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by ralph gilbert

the product works and i use it and amvery happy with the results. i am requesting on line purchase of perdiem.


My patients report this product is effective and very tolerable, without gas or cramping common with fiber supplements.

by Margi L

I have used this product on and off for about 6 months as needed and it never lets me down. Take it before I go to bed and by the next morning I am ready to do my business without the painful cramping and distress that some of the other laxatives cause. Priced to sell and we always have some of the Perdiem at out house.

Good stuff
by Annie

I went back to Vietnam a few months ago and since its not as clean as it is here, I figured I'd have some problems going to the bathroom. The first time I went I got constipated because I didn't have enough greens in my diet but back then I didn't think I'd need a laxative. This time around I got a bit smarter and I brought the perdiem laxative. As soon as the constipation hit, I took two pills and woke up the next morning with a bit of cramping but after I went to the bathroom I felt great again. It took about 6-8 hours for the laxative to kick in so I had a good sleep and woke up just in time to go. The effects of the laxative seemed to last for another 3 wks, because I didn't get constipated the remaining three weeks I was there which was great. Its a cheap way for you to get rid of constipation if you're one of those people who refuse to drink the bitter tea laxatives.

Great product
by Lisa

I have been using this product for about 5 months and I can't tell you how glad I am to have found it!! Perdiem gives gentle relief from my constipation and bloating. I tried other laxatives but often found they gave me cramping and discomfort. I will certainly be purchasing this again!

Great Product
by Linda

I have been taking this product for about five months and I love it. It does everything that it says it does. The effectiveness is wonderful. This product is also very affordable and I highly recommend it.

Gentle and effective
by Ross

This product is everything it claims. I go through a bottle about every 6 months, probably due to my low fiber diet. One pill before bedtime usually gets me going the next morning without the bloating and urgency of many other similar products. Highly recommended.

by Cheri

I tried this while on vacation and there wasn't much to choose from. It works great. I didn't get that awful cramping that some products give you. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a laxative once in a while. I'm glad that they didn't have my brand and I got to use this. Good product, does what it says it will do!

Best I have used
by Jane M.

I had been searching for something that would aid in my irregular bowel movements. I have severe bouts of constipation that make my stomach hurt. Within 4 hours, not 6, I already had relief. So glad I tried this after my sister recommended it to me.

Overnight Relief - fantastic!
by GH

After changing my diet so drastically over the last few years, I have unfortunately suffered from irregular bowel movement - from constipation to diarrhea. I couldn't seem to find the right kind of relief I was looking for. I was attracted to the bright colored Perdiem packaging, and I am glad I was.

It claims to relieve movement in 6 to 12 hours, but after the first couple times using it, I felt like it was happening much sooner - which is great in my opinion. All you need to do is take 2 pills once daily and you'll reap all the benefits of such a great product. At roughly $11 for a 30 day supply, you simply can't go wrong giving it a try.

Treats you well
by RK

I have always had problem irregular constipation. These pills are the perfect answer, and clean up your bowel. What a relaxed feeling the next morning. Worked great for me.

by lori

When I needed extra help, I took Perdiem pill Overnight Relief and was amazed, and happy with the results. My constipation was corrected within only a few hours it seemed. When a little extra help is needed, I sure know what to take next time. Thanks again!

pretty good
by Sudie

I used Perdiem last year for a test that I had to have at the hospital, and it worked very well. They made my stomach hurt a little bit, but they still worked well.

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