as directed achieved just the right intestinal balance for me. I once used large pills which were difficult to swallow, and also I had to take 8 pills at once. Probiotic Pearls are a blessing for those of us seeking improvements in our digestive tracts who are not thrilled with swallowing great big pills.

Very convenient
by S

These pearls are a great way to get the healthy bacteria into your system, without having to eat yogurt or other foods on a regular basis. I have suffered from IBS for years, and a doctor recommended a probiotic supplement to improve my diet. These capsules are easy to digest and swallow, and I simply take one with dinner. My IBS symptoms were dramatically reduced in just a few weeks!

Easy to swallow
by Rachel

Our family really likes the Probiotic Pearls. They are small circles, easy for the littlest ones to swallow, but they pack a great probiotic punch for their size. They are also shelf stable, so easy to set out in a pill sorter for the week - a lot easier for us to remember to take them!

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