f Purdue Pharma Senokot Natural Vegetable Laxative Reviews and Information

Senokot Natural Vegetable Laxative

The Senokol® Laxative Comfort Promise®. Senokot Laxatives contain no harsh impurities (stems, leaves or seeds) which can cause intestinal distress. For your comfort, the active ingredient in Senokot Laxatives is always Purified Senna.

Product: Senokot Natural Vegetable Laxative
Brand: Purdue Pharma (More Products)
Size: 100 tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $26.89
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46 Customer Reviews

by lin darby

This product is the only thing that works for me comfortably,I have tried every other med,OTC & prescription .It took a few days to work but the relief when it did was worth it.I always have a pack to hand now.
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by carole adams

My Dr. recommended this when I had a hernia to clean out my colon before surgery it was very gentle and did not cause a lot of bloating or gas pains I will definitely will use this again.

by sarah

i took senokot for the first time on 2 nights ago (thurs nite). By Saturday afternoon I still hadn't seen any effects...until suddenly I felt the urge to relieve myself...and wow, i'm sorry to say it so bluntly but i did the biggest ablusion ever...i feel so much better after it! I don't intend to take senokot again unless really necessary...But i'd recommend it to anyone.

Works fast
by Pattie

My mother had digestive problems and had been hospitalized because of them. The doctor told her she would have serious bouts of constipation frequently and should keep a laxative handy. She went out and bought Senokot and at the first sign of trouble, she takes it. They say it should start to work in 6-12 hours, but for her it works gently in 3-4. She now always has a supply of this in her home.

A-Ok Laxative
by Juli Pickvet

My doctor gave me some samples of this when I was having problems with constipation. I was taking iron and he gave me this sample to help relieve the constipation. It works in a couple hours. It worked very well for me and I bought some at the store when I ran out.

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2 Customer Opinions

by Sharon Giboney

I routinely recommend this product to my OB and GYN patients. They all are very pleased with the results of using this product


My patients report effective and reliable relief of constipation issues within the colon.

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