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by allan price

I obtained digestive advantage in the states while on holiday. It did wonders for my lactose intolerance. Just one pill a day. I wish there was an easy way to get the product in canada.

Review of Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerance
by Cynthia miller

I just started taking this product for the first time this week and it has completely changed my life! This is a great product! I wish I had known about it and not wasted my money on other products. I no longer suffer from cramping and pain every time I eat.I have no discomfort what so ever.I want to thanks Ganeden Biotech,Inc for making a product that's so easy to take and also inexpensive.

Lactose intolerance sufferer
by S

I use Digestive Advantage everyday and have come to depend on its effectiveness. I used to use the Lactaid that you had to take prior to eating dairy, and one day the store where I buy it was out. This left me no choice but to try D.A., and I have been using it every since-- every morning. I sometimes have to supplement with a lactaid chewable if I choose to have a milkshake or piece of cheesecake. But I've come to learn my dairy limits and how far the effectiveness of a supplement will take me. I'm spending less $$ and have much fewer stomach aches and symptoms than before.

Digestive Advantage for Lactose Intolerance Therapy
by Christine Broussard

I tried this product and I still had lactose intolerance symptoms as bad as before I had taken it.

by Irene Markman

I'm not sure I completed the review; therefore - worth while repeating; this product has been such a boon for me - just one tablet each morning and I can even eat ice-cream again! My only problem is - I bought a large supply when I was in the States - where can I replenish them? What a marvelous product!!

by Irene Markman

I discovered this great product when I was in the States and would like to know where I can get it in Ontario, It's fantastic; just one tablet in the morning and no problems with lactose intolerance all day. I can even eat and enjoy Ice Cream - wow!!!

10 STARS!!! **********
by J

This product has been an absolute blessing for my 8 year old SEVERELY lactose intolerant son. After two years of using Lactaid pills (and inconvenient trips to the nurses office at school to get one every time there was a snack), we came across Digestive Advantage. Now, he takes 1 pill in the morning and never gives it another thought all day. Also, with the Lactaid pills, it seemed like he would 'max out' after 3-4 servings of milk products/Lactaid pills and would have an upset stomach anyway. This NEVER happens with Digestive Advantage. He can have a milkshake at 9 pm and he still feels great!
I will note that you must follow the package directions. It takes several days for this product to take effect and you must take it EVERY DAY. This is a wonderful product and is worth every penny; I could sing it's praises all day long!

Digestive Advantage for Lactose Intolerance Therapy
by Sandy

I love dairy and cheese products but would always end up with cramps afterwards. This product has really helped decrease the tolerance for these products. Would highly recommend for someone who is sensitive to lactose, may not be for lactose intolerant people.

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