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by James Talbot

Stuff works, dude.

Relief from constipation
by Diana

This product has been very helpfull in maintaing regularity with no uncomfortable side effects. Its benefits were noticed in about two days.

no title
by Jaime

I have been lactose intolerant for almost 15 years. I decided to start taking this product religiously to help alleviate BV (bacterial vaginosis). After taking one capsule everyday for 1 month, everything is fine. I can eat dairy products with no problem now!

60 Capsules by Vitabase
  • Beneficial bacteria are necessary for digestion and other functions
  • Multi-species probiotic helps restore natural balance
  • Enteric coating helps ensure passage through stomach to intestine
C-Diff Survior
by Chas

After being extremely ill for 2 months with C-Diff, most likely caused by a course of clindamycin for an abcessed tooth... then a round of metronidazole (Flagyl) to clear the C-Diff, I immediately started on the Suprema Dophilus on a reccomendation from the local health food store. It has been over 2 years now and I am doing great. The probiotics crowd out the bad bacteria, and help the intestines to get back to the normal gut flora.
Do some research on C-Diff, you will see how nasty it can be.
I still take this product, and highly reccomend it. The enteric coating promotes the survival of the good bacteria to make its way to the intestines.

Great value
by Susan Rack

Helped with various digestive problems I was having like thrush. I think it is easily the best investment I have made in my health this past year. If you take antiobiotics, this product is almost a necessity.

Very good
by Karen Holder

I also switched to this product from Primal Defense. Seems to work as well, and I think about half the cost.

Great product and value
by Greg Jackson

Incredible value. Compares well to Primal Defense which is about 3 times more money. I use this regularly because I am on antiobiotics.

Great value
by Kenneth Hoe

I use this when going off an antibiotic, and it makes a big difference. My friend uses it for acid reflux and she also loves it.

Good product
by Greg Henry

Boy, this is a great product and so inexpensive. Primal Defense is about 3 times as expensive and I like this formulation better.

One of the Best We've Tried So Far
by Lori Ann Hull

After reading several articles about the benefits of live cultures in yogurt, we decided to add probiotic supplements to our diet. There are a number of brands that we have tried but the Vitabase has been our best bet.

The dosage is excellent and the coating makes it very easy to add to your daily supplement routine. You need to take them for at least three weeks before you will notice a difference in your digestion. Thumbs up from this Family!

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