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by shirley reister

I have been using this product for years, but I am unable to get Konsyl-D now. I do not like the one I found with orange flavor. It is very good so where can I get the regular?

I like it
by sumathi

My grand papa uses this one and he is very much satisfied with this. Once when I just met him after a long time, I saw this product on his table and asked him about it, then he said that this is the product, which he has been using for 8 months, and now he is not having the problems of indigestion or constipation.

Gently relief
by Margi L

I liked the Konsyl because it did not cause the major cramping and I like the natural effect on the body vs. the synthetic effect. I use it only occasionally but whenever I do I always get what I feel are good results and always feel a little better afterwards. If you like mild help than this is your product to try.

Worked safely
by Pattie

After my daughter's birth by c-section, the pain killers made me constipated. The hospital gave me something, but it didn't seem to be working. Since I was breast-feeding, I didn't want to take any drugs. My mother brought this in from our own pharmacy and I was back to normal before I left the hospital.

Safe Choice
by Sierra

As laxatives are concerned, Konsyl Natural Fiber is a safe choice. Chemical laxatives are never a good idea as the digestive system quickly becomes dependent upon them. This is also true of some so-called "herbal" laxatives such as Senna.
The safest choice is to increase dietary fiber, but when that is not possible then Konsyl is a safe alternative. It contains psyllium, a natural fiber which has the same effect as increasing dietary fiber with no dependency issues. Since Konsyl contains psyllium husk, lower dosages can be used than with other brands that contain all parts of psyllium.

Konsyl Natural Fiber Therapy Laxative
by Sandy B

This product does not taste good but it does produce results without the cramping associated with laxatives that are harsh. The biggest draw back is the price and the fact that it is not just a quick pill to swallow.

Helpful for pregnant women
by Cady

I gave birth to my son via c-section. The painkillers they gave me made me very constipated. They tried Colace and other laxatives but nothing worked. I read in my "what to expect when you're expecting" book that Konsyl works great and is safe for pregnant women/post natal women. So, I started taking it and by day 3 I was all set.

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