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by DJ Zimmer

Lover this product but it is difficult to find in stores. It really works in a gentle way.


Took 3. Very little action.

Very pleased
by Cam

Worked in less than 24 hrs and I took 4. Not harsh at all and felt very natural. Felt so relieved that I finally had things moving along. I have stopped taking these and I'm back to normal!

Too harsh
by Nadiyah

I was not very happy with this product at all! After taking it I experienced a lot of cramping and pain in my stomach. It was not gentle relief for me to say the least.

Satisfactory Results
by T. Danger

I bought some of these on sale, thinking one is as good as any other.
It was almost too gentle, and one must use it for a few days in succession to get desired results.
Not the best, but not ineffective.

So so
by Corri

I used this product on several occasions, and really did not receive much relief from my bowel issues. It works much more like a stool softener than a laxative. Although I do like that this product is all natural, I think I will buy a different product next time.

Overnight Sensation!
by David

I have used herbal teas with Senna to relieve constipation but these pills with fiber work more effectively for me to give overnight relief. My wife uses them on a regular basis with good results.

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