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Excellent Product!
by Sara

I've always suffered from abnormal bowel movements- sometimes going 2-3 days without having one. I took this product nightly 2 capsules for about 2 weeks and it has regulated my digestive system and I haven't had any problems since. If I feel constipated I just take one of these and no problems! Worth every penny!

health care worker
by wanda

I have used this with excellant results, unfortunely it has caused my blood presure to rise and I can no longer use it because of the licorice root in it.

by Susan Cramer

I've tried this and told everyone I know and love about it! This product works better than any laxative or anything else I have ever tried. Everyone I have told about this is completely grateful for it
and will not be without it- including me.

Freedom from Cramps
by NRK

After my pregnancy I found that I was having problems being constipated. This product provided a natural solution. After my first use I found that I did not hurt as much and it wasn't as difficult to use the restroom. However, if you are looking for something to cleanse and not just flush out your system as I feel this product does, I would suggest looking for a more complete product.

Let it out!!
by Tami

I have been having problems with constipation a lot. This product works so good. My aunt had the same problem, and I told her about the LBSII and she loved it. So we recommend to keep buying.

Herbal laxative
by Stephanie

After having a C-section a few months ago , I began having problems with constipation. This is a common after-effect of stomach surgery. This being my second stomach surgery I knew I needed to find something that would help me. I tried several different laxatives, but in the end this was the one I have used the most. It doesn't give me cramps like some other types have, and it has really helped me get regulated. I definitely recommend LBS II if you need something that works well and is gentle.

You can go now
by cynthia

My father had a history of constipation that was completely altered using LBS-ll. He refuses to be without it. He tells me his back no longer hurts since he has used this product.

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