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Perfect Cleanse™ Kit

The Perfect Cleanse™ Purify formula is the first step of Perfect Cleanse, supporting normal liver detoxification.* The liver produces 1-2 quarts of bile daily, which carries toxins, metals, microbes, and other metabolic by-products that must be eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract. Purify is formulated with natural botanicals to support normal detoxification, plus cracked-wall chlorella, widely studied for its ability to bind with environmental toxins, and liver antioxidants that participate in production of detoxification enzymes.

Product: Perfect Cleanse™ Kit
Brand: Garden of Life (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: 1 Scoop & 3 Capsules Daily
Retail: $27.99
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6 Customer Reviews

Perfect for Us
by Tonya

My husband and I just finished this product. Not only do we feel great, but along with two 1 oz shots of Acai berry juice daily, I lost weight, approx. 10lbs! We followed the water requirements and ate smaller meals. I have never had that type of success in the bathroom before. My husband loves his flax seed meal and continued with that along with this cleanse. He had success as well. I have tried other things before and they were very harsh. If it is not working for a day, keep at it. I had a day where nothing happened for me as well. But then the next day-the motherload! We will become regular users of this product, absolutely.

Doesn't Work
by Ashley

I read some reviews prior to buying this kit.. and I have to say, this is junk! I asked the lady at the health food place, and she said this cleanse was intense for her! so I figured it must work! im on day 5.. the first day was great.. but now I don't go to the bathroom! its doing the opposite.. I'm drinking sooo much water, and still nothing! I have a clean diet and workout regularly.. now I'm bloated.. and feel like junk!

I hope they stick to there money back promise.. because I want mine back!

Super Disappointed
by Andrea

I figured this would be a great product because it's "organic" I'm on day four and this stuff hasn't helped me. The only positive side is the strict diet makes me more conscious of reading ingredients of everything I buy. Since I took the first set of pills I have not been able to used the rest room. Where as before I at least went once a day. I've also had HORRIBLE pains in my back. I followed the directions to a T and consume more than enough water. It captures the toxins and keeps them in me rather than removing them. Needless to say, all it's done is make me bloated and sick. YAY! So much for feeling refreshed and renewed.

Allergen Free
by NRK

My husband and I both started using this product as a health maintenance step. This product is allergen free, which is a major plus because he is allergic to a wide variety of items. It also contains no laxatives which I liked because I feel that it does a better job of actually cleansing instead of just flushing my system. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to maintain a level of good clean health! We use it about every six months.

Perfect after a bad viral infection!
by Beth

I used this after being in contact with norovirus (oral - fecal contact - YUCK) on my vacation aboard a cruise ship. It was the worst virus I have every had in my life.
I was so disgusted with the symptoms (acute gastroenteritis), that I wanted to get something to cleanse my system. The Perfect Cleanse kit is a great treatment to rid your body of toxins. I now use it on a quarterly basis! It keeps me feeling healthy!

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