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by lin darby

This product is the only thing that works for me comfortably,I have tried every other med,OTC & prescription .It took a few days to work but the relief when it did was worth it.I always have a pack to hand now.

by carole adams

My Dr. recommended this when I had a hernia to clean out my colon before surgery it was very gentle and did not cause a lot of bloating or gas pains I will definitely will use this again.

by sarah

i took senokot for the first time on 2 nights ago (thurs nite). By Saturday afternoon I still hadn't seen any effects...until suddenly I felt the urge to relieve myself...and wow, i'm sorry to say it so bluntly but i did the biggest ablusion ever...i feel so much better after it! I don't intend to take senokot again unless really necessary...But i'd recommend it to anyone.

Works fast
by Pattie

My mother had digestive problems and had been hospitalized because of them. The doctor told her she would have serious bouts of constipation frequently and should keep a laxative handy. She went out and bought Senokot and at the first sign of trouble, she takes it. They say it should start to work in 6-12 hours, but for her it works gently in 3-4. She now always has a supply of this in her home.

A-Ok Laxative
by Juli Pickvet

My doctor gave me some samples of this when I was having problems with constipation. I was taking iron and he gave me this sample to help relieve the constipation. It works in a couple hours. It worked very well for me and I bought some at the store when I ran out.

Works great
by Green

This product works great. I save it though for when things are really bad and nothing natural has worked. This product usually take effects with in 12 to 24 hours. I had no horrid cramping as I have had on other products. If taken by the dosage guidelines you will be pleased with this product.

Helped me tolerate medication
by Lori Solomon

Last year I was on a medication that caused constipation. Discontinuing the med was not an option, so my doctor recommended Senokot to help with the problem, as it would not interfere with the meds I was on and was very safe to use. It did the trick, but because of the med, I had to use it every few days. There was some slight cramping, but not very bad, and certainly more tolerable than the original problem. My medicine cabinet is never without this product.

Senokot Natural Vegetable Laxative
by Carol1560

This Senokot Laxative is one of those staples that have been in our closet always. It is gentle and does not hit you like an atomic bomb. We eat a lot of grains and whole foods and sometimes they tend to stop you up. But this is the most gentle laxative that I have used. I definitely would buy it again and it is economical and easy to find in any neighborhood stores.

highly effective
by tracey

I am a nurse, and I have seen many of my patients take this product for constipation, with great results. It is mild so you don't have to worry about the opposite problem, yet it is very effective. I have never heard any patients complain of any side effects or stomach upset after taking this product. There is only one very minor disadvantage of this product and that is it doesn't work immediately, but in my opinion that is much better because it means it is gentle to the system and won't cause any side effects that harsh chemicals can.

by Maria

I am always very content with the results when using Senokot. It is so gentle that I have NEVER experienced any abdominal pain while using this product. It is also good to know that you are using a natural product, especially at times that constipation occurs more frequently. I have tried other products on the market and always end up coming back to this. I just had my 1st baby a few months ago, and I don't know what I would have done without my Senokot.

During pregnancy and after delivery
by Farid Hasnie

I tried Senokot during pregnancy and it worked as a mild laxative( Please be careful when using laxatives during Pregnancy). So before I delivered, I bought this and kept it in my 'Hospital Bag'. Since I did not want any stool softener with animal products in it, I took Senokot after delivery and it helped. I took it for a few days, and it helped with the stool softening and kept me regular. I also kept myself 'WELL HYDRATED'.

Dr. Recommended
by Christine Martens

My father is 85 so he is not very mobile. Making him irregular very often so he takes Senokot just about every day. His doctors recommended Senokot 2 years ago and it has been working beautifully. Also, works naturally with your body, no abdominal pain. No complaints here.

Senokot works!
by extrawork

I used to be on a medication that caused constipation, and my doctor suggested a gentle laxative - so I got some Senokot. It worked very well, especially since it had a stool-softener component. I continued taking it through the course of my treatment, and always felt much more regular.

Good for Emergencies
by LKH

I only like to use this and other laxatives in case of an "emergency." This particular brand was recommended to me by a friend, who said that it works well without overwhelming your body. So far I definitely agree. I wouldn't want to use it too often, though, because like all laxatives, you do not want to rely on it. But it works when you need it, and because it is all-natural, I just feel a little better about puttin' it in my body.

by Jennifer Tyler

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I used this product. It was recommended by my doctor to use no more than once a week. But it worked wonders without having the emergency trips. It's not very outragously priced, either.

Works Non-Aggressively
by Kevin Lumpkin

Not that I love talking about past problems with bowel obstruction, but if I must, Senokot was a very non-aggressive laxative. I've heard tell from others that some hit you like a freight train, but this felt like it was mimicking the natural flow of things. Senokot felt like it was returning things to their natural state, rather than hitting full speed reverse.

by andy

Second year using this, I tried taking the recommended dose and it did nothing for me, so I only take 6 now at bedtime, and I go to the bathroom in the morning with no trouble or any type of pain. I go another time in the afternoon, but if I don't take the pills, I just can't go.

Gentle and Reliable
by Lisa

During his chemotherapy and radiation therapy, my dad was encouraged to take Senokot. Because of the trauma going on in his body, he "depended" on the little pill to keep him comfortable. He experienced no pain or discomfort while using it, and Senokot was a reliable part of his treatment protocol.

Easy on you.
by Mandy

With this product, I found my stomach didn't hurt like it did with other products I had taken. I also liked the fact that you didn't have to double up on the dose to get the desired effects like many other laxatives. I found it quite pricey at around $25 a bottle, but it is worth it if you need it.

My doctor recommended it
by rachel anderson

I was suffering from very bad stomach pains and my doctor recommended Senokot. It worked better than others I had tried previous time. It didn't cramp up my stomach.

An Easier, Safer & Natural, "Way to Relief"
by Brenda

Not only is this product gentle, it is effective and natural. I have tried other products that cause cramping and other side effects, and did not want to experience that effect again. My mother had Senokot, and urged me to give it a try. I was a little skeptical, but took it anyway. I'm glad I tried it. It is safe, as well as natural. I will continue to buy this product, and would suggest it to those who may experience problems with constipation.

A Big Help!
by Andy Moua

Oh man does this stuff work. I needed a little help on some stuff that was hurting my stomach so my dad gave me some of these. It works great and isn't as strong and painful as the other ones.

Natural and effective
by Jill S.

Senokot is the only laxative I use in my home for constipation. It is a natural product that is really effective and is easy on the digestive system. Senokot works fast without any abdominal pain that usually accompanies other laxatives that I have tried. It will work fast, so you do not have to take more than the recommend dose.

Worked great for me
by Robert

I don't give many products a 5 but this one I feel deserves it. I used this product when I upped my protein intake and had a problem going to the bathroom. I've tried other stuff like pericolace and ducalex but they were to strong and had me running to the bathroom.

This product felt more natural and produced the desired results. After about two weeks my body started adjusting and all I needed to do was drink more water.

Great product!

by Paula

This is a great product when you need that extra help. Sometimes I don't get enough fiber or fluids and Senokot helps me get through those days without the discomfort of other laxatives.

A good mild product
by Jody

I took Senokot while pregnant, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly (maybe 12 hours) it brought about relief, without any sharp stomach pains at all. I've used it several times since, with the same great results - and no unwanted side effects.

Not worth the money
by Christine M.

My doctor recommended I try these for constipation after I had my son. After only taking one dose, not only did it NOT help me, I had stomach pains so severe I was doubled over! I ended up using a cheap generic laxative, which worked within a few hours. Thanks, but no thanks!

by C S R

My husband is plagued with this problem on a monthly basis due to medication he must take. He has used this product somewhat successfully, but the relief is after taking the product for several doses. He prefers to use other products that offer more immediate relief.

Calm Relief
by Melissa

This product works great. I save it though for when things are really bad and nothing natural has worked. This product usually take effects with in 12 to 24 hours. I had no horrid cramping as I have had on other products. If taken by the dosage guidelines you will be pleased with this product.

Pregnancy constipation
by Jo

My ob suggested I take this when I was having issues while pregnant. It really did not help much and I was dissapointed. It took a long time and I was so uncomfortable on a daily basis and wanted faster relief. In end, I found that prunes worked better and faster. I would not bother again.

Want your stomach to hurt??
by John H

My stomach never hurt as much as when I tried this. I am assuming it was from the laxative, because I got sick and it started working at the same time. Not worth the side effects.

Great for Kids
by Karen O.

I have been using this for my daughter after it was recommended by the doctor. Although it is safe for kids, it does take a while to work, but it does get the job done with minimal discomfort. We keep it around and find it very useful.

Senekot is a Gentle Laxative
by bunni

This was recommended to me by my physician. It is a slow acting remedy. She recommended that I add this to my daily regimen. I like it because it is gentle. Sometimes faster acting laxatives leave you feeling depleted. I do not get that feeling when I take Senokot.

Not too bad
by Nihility

Senokot is definitely the better choice as far as laxatives go. It's not as uncomfortable as regular laxatives, however, it does cause mild discomfort and some cramping still. Make sure you drink plenty of water with this product and try not to eat foods that are too bulky near the time you take it.

Works ok
by HS

This product works OK. It has natural Sena Leaf in it, which is a natural Laxative. I suggest just going to your local health food store, and buying some dry Sena Leaf, and some Sweet Leaf and making a tea out of it. It works withing a few hours. Don't drink too much though, one cup is enough.

works great
by Robyn

I suffer from IBS with occasional constipation. My doctor recommended Senokot and this product works within a few hours of one dose. I don't have the typical cramping like I used to with other laxatives nor do I have to take several doses to get results. I will never turn to another laxative.

Finally, a gentle product!
by stacy myers

As someone who's unfortunately been blessed with chronic constipation, I've tried many different products, with the same results- a terrible belly ache! This product was very gentle, and I did not experience any awful cramping or hour long visits to the toilet... The price is a bit high, but the relief is worth it!

One word: Slooooooooowwwwww
by Candace G.

This didn't work well for me. It works, but it's so slow. I feel like it had to kind of build up in my system before it finally worked, and then just a small amount. Took it over several days. If you need immediate relief, don't take this, choose something faster.

For pregnancy
by allismom

With my Doctor's OK, I was able to take this when I was pregnant. It did the job it was supposed to do. Yes it is slow, but that is because it is gentler, which is what you want. No cramping here! I always recommend this to people with plumbing problems.

by Jaime

It works just as it is supposed to. It is not harsh on your stomach. It is very easy to take. It does not work as fast as others that I have tried, but I would use it again, if needed.

Its decent
by holly wilson

This product is slow working, but it does work. It's easy to take and well worth the money you pay for it. I've recommended this to a few people, and have gotten good feedback from them also.

Works too slow
by Denise

I tried Senokot once, but it didn't work as fast as my regular standby, so I haven't used it again. I guess maybe if you took it frequently, it might do the job.

Definitely works!
by Carrie Russell

When I was taking pain killers after a recent surgery, my pipes weren't working properly, and my regular bowel stimulants that I had at home were just not strong enough. My mom went to the pharmacy & they highly recommended Senokot. Out of desperation, I took two Senokot along with my usual Super Cleanse that night. The next morning, I was back to normal.

Works well...but not quickly
by Francesca Muir

Senokot definitely works, but it takes time, so if you're in real distress, try something stronger and faster. Senokot is natural, so its use doesn't cause the cramps many other laxatives can cause.

works for me
by Kelly Morris

A few years ago I was on a medication that had a side effect of causing constipation. I tried some different laxatives but this is the one I liked best. It didn't cause the cramping that others caused.

Gosh, How long do I have to wait?
by R. Todd Woodstock

Senokot is not really one of my favorites when dealing with constipation. If I have to go, I want to go, not wait and wait and wait. It seemed like I sat on the toilet for hours and hours without any luck. Try some laxatives that will work within an hour or so, it really doesn't seem to keep the waste in over night, does it? Yuck!

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by Sharon Giboney

I routinely recommend this product to my OB and GYN patients. They all are very pleased with the results of using this product


My patients report effective and reliable relief of constipation issues within the colon.