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Good to GO!
by Jeremy P

I gave these to my wife in 2004 after she had our second child, and she and I were shocked at the way it worked! At first, we both thought she needed to go back to the hospital to get her appendix removed but she was just suffering from major constipation. She said the experience was gentle, unlike others she's tried that had her experiencing violent bowel movements. Even if they cost a little more, they'd still be worth the relief they give. However, since they're priced so reasonable, they're perfect.

Good, but not the best
by Ross

This product definitely works, but I don't feel its as gentle as it claims. I only used it on two or three occasions, but in every instance, I ended up having to rush to the bathroom with minor bloating. I prefer overnight relief formulas such as Perdiem, as I feel they are more gentle overall.

Very gentle
by Nichole K

I've been taking this product for over a month now to help relieve constipation. I love Puritan's Pride products as they are low price and very effective and trust worthy. This product is very effective and very gentle. I've had the most luck with this product. It doesn't have the harsh effects like other products do. This is much more natural.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone with the same issues as this product is absolutely wonderful. It's affordable, gentle and from a reputable brand.

works naturally
by Carol S

I trust Puritan Products for all my needs. This product works very effectively. It does not cause excess gas or abdominal pains associated with other laxatives. Herbal laxative is gentle and works as nature intended.

Very Gentle
by Phil Young

This laxative is the most gentle one I have ever tried. I had horrible experiences with constipation, but now when I get constipated, it is as gentle as a walk in the park.

by LR

When I went to the drugstore for constipation, they recommended Puritan's Pride Herbal Laxative Tablets, and it really worked. It was safe and worked very quickly. Since it is all natural, it was gentle to take.

Another good product from Puritan's Pride
by Jen W.

I often use Puritan's Pride products because I know that they are high quality and are resonably priced. These laxatives are no exception. They work without cramping, then bring my digestion back to normal without the overkill of so many other products.

Herbal laxative
by Rashmi R

This laxative has worked well with me. It is pretty effective and natural. I did not have any side effects and it gives me quick relief. The price is right for the quality of the product and I have no complains about it.

Good Find
by Erik

Prior to discovering this product, I was frequently using cheap, generic, sparkling laxatives. In using those products, I quickly came to realize that they were much too powerful for what I actually needed them for. However, the alternative, less potent, laxatives that I tried were not nearly effective enough. Fortunately, Herbal Laxative was exactly what I was looking for. It's effective, yet not extreme.

Good Product
by dee

This product helped with my irregularities after I had my baby. It helped to regulate everything and minimize discomfort for me. Then in a couple months after I started the low carb diet and it helped to regulate everything then as well. I recommend this product as it is natural!

Works very well.
by Angel C.

I use these when I experience occasional constipation and they work quickly and effectively without the adverse effects that some of the other laxatives have. I am able to have relief within 1-2 hours and my stomach doesn't cramp horribly like it does with other laxatives. I highly recommend these.

great product
by Noah Bratvold

This is what I use when I need to, it works fast, does not leave you feeling sick, and is all natural!

Great brand-good product.
by allismom

I was expecting a little more from this great brand. I was a little disappointed as it was not as gentle as I hoped. The price is right, but I would not use it as often as they say, unless you are very near a bathroom much of the day.

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