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Health Plus Colon Cleanse
by tuxonio

Take Health Plus Colon Cleanse to cleanse your body inside. Detoxify when you feel tired by colon cleansing. Super cleanse your colon to eliminate build up of toxic waste and prevent weight gain.

Payroll Manager
by Keta

Excellent product!!!!! First time using it and it worked better than the top selling products and for alot less. You feel healthier, have more energy, feel unbloated and you look better. I'm actually about to order more. Great job Health Plus for creating such a wonderful product.

Super Colon Cleanse
by erika

Everyone shoud take these. I tried the pouder and water mix ........ not very tasty. These Capsules are the only way to keep regular and feel good.

by Ashley

I feel better, I look better, I dropped some of the extra weight I had and everyone can tell!!! It was fabulous.........

Feeling Good
by Dave

Awesome product! This is the best colon cleansing product I or anyone I know has used so far. I feel great and did not have to go through the discomfort associated with other products.

by Sandi

This is a great product. I suffer from IBS and too much yeast and this product helps with both. It is also much less expensive than similar products.

works great
by Jamike

I have only tried this product. It works great, for me it took 2 weeks and I felt great and I felt renewed. At the beginning I had movements twice a day, after the 2 weeks i became use to it. I lost 20lbs after 5 weeks with excercise. I ranned a mile a day. It worked great and I enjoy it and I am going to use it everyday.

Super Colon Clense
by jt

I've used it daily for about 2yrs and I obviously like it. It is a lot of bang for the buck/ the Senna ingredient in other products is relatively expensive. Its a nice balanced approach. I gradually ramped up to using 12 per day. At first, a little goes a long way. I think I read somewhere that you can become senna tolerant, meaning its effects can diminish over time if used daily. That's no big deal for me. I need a laxative due to a medication that I take every nite which constipates me. My girlfriend says I poop like a champ. Good luck.

Love it!
by Anonymous

I have been on a very successful weight loss program that, as a side affect, has resulted in some constipation. I was referred to Super Colon Cleanse as a possible help to this side affect. The results have been wonderful. I use it almost daily and I have never suffered from any negative side affects as a result of daily use. I purchase it at Trader Joe's for 9.99 (for 240 capsules) which is almost 1/2 the price of other local drug stores and pharmacies. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

by Will

I have been using this product for over 6 years. I use it every day, but I use the powder mixed in fruit juice, not the capsules. My reason for starting was chronic constipation, not weight loss, but I lost 15 lbs in addition to being free of constipation. Typically, I have 2-3 bowel movements a day and feel like I could run 10 miles when I get up in the morning. I cannot compare the product with any other because I have been totally satisfied with it. I mail order it from the manufacturer ( at 11.99 a bottle and free shipping.

Horrible taste
by Jimmy Whitten

Just could not handle the aftertaste of these capsules. I have no idea if it works or not because I could not get past the first day.

by Janie

It works OK but is nothing special. I think most colon products seem to be about identical in what they do.

Nothing special
by Martin

This product really did nothing for me except make me constipated. I know it seems to work for my family members though.

Does the job.
by Theresa

This product is better than most of the other products out there in that it won't cause the uncomfortable cramps and bloating. This just feels "normal". This is a lot of pills to take when you consider 4 at once, but that is the only unpleasant thing and it is better than drinking anything nasty. These work over night really. You aren't going to get immediate relief but then that is probably why you don't get the unpleasant cramps either. I feel good about the acidophilus being in there. I just like putting good stuff in as well. I only took them twice instead of the 3 times listed and it did the trick. I took them with water and not juice as that seemed more cleansing to me and all felt back to normal the next day. I didn't feel "sick" like I had a laxative like you do with other products.

Worked for me
by Jeremy

I have taken this product off and on for many years. I really liked them because they made me go to the bathroom regularly and good with out any problem. You have to drink a lot of water though that is true.

Not super, but works gently
by Michelle

I had bought this product as I needed to make weight for a competition, and was looking for a quick fix to drop a couple of pounds the night before the weigh in. The label suggests that the product will be a quick cleanse system, and that was what I was looking for. It is not that at all. The product did work to help my bowel movements, however it was a gentle process which probably lasted 48 hours in total. So, not the quick fix I was looking for, but did work to cleanse my system in a couple of days.

Works overnight
by Marsha Garcia

This product was recommended to me by a friend. I was surprised at how gentle but effective it was and it worked overnight. There was no cramping or discomfort, just natural relief by morning. I use it as needed to relieve constipation and bloating and always keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet!

by James Zitzmann

This is a great, natural way to cleanse the colon area if you need that done. It works very efficiently and is not harsh like other products are. I doubt one would need to take it as frequently as suggested, but it is a cleanser as well as a laxative.

Love it!
by sage

The first time I tried Super Colon Cleanse was a free sample packet I got from Whole Foods, the organic and natural supermarket. However, the free sample really didn't do anything for me, but perhaps it was because it was only too small of a dose because it only came with 2 capsules when the bottle says you should take 4. Nonetheless, I suffer from constipation, I do not go on a regular basis and I had to try something new because other products just didn't do it for me. So I bought one of the smallest bottles they had and I took 4 capsules a day, two in the morning and two at night. Because I didn't take 4 capsules 3 times daily, it took about 2 days to take into effect but I did this because I didn't know how my body would react to it. Since then, I slowly lowered my intake to only 2 capsules a day and I'm now a regular. Good-bye constipation!

Flush it all out in no time!
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

Constipation has been a major problem for me my entire life. This has helped quite a bit! Although I didn't feel any difference within the first day, the next day I started to establish some regularity. It definitely loosened my stool, and going to the bathroom became comfortable and easy especially when taking this with papaya and fiber supplements! Plus this is inexpensive for the amount of pills you get!

by shen

Very effective and much more gentle than laxatives. This product is painless compared to the ordinary fiber pills or laxatives. Nonetheless, using this three times a day as recommended, is too frequent for me.

Awesome Product!
by jennifer

I have irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes have issues. This really works and I had no problems with it like with an ex-lax or something.

Works wonders
by Kristina Richardson

I tried this after I had my third child and didn't have regular movements. I had already lost most of my baby weight but this made me feel 10 lbs lighter 2 days after using it. It worked great for me unlike some other brands I've tried.

More of a general laxitive
by Jen W.

This product is billed as a colon cleaner. I disagree. I would take this product as a laxitive, as it helped me have normal bowl movements, however, I didn't find it to be dramatic enough of a result to classify as a colon cleanser. However, after reading others reviews, it appears that this product affects everyone differently, so it might be worth a try to see if it works for you.

This works!
by may

These are great, I really liked them because they made me go to the bathroom regularly and without any problem. You have to drink a lot of water though, that is true.

Super Cleanse..NOT!
by krissy

I was pleased to see that some persons received acceptable results from Super Colon Cleanse,however I would have to put the product in a "general laxative" category. While a nice healthy bowel movement is always welcome, it's the years of fecal impaction and putrified matter that adds detriment to so many health conditions. I was looking for a product that literally cleans out the poison that we all harbor within. I will not buy the product again as I have found a product that does exactly what I needed. I do agree with other reviews that suggested an adequate water supply, not only while using this or any other product in this category, but simply as a healthy way to add to your best intestinal health.

Good Colon Cleanser
by Louis

I get constipation issues every once in awhile and I turn to this product to help my issues. It is very effective and immediately cleans out my digestive system. It is good for short term relief, but I wouldn't recommend it taking it daily for continuous problems. Make sure to drink enough water or liquid with it as it can cause problems if you don't drink enough.

super colon cleanse
by barbara

Excellent product that is very effective. The taste can use improvement and you have to drink a lot of fluids.
After using the first day I felt like I lost 15 pounds.

Super Colon Cleanse
by v

This product worked great in the beginning. I felt light and regular, just like before I encountered my bowel irregularities. It was a wonderful feeling. However, my tolerance to the 12 daily pills built up quickly and I found myself taking around 20 daily, and steadily increasing that number. I eventually went to my doctor for an ultimate solution. All and all, this product is good for short term relief, but not for daily continuous issues.

It works
by Jeff

Wow, Super Colon Cleanse is a great cleanser. It is very effective and full of herbs and acidophilus. Make sure you drink a lot of fluid with it because they are kinda hard to get down at times.

Worked for me
by nikki

I had surgery and after being home on pain killers for a week, I was having some constipation issues. I took Super Colon Cleanse and was back to my old self in no time. I chose this product as it contains acidophilus to replace the bacteria. I must say the capsules are rather large.

Great stuff!
by Tiffany

The only reason that I did not give this product a 5 is the way that the capsules taste (and they are HUGE!). But I had an issue being regular and I was advised to take this to help me get that way. To get over the taste, I make sure I take them with orange juice. They have done the job, I'm as regular as can be and I've found that another great use for them is to jump start a diet.

Tried It All
by Niki Hause

Having major digestive problems, I have tried all sorts of products. Although it seems like it should work, someone who has severe blockages may not get much benefit. It worked for the first few days, and I felt really good the first few days. But after that, I found I needed to take more and more just to make it work. I then found myself having stomach aches and feeling nauseous because I wasn't going. Maybe it was the Psyllium, since I found that did not work on me when I took it straight. But it is just like any supplement; it will work differently on each person.

Colon Cleanse
by John Hubbard

Good stuff. Does what it says it does and it does it well. Not something I would take daily, but when you need it, you will be glad it's in your cabinet. Very potent.

Great product!
by Kelly C

I have taken this product off and on for many years. It is great natural product to clean your intestines during those times when you are feeling sluggish and your digestive tract has slowed down. It helps to put natural bacteria back in your colon to keep you healthy. The great thing, unlike some strong stimulant laxatives, is that it doesn't cause the cramping or bloating. Highly recommend when you want to stay regular or help a sluggish colon.

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