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MucoStop™: Mucolytic and Proteolytic Enzymes Mucolytic Enzyme Formula MucoStop™ - 12 Caps & 48 Caps This product contain(s)s a blend of enzymes formulated to break down mucous and reduce histamine.

MucoStop™ Mucolytic Enzyme Formula: Break Down Mucus Mucus is defined as the clear viscid secretion of the mucus membranes, consisting of mucin, epithelial cells and leukocytes.

Enzymes classified as proteolytic (breaks down protein) and mucolytic (breaks down mucus) are beneficial at breaking down mucus.

Proteolytic enzymes are enzymes that break down proteins. Not all proteases, however, can break down all proteins. For example, a protease that is an effective digester of food protein will not be a good protease for mucous protein. The mucous protein requires an enzyme classified as proteolytic and mucolytic (breaks down mucous). Seaprose stands alone in this category.

Seaprose Seaprose has at least six separate studies to support the effect it has on individuals with bronchial and sinus mucus as well as inflammatory issues. In one study it stated: Eight days after the end of treatment with seaprose, there was still a significant beneficial effect on the viscoelasticity of mucus and a sort of post-mucolytic effect can be postulated. The enzyme Seaprose also had anti-inflammatory action and since in chronic bronchitis there are variable degrees of inflammations, its beneficial long-lasting effect could also be ascribed to this concomitant action.
Product: MucoStop
Brand: Enzymedica (More Products)
Size: 48 capsules
Dosage: 6 capsules daily
Retail: $31.98
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2 Customer Reviews

All gone!
by Dan

I had a slight sinus infection that just wouldn’t go away. So I went on MucoStop and Allerase and the sinus infection is gone!

Helped Sinusitis
by CM

I used Mucostop to assist with Sinusitis and Bronchitis. It was the first time I did not have to use an antibiotic.