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Candida Control Kit with Flora Balance Capsules

Candida is normally present our digestive tract, but is kept in check by the healthy bacteria that reside there. It becomes a problem when it grows out of control due to frequent use of antibiotics and cortisone related drugs, a high sugar diet, or a high stress life-style and other factors. It is believed that 80+ million Americans are affected, most unknowingly.

This kit contains a months supply of Flora Balance, Biotin and Ultimate Acidophilus Plus. Includes complete instructions for an effective anti-candida program.

Put an end to:

digestive problems including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation
sugar cravings
chronic vaginal yeast infections
oral or vaginal thrush
brain fog
environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities
cystitis (urinary frequency)
fungal skin problems, athletes foot, fungus nails
symptoms of immune system depression, frequent colds, cold sores, EBV, Herpes
Product: Candida Control Kit with Flora Balance Capsules
Brand: O'Donnell Formulas (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: Use a needed
Retail: $39.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Using Candida Control Kits
by Anonymous

I found that, after just 3 weeks of taking the products, I am feeling better. My energy level has increased and I don't feel as bloated.
Thank you,

Test Negative...
by P.S.

I just finished my one month supply of the flora-balance kit. I had given up wheat back in June and I have finally be able to give up sugar about one week before I received your kit. I finished taking the treatment last friday. I feel better today than I have in 25 years. Praise God!
I think that I have had the yeast infection about 20-25 years. How do I know that the yeast is gone and will have have to give up sugar the rest of my life to prevent a reinfection.
I went to Doctor yesterday to see if I am diabetic since diabetes is closely linked to candida. The test turned up negative.
Thank you so much for your research. Everyone else thinks I am a hypochondriac

Best thing...
by M.B.

After using our Candida Control Kit for one month, this is the best thing I have ever done health wise for my body. I feel better than I have in 3 years.

by L.R.

I should mention that the Flora Balance kit products thus far seem to be working well, thus the reason for my reordering of this product. I would say that there is a 'definite improvement" in my Candida situation!

Thank God for Flora-Balance!
by J.J.

I started the candida protocol with Flora Balance mid December after is was highly recommended by a good friend. I knew I had candida but have been overwhelmed with the idea of doing the candida cleanse as everyone knows it just doesn't work and it's a big commitment.

Within hours of starting with Flora Balance, I was feeling what they said I would, "dye off'"and I knew that was amazing as normally with the diet it can take 2 weeks to feel that the candida is dying. I knew I was onto a good thing. I have followed the candida diet also and haven't found it that hard. Why? Because between Flora Balance and the diet I feel so amazing that the desire to feel good overcomes any desire to go off the protocol.

What's different for me. First, my acne that I have had since a teen, (I took antibiotics for this for a year and that was the start of candida for me), has 100% cleared up for the first time in 30 some years. I look younger, yesterday someone said I look 35 but I am 49. I have lost 20 pounds which has been near to impossible for me. I work out 6 days a week, now I do a dvd, swim and ride a bike and dont' feel tired from it, before I would be wiped out for hours, I think I am actually getting addicted to exercising, which isn't a bad addiction is it? I don't have any smell, I use a natural deoderant and my female parts have no smell. But most of all it's an energy thing. I have so much more energy and stamina and I just feel "well' for the first time in 30 years..

I was seeing a naturepath for my health and I had lab tests done before I started and 3 months later and she said, she had never seen anyone improve to this level (from the lab results) in such a short time!

It's an amazing product and John who does the emails and man's the phone is so helpful and knowledgeable and patient with questions.